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Sacred Geometry Foundations

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We are going to start looking at aspects of sacred geometry next. Bear with me on this one. It is plenty freaky to the uninitiated mind.

When Enoch still walked the Earth, he had articulated to a small select few within his circle that the Brotherhood of Light had established pyramids on certain planets in this solar system in relationship to Saturn, the key to the planetary tables and density levels of other forms of intelligence operating within our solar system.

These pyramids are built in grid formation and are connected to chrono-monitors, which measure the vibratory levels of consciousness on a given planet in units of a thousand years.

Pyramidal grids of information were established on Mars, for example, for use by artificial intelligence left by various alien entities to alert them to possible changes on the various planets.

They were built for the gathering of information deciphered from the magnetic lines of force tuned with thinking servomechanisms or computers existing within our solar system.

These pyramids were established in grid formation so that the artificial intelligence of the vehicle, through stimulated emissions of radiation, could gather all information through “short” electromagnetic wave amplification.

The greater pyramids on Mars cover ten times the area used by the Co-Creators in establishing the major pyramidal grid at Giza, and five times the area of the major pyramidal grid established in China during previous evolutionary cycles.

Human intelligence should be initiated into the pyramidal functions of Light before they can be advanced to the next ordering of evolution, the next consciousness time call on our evolutionary path.

We will then see that our human creation is part of the greater creation, which seeds its life codes by crystal invagination into cycles of star field creation.

Before this can take place, the human evolution must be educated to understand the presence of the Mer-Ka-Ba which is the key to engendering a whole new star seed creation.

The Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx were directly revealed in the landing of the Mer-Ka-Ba, as the manifestation of the “wheel within-the-wheel” which is witnessed as it opened up and became one pulsating center of Light technology in the shape of a Pyramid.

South American Pyramids

The Sphinx symbolically represents the face of thinking spiritual intelligence which can move in and out of our solar spectrum and show us how we can leave behind our solar evolution and become one with Light.

These spiritual vehicles of Light will once again come down into the communities of the righteous, which are in special grid areas of spiritual vibration throughout the world.

These grids contain the pyramidal light patterns that will receive the vehicle, which will come as the capstone of Light activating these centers of Light consciousness.

This is the process of transforming the human evolution to co-participate with the Higher Evolution.

This process of transformation is directed through the proper pyramidal frequencies of Light and balances the energies of the Universe.

Pyramids are resonant to the earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy.

Pyra comes from the Greek word fire and mid from the Latin word Mede which means middle. Thus, Pyramid is actually “Fire in the middle”. Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life energy force that is found in the center of the various ancient Pyramids.

How do pyramids work exactly then?

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

The shape of a Pyramid is like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The carbon atom is a tetrahedron and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north it rings and sings.

The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earth’s magnetism.

All pyramids, whether they are in Egypt or elsewhere on the planet earth, when aligned to magnetic north, amplify their energy considerably.

This energy is life force source energy, which surrounds all life forms when active. Pyramids attract positive etheric energy and converts the negative into positive ions.

When a Pyramid is worn as a hat it has a strong ionization effect within the body.

Here is how it works: Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that strengthen concentration and capability of the human being practicing these techniques which begins to activate various glands at certain frequencies.

The endocrine glands of the body are activated through the vibration of the electrical pre-cursing field of pyramids. This balances the pre-cursing energy field around the endocrine glands and creates an expanded consciousness.

Hat Pyramids help the brain retain its theta frequency state and waking consciousness while sleeping or meditating. Theta is the state of mind where you can create everything and change reality instantly.

Deep meditation brings us into this state, and is favorable for instant healing activities.

Theta states ranges from 4 to 7Hz frequency. It’s a very powerful mental state, a state of deep meditation, deep relaxation and mental clarity.

It relieves stress and reduces anxiety in people prone to it, and brings absolute perfect calm to the being practicing this art. Theta waves govern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the subconscious, and also directs our beliefs and behavior.

It allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind, and will bring feelings of spirituality and deep inspiration. Theta states can be compared to a kind of trance, and is the first stage of dreaming.

The ancients used certain symbols to represent the three aspects of consciousness we use for our sojourn here on Earth and you see representations of these symbols all over the planet.

These depictions have one animal that lives under the ground, one that walks above it and one that flies above it in the sky.

The one that lives beneath represents the microcosm, the one above in the sky the macrocosm and the one that walks the earth represents the middle level between the two, like us.

Egypt, South America and North America each have their symbolic representation of these, The Egyptian one is the vulture, the eye of Horus and the cobra.

In Peru this is the condor, the puma and the rattlesnake and in Tibet it is the chicken, pig and snake.

If you look at the Egyptian tools of resurrection, one of them is a 4 foot long rod with what looks like a fork prong on one end and handlebars on the other.

This tool was used to transfer vibration into the body. They also used the hook and the flail and the orange oval which was the symbol for metamorphosis that happens when you go through resurrection or ascension during which the shape and chemistry of our bodies is physically changed by the initiates themselves in the process.

The other tools used are interesting. A 4ft rod with a tuning fork on one end and a 45 degree angle at the other end used to transfer vibration through the back of the head into the body, a power generator to increase vibration, an ankh which was the most important tool and the triangle within a triangle which is the depiction that was used for Sirius.

The vulture is the symbol for moving between levels of consciousness. Here you get the idea that there was a lot of strange stuff going on that normal medicine, if you follow logic and deliberately taught misinformation re their capability of the time, just does not add up or make much sense.

The Egyptian saga is in fact all I need to get into to establish for fact that academia is completely wrong about everything they teach about history.

This is deliberate by the way and tied into the Church and Freemason style Illuminati organizations that spread deliberate bollocks using education as the key tool. The irony that they call it education is actually immensely ironic.

Anyway this pre Egyptian culture had tools for resurrection and other tools for ascension and you may ask yourself what the difference between resurrection and ascension is exactly.

The difference is the dying aspect, a process where you go into a void state immediately after death, here you are unconscious and have no control over the images you see in this process. This way of dying takes you into the third overtone of the 4th dimension and in this way you will cycle back into this earth existence over and over again - reincarnation.

Because you are not using your Merkaba consciously you will lose all memory of either side and when you reincarnate you don't have memories of where you came from either. The reincarnation process just keeps going on and on. This is a lot of energy moving pretty darn slowly. The good news is you will eventually get through this cycle, over a great deal of time, but get through it you will.

When you go through resurrection you are aware and conscious of your Mer-Ka-Ba but you normally do not become fully aware of it until after you die. Usually the process is that you die, then become aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba.

Then you re-create your body and go through a process that leads you to the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtone of the 4th dimension.

Once you reach these three overtones you are done with reincarnation and your memory is never blocked again and you continue your existence in an eternal manner.

The point is there is a huge difference between death and resurrection and an even bigger one between resurrection and ascension.

Ascension has only been possible since 1989 as that was when the Peruvian master put the Ascension grid in place. In Ascension there is no dying or death as we know it. You are also no longer on Earth, so from that point of view you can be said to “die”, in Ascension however, you become aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba on an instinctive level and remember what to do on your own or a spirit guide will instruct you.

At this point you are aware that your body is now light and you pass through the void consciously from the Earth side to the higher dimensions, fully aware the whole time this is going on.

You disappear from this dimension and appear in the next, passing through the void.

Now, you personally might not succeed in your efforts at Ascension, but since the time this grid was in place the game has changed.

Because others have ascended, at death you go into a holding pattern in the third overtone of the 4th dimension and when the rest of the planet cycles through the coming change, we will all rise to the same dimensional overtone as the ascended masters.

This is what is meant by the Annunaki and Sumerian documents the bible was based in part on, that state the dead will rise.

There is in fact no such thing as death, just states of being. Think of it as water in three states - steam (gas), ice or water.

Right now there are very few human reincarnations happening and this is probably your last reincarnated life. As always there are exceptions.

This does not mean life on Earth will stop, only that human life as we know it will.

There are new children coming to the Earth and they will look like humans but they are not. Their number amongst us is already staggering.

When the sun rose in the West

As ancient Egypt began to evolve it developed into two separate countries. Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Upper Egypt by the way was in the South and Lower Egypt was in the North. The reverse of what you would think it to be. This was because they had come from Atlantis and in the time of Atlantis the Earth was actually rotating the other way and the magnetic poles were reversed.

We know about at least five such changes of east to west sunrise situations in our past by the way, another thing mainstream academia refuses to process as a fact.

If you go look on the ceiling of the temple in Dendera, you will see an astrological Zodiac that demonstrates reversed polarity. This is the heart chakra of the male aspect of the Christ Grid and shows the sun rising in the west instead of the east.

The Nile river flows from South to North, where most rivers on the planet actually flow North to South!

This is because the priests held on to the older energy flow in the Earth itself.

When the poles shift the next time, which is imminent, there will be a reversal of the Earth’s rotation and the way the planet moves in relation to the Sun. Its going to be plenty freaky!! Never mind the destruction that is coming.

During the time of Atlantis, they had the Naacal mystery school that was headed up by Ay and Tiya and a thousand other Lemurian ascended masters. This was located on the island of Udal, north of mainland Atlantis and they were attempting to teach the Atlanteans how to become immortal.

They must not have been that good at the teaching aspect as it took over 20,000 years for the first success to be seen.

This individual went by the name of Osiris. He was not Egyptian at all by the way, he was Atlantean.

All the other ascended masters were Lemurian.

Osiris story as we know it did not happen in Egypt, it happened in Atlantis.

The nutshell version is there were once two brothers and two sisters from the same family and their names were Isis, Osiris, Nephtys and Set.

Isis married Osiris and Nephtys married Set.

Set killed Osiris and put his body in a box and floated it down the biggest river in Atlantis.

This killing disturbed Isis and her sister, who was Set’s wife and they went looking for Osiris and brought him back with the intention of resurrecting him. When Set found out what they were up to he had the body cut into fourteen pieces and spread them all over the world so his sisters could not resurrect Osiris.

They still went out and recovered thirteen of the fourteen pieces but his phallus could not be found so Thoth used magic to restore the phallus, bring Osiris back to life and in the process gave him immortality.

Thoth by the way was one of the Lemurian ascended masters who also had a post Atlantis story in Egypt.

Anyways the bottom line is that Osiris was restored through sexual energy, the story of Ay and Tiya in a nutshell.

Osiris was first alive as per normal (level 1), then killed and separated from himself (level 2) and finally made whole again and achieved immortality (level 3) he then came back as the first Ascended master of Atlantis.

This template as to how Osiris became immortal became the template on how other people could reach this level of consciousness.

This became the religion of Atlantis and then the religion of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt does not refer to the crap that you learn in school about Egypt by the way. Ancient Egypt did not start 6000 years ago like the academtwits in academia tell you it did.

Ancient Egypt came about before Atlantis sank, but became the spot for the surviving Atlanteans to live in.

You always hear the stories of how the Pyramids were built by Kufu (Cheops - the same person) in 2556 BC, but Kufu was a squatter.

His artisans also only had jawbones of ass and copper tools.

There is no way he built them, and in any event the pyramids all bear water erosion evidence that take it back 14, 000 years, so anyone who believes that crap does not possess a brain.

The pyramids have chambers and rooms and passages that defy the engineering capability of any post-diluvian civilization on this planet at that point in time.

There are also documents from hundreds of Arab historians that are conveniently never mentioned that refer to Surid (Enoch) as the builder of the Pyramids 14,000 plus years ago, but because current day politics and war between Muslims, Christians and the Jews has left us shy of facts and pregnant with bullshit, this true history is not the story the bad actors in this religious war want to hear, but it is well known in many surviving ARAB historical documents that no Pharaoh from Egypt ever built these pyramids.

This Kufu fixation is like claiming that actual Kalahari bush pigs built the Saturn V rockets that took man to the moon.

It really is that level of ridiculous.

When you dig deeper, you find the fingerprints of the meddling Religious actors everywhere from all persuasions to explain it all.

The Atlanteans however, had the technology and the capability to build the pyramids easily, they also had space travel and other technology the Annunaki had left them with such as gravity negating machines that allowed massive chunks of rocks to be floated from quarries to points all over the Earth.

The ancient elder who was here at the same time as the Annunaki gods by the name of Enoch built the Pyramids in cahoots with Enki and Enlil.

That is they told him to build many such Pyramids and supplied the knowledge and the tools to do it.

We also know it was way before the giant flood that hit us in around 11,000 BC when Enki and Enlil were still on the same page. Sort of, at any rate.

Those were the days when humans were all left brain oriented and understood much more about reality than we do today.

The Pyramids were built in the time when Atlantis still existed.

I am also going to share a secret that has puzzled many about the Sumerians and the Egyptians.

Many idiots in academia think that the Sumerians came before the Egyptians. While it is true they technically were first, they were both actually in the same time-frame.

Just 289 years separates them. For thousands of years they actually stood side by side.

Mankind lost the fragments of their true history in two catastrophes, one in 11,500 BC, and another some 6000 years ago, by which time Atlantis, Sumeria and Egypt had been three separate entities.

For a brief period they all existed together in the same time-frame.

When Atlantis sank Sumeria and Egypt inherited the survivors.

Remember that all of these stories we believe in the bible were hand me down stories and tales from the Sumerians and they had documents and libraries that came from Atlantis and that too was passed down from the days of Lemuria and beyond only not in written form. More of that later.

Also bear in mind that when Enlil started taking note of the shit Enki was getting up to in the Annunaki lab that created humans at the time of Adam and Eve, we are not talking about a time-frame that was 6000 years ago.

This was in the time-frame roughly 197, 000 BC.

Now, because of the way Atlantean brains worked and their spiritual evolution, they had complete memory of everything they did, what anyone else in the species ever did and experienced from day one as back then our consciousness worked the way it was supposed to.

At birth came the complete library of everything learnt by everyone before and it was and still is embedded in our DNA.

This means that anything someone else remembered or pulled from the DNA record, resulted in everyone else recalling the same memory if they decided to access it and see it for themselves.

This was referred to by some historians as the knowledge to the tree of life.

Australian Aborigines have this same record access ability and can access somebody else’s experience anytime he or she wants to have that experience.

They are on the first level of consciousness and are not separated from themselves.

This is a trans-personal holographic memory capability and it is a full 3D fully accurate memory, not the vague shit we have today.

If an Aborigine were to walk into my room, they could reconstruct my room in every detail in moment by moment format from this is trans-personal memory archive and it can be recalled by anyone.

This is not real time, they call it dream-time, but they are conscious of the fact that dream-time is recalling these memories.

This memory is a perfect replica and has no flaws.

This by the way is how Judgement of each life is executed, they just access the DNA which records everything you did in your life through your own eyes. Pretty neat!!

As you can imagine, the Atlanteans had little reason to write anything down as they had this capability from inception and could access the record in perfect 3D recall and live the exact same experience.

This makes writing stuff down a tad pointless.

This changed when the Martians stepped into that vortex the Atlanteans had created and they started to merge with the Atlanteans.

While they still had pretty good recall and memory capabilities the martian aspect did require language.

At this point they lost their trans-personal and holographic memory, but still had amazing photographic memory capabilities.

Then some Annunaki influence stepped in to scramble our connection to this DNA data archive.

This is because they feared that mankind would destroy them if it found out what the real agenda of the Annunaki actually was.

The problem we face today is that learning the way the Atlanteans did is completely beyond us, we have very bad memory capabilities but you can learn techniques to compensate for this dire shortcoming .

We are going to need them for the changes that are coming our way soon.

This method is called sacred geometry and it is a critical tool for our survival. It is also the basic building block of understanding the nature and keys of creation.

The Forty Two Books of Thoth record that after the Fall, when the Atlanteans got into Egypt and were no longer experiencing full memory, writing was introduced.

It is even recorded in surviving Egyptian records that Thoth himself introduced writing to the world.

This one act threw us out of the first level and fully into the second level of consciousness because it changed the way we accessed memory and our fate was sealed.

Learning how to write changed many things about us that were not there before. We grew our skull from the eyebrows up and changed the way we perceive reality.

Our memory recall system now involves all sorts of codes and methods to recall it all using triggers and such tricks with certain eye movements. In essence we were separate from our memories and separate from actual reality as well.

Roadblocks to many things

So these Atlantean's had developed a stair step evolution plan that seemed to be going pretty sweetly and upper and lower Egypt became one country again.

Over time a serious problem developed that had to do with the religious beliefs of the Egyptians of the first Dynasty.

As they no longer had trans-personal 3D holographic memory, they had to write down what knowledge they did have and it went into the 42 Books of Thoth plus an additional two books making up a set of 44 books.

Our chromosomes, based on the 42+2 system are images and patterns that describe the whole of reality. Not just our bodies, but everything in reality from the most distant planet to the smallest atom in all of reality.

Inside Thoth’s set of 42 plus 2 books you will see neters, which are gods with a small g. For example Anubis who is a mythical human being with an animal head, is one of several neters with animal heads and each one of these neters represents a chromosome, a different aspect and characteristic of life.

Neters also represent the pathway of how to get from the first level to the second level of consciousness.

The ascended masters used Osiris’ particular genetic coding to help other people learn how to ascend.

Osiris had lived the experience of ascension and now the pathway was in his DNA, and specifically the chromosomes.

The genetic keys were then opened to the initiate through the neters, who represent the chromosomes.

A problem developed with this way of representing their religion as both upper and lower Egypt had 42+2 neters, but when they were separate countries the images changed and when they recombined they now had 84 +4 neters representing the same religious ideas.

So suddenly you had 88 different ideas of god and each believed their own schemes and this was where the occult practices began.

The idea there was only one God got lost in the factions of the neters and they failed to understand what the Tat brotherhood was telling the people about one Supreme Being.

Things went from bad to worse as a result.

All the evidence indicates that the Christian religion came directly from the Egyptian religion as if you study them you soon discover they are parallel in every way bar the Egyptian understanding of God.

The Christian religion made a later comeback and totally discounted the Egyptian religion as Justinian was playing games of murder with the Gnostic's of the time.

The Christians saw the Egyptians as occult, which apart from the 17 1/2 year break in the 18th Dynasty was actually true.

The Rescue of human Consciousness

For 17 and a half years a brilliant white flash of light appeared and then disappeared again and this flash of light is what saved the human race.

Salvation came to us through a being we know as Akhenaten.

The reason this happened is that dogma was killing people left right and center and the ascended masters had enough of this total life ending mayhem.

The first thing they did was bring an actual Christ conscious being in an actual Christ conscious body so that we could put back into the akashic records the memory of what Christ consciousness was all about.

This had been lost in the fall of Atlantis and the disaster of that out of control Mer-Ka-Ba and the pole shift calamity that followed it.

The Christ conscious body would be much taller than what was seen on the planet at the time and would be an example for the Earth People to see in the flesh.

This was the first part of the plan and the ascended masters executed on it despite the fact that it required them to break all the rules to do it because they decided this Christ conscious being had to actually become the King of Egypt.

What they did was bold and outrageous.

Thoth himself went to King Amenhotep II and introduced himself as himself and asked him for a favor to fix things after explaining the situation and he must have performed something profound enough to let Thoth get his agreement to proceed with the plan with someone else as King of Egypt.

Nefertiti in the Buff

Thoth then left creating the body of Amenhotep III and Nefertiti to Ay and Tiya for reasons related to their chromosome count which was 44+2. The other ascended masters DNA was 46+2 which was not going to work at all.

Ay and Tiya created this new baby and it was given to Amenhotep II to become the next King of Egypt and he became Amenhotep III.

Amenhotep III mated with another being on an inter-dimensional level to produce Amenhotep IV, who was Akhenaten.

Meantime, Ay and Tiya waited a generation of Amenhotep III’s generation and had another baby girl who was Nefertiti.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten married and became king and Queen of Egypt.

In the beginning, Amenhotep III and Akhenaten ruled together which also broke all the rules and they built a new city called Tel el Amarna in the exact center of Egypt.

While he was still alive, Amenhotep resigned from the throne and Akhenaten ruled while his father was still alive. There was no precedent for this before or since.

Akhenaten became the first Pharaoh of Egypt.

Pharaoh means “that which you will become” and was showing the people what they would literally become in the future.

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and her children were not exactly what we would call human.

Akhenaten’s main purpose was to break up all of the occult religions and bring back a single religion every one believed in and not statues, idols and other craven images of the occult.

He gave them the image of the Sun as God to worship as this was something they couldn't stick on their altars again.

He also told them that the breath of life, called a prana field came from the Sun and this is actually true in a three dimensional rationale, even though prana actually exists in infinite amounts everywhere.

Since prana also comes from the Sun, these images show the Sun’s rays coming down and on two of the rays are little ankhs that the rays are hitting which are being held up to the nose, to the breath of the depicted being, showing that eternal life is through the breath of prana.

You can also see the lotus flower in these images, the national flower of Atlantis. It was the Naacals who brought the lotus flower to India.

The Naacals are written about in Sanskrit writings and are even talked about in modern times. They came long before Buddha and were there during Buddhist times.

In Egypt, the lotus flower represented Atlantis and in these images are depicted on vases and other period art.

Notice the long skinny neck, high waist, thin hands and wide thighs that were characteristics of Akhenaten.

The idiots in academia will tell you that he was deformed, but Nefertiti was the same only smaller.

Two deformed giant alien Beings? Ha, total morons!!

And what about the same beings remains we have dug up in Ecuador? New Zealand? Peru? Bosnia? England? Denmark? Antartica? Mexico? Bermuda? Crete? Mykonos? Brazil? Chile? El Salvador? Arizona? Australia? Tibet? Canada? South Africa? Zimbabwe?

I am so sick and tired of the denial and such ridiculous bollocks that takes place in academia. Closed minds R us is what they should rename universities to. There is little you will actually learn in one, other than centuries old Catholic denial based dogma hogwash.

Besides making all religions monotheistic again, Akhenaten also decreed that this new religion was not going to tolerate lying and that all art needs to reflect total truth and so all art from the 18th dynasty reflects images of what the artist actually saw, just like a photograph would.

If you look at art from the 18th dynasty you would mistake it for modern art and when you see ducks they drew, they look like ducks as the artists were not allowed to lie and show unfaithful images of their subjects.

This issue of truth was so extreme that people were even not allowed to wear clothes because wearing clothes was considered a form of covering up the truth, so clothes were only allowed at formal ceremonial events and other special events.

At this time the most important neter became one called Maat, which translated means truth or truthfulness.

She was the important issue in everything they did at that time.

At this time everything was required to be absolutely truthful, no distortions, no lies, no deceit so that everything could get back into focus again.

This was always a big part of Akenhaten’s teachings.

Maat was always shown with a feather in her headdress as shown in this image from the 18th Dynasty.

Akhenaten’s statue was 14 1/2 feet tall, Nefertiti was ten foot something, which was small for her race.

In the Cairo museum right now they have several caskets from Tel el Amarna, which was Akhenaten’s city. One of the caskets has a body of a seven year old boy that is 8 foot tall.

They have all the evidence in the Cairo museum to prove that the bodies of many of these beings are not human and the DNA tests they ran also gave them the same results.

Other DNA testing of other similar bodies that are a staggering 7.3 meters in length have returned the same results by the way.

They know this is a race of the same being and they have several bodies from all over the planet in various Smithsonian or US Government facilities.

I also know this for a FACT as I dug up three of the bastards myself.

The statue of Akhenaten is exactly what he looked like and accurate in every dimension and detail by the way, fat belly, weird head and all.

There is wild panic going on in religious circles as well as various governments who are manufacturing so much noise to debunk these facts and findings, just like they do with UFO sightings that the only thing you can be certain of is that they don't want the truth out there because they think we will all panic and riot when the truth comes out.

So they’re sitting there contemplating what he fuck they’re going to do and what to make of it all.

I have an idea, flush your dogma down the toilet, start using that organ between your ears and stop worrying about how much Baksheesh you need to cover up this story.

Why the hell would we riot? It is what it is!

Only blind fool gobbledegook believing utter morons, with direct factual evidence that their religions were all human fabricated hogwash would do that sort of shit and lets be honest, some of these religious agenda folks don’t need much of an excuse to riot and murder people now do they?

I have yet to meet a peaceful one from this region blessed with any Maat in all my years, hardly surprising when their utterly evil beliefs have no tolerance for the infidel other than to murder and rape them.

In any event, the whole of India already knows this story, they always have and I don’t see them rioting and going crazy with the revelation.

Again it is the agendas of organizations like specialist freemason groups and some sort of Illuminati controlling the world the way they do so that the select few remain prosperous and that the masses live under their constant control.

It’s crazy batshit stuff this world domination crap.

It is also all occult based batshit crazy in case you were wondering about the flavor of batshit crazy going on here.

The internet has been a catalyst to them countering that problem and despite the debunking of everything they are engaged in, most people have the beliefs they are trying to oppose. When you see stuff with your own eyes you can tell government agents exactly where to put their "translations" of what you saw exactly.

By the way the bust and cast of Nefertiti that was dug up from Tel el Amarna and all the other artifacts and art also tells the same story as Akhenaten.

The Egyptians tried to hide and dismantle Tel el Amarna brick by brick but they forgot about the underground caverns and tunnels that led to other tombs and buildings that hold all the secrets and keys.

The other thing these governments are forgetting by the way is that some of us do happen to have trans-personal 3D memory access which allows us to pull data and images from dream-time.

The fact that we have all mostly lost the ability to access trans-personal 3D memory does not mean that the mechanism or data is not there, it is still recording and archiving as it should.....

If you ever have been involved in remote viewing and such ESP based stuff, you will think that this sort of magic is a special power of the psychic kind, but alas it is not, it is merely our lost ability to practice trans-personal 3D holographic memory access.

I am hearing from several quarters by the way that this is more powerful than what we have established and know of already.

Some are saying that you can even be trained to do this in real time and even more staggering, down the timeline - the future....Though I do have my own ideas on Quantum futures as I have dabbled in this aspect and find that Quantum futures are a flaky subject when it comes to absolute certainty.....

The fact that some people have the ability to focus and actually grab fragments of the images from the grid of human consciousness that is there to share all of the information of every being, living or dead that is encoded in our DNA as we witness it between all beings of the same consciousness remains a fact.

Try hide something from that shit!!

Those bastard Annunaki or whoever they were deliberately scrambled our DNA so that these switches are off.

You can learn turn them on again. Some of us are born with them on.

This art requires some practice and is what the pineal gland is all about by the way.

The hardest part of getting it to work is the fact it has been dormant so long in most of us, but it is still there.

So many have asked, how stuff seen by one being gets into the DNA record for others to access. Good question!

It is through consciousness itself which is like an electrical grid over the planet and wherever other humans are.

Its a quantum physics thing. Two atoms, each at the other end of the universe are still connected to each other via their grid.... It is a quantum fact.

Everything you do is recorded in your DNA which is also connected to the grid where it is stored in the consciousness “cloud” record.

You did not think they would risk death of a being and chance the loss of the data in them now do you? Everyone participates in the consciousness cloud, you have no choice in the matter and nobody asks you if you want to be a part of it, you just are.

Humans are actually kinda like the Borg from Star Trek guys, just at the moment we are broken and unlike the Borg, when our consciousness is working there is no noise from everyone, you have to access the record, not the other beings mind directly.

That would drive you insane.

The implications of this are pretty staggering.

If a remote viewer of some reputation is retrieving images from the Moon, Saturn's moons and such it means that human eyes have sent back information from these locations.

It also means that Einstein, Ramanujan, Oppenheimer and co are not actually inventing anything new, this is from our past and is being recalled from our own DNA.

We were at that level of technology before...

Our Nazi friends discovered scripts and artifacts that enabled them to plug into this vast trans-personal 3D holographic library of the human consciousness, this is why we are accelerating so fast with technology at the moment.

The aliens are only here because we triggered alarms that measure technology progress and those A Bombs that went off in new Mexico and Japan in WWII actually rung a big fat fucking bell all over the Galaxy and they came streaming here by the shipload to see what the sudden leap in progress was all about.

We only accessed what we already did in years gone by, nobody violated the prime directive under the strictest terms and understanding of that bit of galactic law.

Make of that what you will...

The head of one of Nefertiti’s daughters, Princess of Amarna

These are not human skulls that were wrapped by the way, they do not have the sagittal sutures we have. Its kind of difficult to pull that detail off. Yet the academtwits still deny the truth and facts.

Oh, did I mention the Vatican has several of these “artifacts” themselves? (Whole and complete bodies).

Would be nice if those pulling the strings would get a little bit of Maat in the mix.... just saying....

These heads are real life size and standing next to them makes you appreciate how huge they are. Now I wonder why the Egyptians and others want to cover this shit up??

I wont even get into the other race of giants that were conducting wars and other mayhem on the ground at the behest of the gods in the land of Canaan and the Hittites.

Or the giant alien beings with blue skins that influenced the Indian sub-continent, or those freaky alien remains from Antartica also in the 5.5 - 7.3 meter height range....

Why, one would be led to conclude that Earth may have been some kinda genetic engineering laboratory where the various genetic wares were on display for interested Galactic customers or something like that....

Perish the thoughts!!

Physiologically, these specimen are vastly different from human bodies.There are all kinds of differences - huge brain size, two hearts (a proven fact), and so on.

There are documents by the way that explain the two hearts of this being and where they came from in the galaxy which was Sirius with its two bright suns.

Here you start to see the evidence of two races of Aliens involved in our creation.

One with links to Sirius which the Akhenaten beings are a member of and those with links to Orion - the Annunaki.

Sirius A and Sirius B is a binary star system. Most star systems are binary star systems. Our twin is missing and has been for a long while.

There is an interesting Sanskrit document that I read years ago that tells of the Physiology of alien bodies and that states beings from binary star systems have two hearts, the odd ones that have three or four stars in it also have two hearts.

This was a document that was over 5000 years old by the way.

King Tut and other elongated skull tales

So the people rebelled and disposed of Akhenaten and his son in law, who did not look quite as freaky as Akhenaten's brood, but obviously from the same lineage.

He was put in power for one year puppet style but they did not take into account the fact that Nefertiti was a telepath.

During this transition period, King Tut was in telepathic communication with Nefertiti and she actually ran the country through him for that year, as she was in hiding.

This is why they murdered the young King, it became obvious she was in control, so he had to go.

All of these beings were telepaths by the way.

Ever noticed the head of Kalu Rinpoche?

There are also a great many of these Akhenaten alien beings remains in Tibet...

The Tibetans also bear a lineage that seems to also be the direct lineage of Akhenaten as well as a great many in Peru and Ecuador by the way.

So many folks have asked me why it is, if Akhenaten was murdered and died that he was classed as immortal.

Immortality has nothing to do with living in the same physical body forever.

No matter how well you look after it, cellular degeneration and accidents that break bones etc are bound to lead to it wearing out if you live in it for even say 25,000 years.

You can for sure make cells immortal and make aging a very slow process but at some point the body may need to be replaced with a new one.

We do have records of Annunaki kings from the Kings list living for 12 SARs, which is 12 x 3600 = 43,200 years but they use monoatomic gold in their diet to make their cells live a very long time.

Immortals don't have their memory blocked at death and are inter-dimensional beings.

When they come back in this dimension they bring their memory with them from past lives and they are conscious the entire time through the process of body replacement.

The definition of immortal life is continuous unbroken memory.

An immortal can chose to leave his body at any time he wants when in the third dimension realms we are in as we understand them.

Anyway, back to the story of Akhenaten.

After he was dethroned they wanted to go back to the old ways and so they went into a transitional state. Those that came after Akhenaten were pretty comical and Ay and Tiya actually became king and Queen of Egypt after 30 years of clowning around.

Ay and Tiya abdicated to Seti I, who became the first king of the 19th Dynasty and he immediately changed everything back to the old way, erased everything to do with Akhenaten and proceeded to call Akhenaten a criminal because of his teachings that there was only one God.

Most of Egypt hated Akhenaten bar one small group and the priests he had upstaged hated him most of all as they controlled life and the economy in those days, becoming more richer and powerful than anyone else.

Egypt also had the most powerful military on Earth at the time of Akhenaten and the generals desired to rape and pillage less fortunate victims. Akhenaten was having none of that shit.

Also, the people themselves, being the heathen swine that they were quite liked their bloodlust and murder which was not helping them get with the great plan of the creator on a path back to the One.

So he had the priesthood, the Military and the people bucking the trend.

As always with humans the minute you tell them their fabricated religious beliefs are gobbledegook and bollocks, they resist like a bush pig guarding their truffles.

So Akhenaten knew he was not popular but he also knew he had to do what he was doing otherwise mankind was a lost cause and he knew they were going to try and murder him at some point.

If only they had known the utter futility of that exercise....

His mission was correcting our pathway that our collective DNA had encoded into reality and his mission succeeded.

He also succeeded at akashic memory record repair that the memory of the sacred purpose of Christ consciousness held.

What actually happened to Akhenaten is this:- The military and priesthood hired three Nubian sorcerers who made a zombie type concoction that made him look like he was dead.

They then rushed him off to a special room where they had a sarcophagus waiting and sealed the lid with a magic seal with him inside and buried it in a hidden place.

Akhenaten had to lie inside this for 2000 years before a piece of the seal broke and the magic was broken. He then returned to the halls of Amenti, fresh from his little nap.

Akhenaten's Mystery School

Like his parents, Akhenaten himself developed a mystery school called the Egyptian School of Akhenaten, the Law of One.

His initiates came from the Left Eye of Horus mystery School and they were mostly all female, at least forty years old and he initiated them into the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School which was little taught and less known.

He taught them for 12 years to get some initiates into the ranks of the immortals and he succeeded. Their number was 300 and they were almost all female.

Akhenaten just needed a single day in power for the akashic memory and Christ consciousness to be written into our DNA record as the memory would be encoded in the DNA forever so he was not concerned about the fact the was going to be removed and he had those 300 new immortals on his side.

The Essene Brotherhood

After Akhenaten was dispatched for his lengthy nap, the 300 immortal Egyptians joined the Tat Brotherhood and waited some 850 years before they migrated to a place called Masada in Israel and they then formed the Essene Brotherhood. Masada today is still known as the Capital of the Essene Brotherhood.

These 300 became the inner circle and they had a very large outer circle indeed.

Mary, the mother of Jesus was one of the members of the Essene Brotherhood and she was Immortal even before Jesus became immortal.

Joseph came from the outer circle by the way.

Mary and Joseph were part of the Egyptian plan that would demonstrate how an ordinary mortal could become an immortal being, put the experience in the akashic record and make it real.

Somebody had to do it and Jesus was the chosen man.

Mary and Joseph mated inter-dimensionally to create the body Jesus would use and allow his consciousness to come in from a very high level.

When Jesus first came into our reality, he started life as we all do in fully human form and through his own work transformed himself to the immortal state through resurrection - not ascension and put into the akashic records the process of how this is done.

This was all planned a very long time before it actually came to be.

The two Mystery Schools and the forty eight chromosomal images

The symbol used for the Akhenaten mystery School, the Law of One was the right eye of Horus. The right eye is controlled by the left brain which is the male side. The left eye was controlled by the right brain, the female side.

The female side was taught in the 12 primary temples along the Nile river and the thirteenth temple was the great Pyramid itself.

Initiates spent one year in each temple learning the female side and just one year getting taught only once about the male side. This was not written down anywhere. It was all taught through oral traditions, though the primary components are etched on a single wall under the great Pyramid that leads into the Hall of Records.

As you walk down that hall, you get almost to the bottom and just before it makes a 90 degree turn, high on the wall you see the flower of life image on the wall that is about four feet in diameter.

Beside it there are 47 other images, one after the other which are the images of the Chromosomes of Christ consciousness, the level we are moving into right now.

In a later blog we hope to publish the images from a third book that depicts this information.

The great Pyramid’s primary function is to take someone from our level of consciousness into the next level. It had several secondary functions as well, but this was it’s primary function.

That is to say the ascension and resurrection are the absolute purpose it exists.

Generating the power the various tools used came with the whole enchilada by the way.

The reason it took 12 years to learn the feminine components of consciousness is because it is complicated....

The Creation Story - Genesis

Lets start with a recall of the realization that the Christian and Egyptian understanding of reality is almost identical and that the Christian understanding was derived from the Egyptian one.

The first three sentences of Genesis state “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light......

The Egyptians also believed that the Earth was without form until it came out of the Void, out of nothing.

Both Christians and Egyptians believed the start of creation was nothing and spirit bringing these two together was the point at which creation began to begin, so to speak.

The Genesis was sparked by the movement of spirit and both Egyptians and Christians held this belief.

The Egyptians have long complained that the Christian Bible left out an important statement in the first sentence and that sentence began with “In the beginning there were six.” Some of the 900 versions of the Bible actually do have this correct sentence in them.

The ancient Egyptians also complain that the Christian version of Genesis is impossible especially if you think about it from a physics point of view.

A dark infinite space that goes on forever with nothing in it would not afford movement because there was nothing you could move too, relative to nothing.

Kinetic energy in a void is impossible until there is at least one object in space around you and so before God could move on the face of the waters he had to make something to move relative too.

The fact there were waters is also interesting, the Earth itself is a very young planet that was not here 500 million years ago. Earth was created out of the destruction of Tiamat which was a water-world class planet.

Imagine you are in a dark room, standing near the door to a second room and you are ready to go into the second room which is very very dark. You can barely see the door leading into this room. You go into this room and close the door behind you. Everywhere you look it is pitch black.

When in this situation you have the ability to emit a sensing beam from your third eye chakra or any chakra in fact but particularly from that one.

You can also sense from your hands by the way and they both reach out about a foot or two and you can just know if there is something or nothing in that space a foot or two out.

Your consciousness goes out this distance and then stops dead and your knowingness ability quits the scene and you are lost at sea so to speak not knowing what is out there beyond the two feet.

The Egyptians were particularly gifted at doing this sort of thing in a dark room and could sense things in it, the same way many blind people can.

We actually have six of these sensing rays within us not just one and they all come from the pineal gland in our heads following the six axes that follow the X, Y and Z axes of Geometry we all love...

The Egyptians believed it was this innate aspect of consciousness that allowed creation to begin.

In order to understand the process of creation, Egyptian students were taught to imagine and enact a process to learn it. It could have been taught in many other ways but this is how they learnt it.

Spirit, represented by the single eye, shoots a beam of consciousness out into the Void. It shoots this beam first to the front, then the back, then the left, then the right and then straight up and straight down.

The distances projected in all these beams is all the exact same. The Consciousness beam projects the same distance in all six directions for any one individual.

We all have different abilities at this projection, it may vary from one millimeter to two feet and beyond, but the distances are the same in all directions.

This defines space in terms of North, South, East, West, Up and Down, left and right etc.

Many American Indians and other native people across the earth have so many ceremonies that define these geometric concepts and the Kabbalah is rich in these as well via the meditations they do.

In the Mystery schools the next step after defining these six directions is to connect the end of these projections, which forms a diamond base or a square around the point of their consciousness.

Then from the point in the center of the square they send a beam up to the top, forming a pyramid around the base of the square.

You build this by projecting a Pyramid above and then a Pyramid below.

Octahedron around Spirit

Remember this is all just spirit, you do not have a body in the great Void. So now you are in the great void and you have created this field around you and once you have mapped out the space etc you have an object. Kinetic energy or movement is now possible.

Movement was not possible before but now it is. Spirit can move outside the shape or move around it and it can go in any direction for miles and still come back to a center for everything.

Spirit can also remain stationary in the center of the shape and let the shape move instead of spirit moving.

The shape can now move, rotate, wobble etc in all possible ways so relative movement is now possible.

The Octahedron the students created this way had three axes - front to back, left to right and up and down.

They were next told to spin the shape around one of the axes, it did not matter which one, just one of them and in any direction they liked. They would then spin the shape around the other axes one by one.

With just one spin around each of the three axes they traced the parameters around a perfect sphere.

Before the students were allowed to move their own point of consciousness, they were taught to spin this octahedral form and create a sphere around themselves.

It has been agreed by sacred geometry students that a straight line is male and a curved line is female. Thus it is that triangles and shapes with straight lines are male forms and circles or spheres are female forms.

Since the octahedron that spirit made up is straight lines it is a male shape and since the sphere is made of only curved lines it is the female shape.

So the Egyptians went from a male form and converted it to a female form. From male to female in other words.

The Bible relates the same concepts where Adam was created first and out of Adams rib came the female. The image of spirit inside the sphere was also the image of the mystery school.

Sacred geometry started when spirit made its first projection into the Void and created the first octahedron around itself.

The Void is infinite - nothing in it - and these forms being created are also nothing. They are all just imaginary lines created out of consciousness.

This gives you a clue as to what reality is - nothing. The Hindus call reality maya, which means illusion.

Spirit can sit in the middle of its first creation for a long time but it will eventually decide to do something. To re-create this process, Mystery school students were given instructions to reenact the same motions that spirit took.

Two simple instructions are all that is required to create and complete everything in the entire universe.

The first motion in Genesis.

I want you all to keep in mind that the lines/beams of consciousness, the octahedron, and the sphere are imaginary. The Void that Spirit is in is nothing, and so are the forms it creates. The lines are just imaginary forms being created out of consciousness. So, this means that Reality itself is nothing.

Back to Spirit’s two options: remain the way it is and sit there for all eternity, or do something. Spirit now has a reference point, since it is sitting in the sphere. So, Spirit moves to what is newly created. Spirit moves to anywhere on the surface of the newly created sphere.

Back to Genesis comparisons: “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” See how that relates? The sequence that follows is commonly referred to as the Genesis pattern, for these reasons and more. The next thing in Genesis is “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.” Keep this in mind.

Once Spirit gets to the surface, it creates a new octahedron, spins it through the three axes, and creates a sphere identical to the first one. Now something spectacular has happened - Spirit has formed a vesica piscis at the intersection of the two spheres!

The vesica piscis can be found many places inside and outside of us, but the most popular locations are 1) the appearance of our eyes behind our eyelids, and 2) the lens inside our eyes. Remember when I provided that second quote about God making light? The vesica piscis is light. It’s the geometric image through which light was created and through which our eyes are created (and our eyes see light).

The vesica piscis is the basic geometry of the electromagnetic field. You can see it from three different views below.

Spirit projects another sphere, so now there are 3 spheres. Below you can see the relationship the 3 spheres make, which is the basic geometry of the star tetrahedron (the shape of the energy fields around our bodies).

Here’s another Bible reference. Spirit’s first motion is the first day: it produced the vesica piscis, which is light. On the second motion/day, it made the basic geometry of the star tetrahedron. Let’s keep going.

Now, the only thing Spirit can do is move to the innermost point on the circle and project another sphere.

This is what Spirit always does from this point on. It moves around the equator of the original sphere, it does it again. It keeps doing this until it makes a fourth sphere, and this 4th sphere happens on the third metaphorical “day”. Spirit repeats creating a fifth sphere, and now it is the fourth “day” of Genesis. Many Bibles cite the fourth day to be when exactly one half of creation was completed. Remember that.

Spirit makes a sixth sphere on the fifth day of Genesis. Finally, on the sixth day, something major happens: the seventh sphere forms the image below, which completes the half that we had on day four. Those who are familiar with sacred geometry know that this pattern is called the Seed of Life.

Many earlier Bibles said that “In the beginning there were six.” The Seed of Life, this six-petaled flower, demonstrates that. This is the Genesis pattern. It is the basic foundation of all matter. It is “the living map of the creation of all Reality.”

When we rotate the Genesis pattern, or the Seed of Life, around its central axis, we create a tube torus. The torus is the only shape that is able to fold in on itself turning either inward or outward. It is also the first shape that comes out of the Seed of Life.

Those familiar with sacred geometry know what “ratcheting” is. When you take a circle or line and ratchet it, you rotate it a certain distance. If you have two Seed of Life patterns superimposed on each other, one pattern is fixed, and you rotate the other one 30 degrees, you’d get 12 spheres around the central one. Three-dimensionally, it looks like a tube torus.

If you connect all the lines in the middle, you get this.

This image has a transcendental pattern associated with it. A transcendental number is a very important number that comes from another dimension.

An example is the phi ratio, which is a mathematical proportion that starts as 1.6180339 and continues infinitely.

The torus has a seven-color map, where there are seven identical regions that will fit exactly in the tube torus with no remainder. Our hearts have seven muscles that form a torus, and it pumps in the seven regions of the map of the torus. This shape is around all life forms, atoms, and cosmic bodies (planets, stars, galaxies, etc).

Some believe that language and sound and ‘the word’ (“In the beginning was the Word”) will be revealed within the torus. Time will tell, but for now we can all agree that it is a very powerful shape.

The above diagram shows the sevenfold labyrinth found all over the world in many ancient ruins and fields on every single continent. Many church floors in Europe have this labyrinth on them and many caves and stone walls bear these symbols.

There are also seven regions in it just like a torus has and they all relate to a beating heart and its seven regions.

When you walk through a labyrinth by the way, you walk through different states of consciousness giving you a very specific experience and it causes the life force energies to flow through your chakras: in a specific sequence: 3, 2 , 1, 4, 7, 6 and then 5.

The energy starts in the third chakra, then goes to the second, then the first.Then it jumps to the heart (4th), then to the pineal gland in the center of the head (7th), then to the pituitary gland at the front of the head (6th) and then to the throat (5th).

When you walk a labyrinth, unless you block the experience, you will automatically move through these changes. Even if you don’t know about these things, you will go through these experiences regardless.

This labyrinth and chakra experience makes an upside down cup like the Holy Grail and relates to its secret knowledge. Regardless, the labyrinth experience is interesting.

Note the image of the Biblical Melchizedek below where he is depicted holding a bowl with the key to the labyrinth inside the bowl.

The dark innermost circles in the following images show the six days of Genesis. Once the consciousness projects the first seven spheres and completes the Genesis pattern, it then continues in a rotational pattern from each consecutive innermost place until it completes its second vortex motion as seen by the light outermost circles.

That motion in turn completes a three dimensional shape you can hold in your hand and is what spirit would have seen if it had moved outside its pattern of spheres and looked at it.

The next vortex is the third rotation. The spheres of this vortex cantered at the innermost places in the perimeter of the previous round as shown by the six arrows in the next image. They call this cluster of spheres the egg of life and it is the morphogenetic structure that created your body.

Everything about you was created through the egg of life form, right down to the color of your eyes and the shape of your genitals et al...

There are nineteen circles in the flower of life and they are surrounded by two concentric circles.

This image is found all over the world spanning all existences of man and other ancient civilizations that called the Earth home through the ages.

The flower of Life

Notice there are many incomplete circles in the flower of life pattern. If you complete these circles, the secret of this pattern will unfold.

You will observe 13 circles and you can extract this pattern from them...the pattern below is what they refer to as the fruit of life because it is the fruit (result) from which the fabric of the details of the reality were created.

All the circles in this pattern are female, as they are spheres right?

There are thirteen ways using these thirteen circles that you can superimpose male energy, that is straight lines.

If you superimpose straight lines all over this in thirteen ways you will come up with thirteen patterns that will when combined with the egg of life and the torus create everything that is in existence.

These three patterns, the Egg of life, the fruit of life and the torus create everything in existence without exception.

Now, there happen to be thirteen information systems associated with the fruit of life pattern. Each system produces a vast and very diverse amount of knowledge.

We do not have enough space on my blog site to go into these in depth, so I am going to discuss a few of them instead of all of them.

The simplest system comes forth by simply connecting the circles with straight lines and connecting all the centers which produces a pattern which is known throughout the Universe as Metatron’s cube.

This is one of the most important information systems in the universe and is one of the basic creation patterns of existence.

Anyone who has studied Geometry or scared Geometry knows there are five unique shapes and they are crucial to understanding both Sacred and regular Geometry.

A platonic solid has certain characteristics by definition. First off, the faces are all the same size as seen in a cube with a square on every face.

Second, the edges of a Platonic solid are all the same length, as all edges of a cube have the same length.

Third, it has only one size of interior angle between faces, in the case of the cube this is 90 degrees.

Fourth, if a platonic solid is put inside a sphere of the right size, all of its points will touch the sphere.

The other two platonic solids are a bit more complicated. The one is called an icosahedron and has twenty faces. The other is called a pentagonal dodecahedron whose faces are twelve pentagons with the same edge length and angle, with all points touching the sphere.

If you are an engineer or architect you will have touched on these as these form the base of most structures of strength.

Any book that you pick up to study sacred geometry with will have the five platonic solids in its pages because these are the ABC’s of sacred geometry.

The interesting question to ask once you have read all the books on the subject is where do these platonic solids come from?

Nobody knows the source of this information.

However, the platonic solids come from the information system in the fruit of life. Hidden inside of the cube you can find all of these shapes. Metatron’s cube actually contains all of this information within it.

You can in fact pull all of these shapes from this cube and the cube contains two of each one within it.

So all of these three dimensional solids are from the fruit of the tree of life information system called Metatrons cube.

In alchemy, they usually talk only about fire, earth, air and water; they seldom discuss ether or prana because it’s so sacred. In the Pythagorean school, if you even uttered the word "dodecahedron" outside the school, they would kill you on the spot. That was how sacred the shape was. They wouldn’t even discuss it. Two hundred years later when Plato was alive, he would discuss it, but only very carefully.

Why was that?

It is because the dodecahedron is near the outer edge in your energy field and is the highest form of consciousness. When you get to the 55-foot limit of your energy field, it’s a sphere, the very next shape inside the sphere is the dodecahedron (actually, the dodecahedron/icosahedral relationship).

In addition, we live in a big dodecahedron that contains the universe. When your mind reaches out to the end of space — and there is an end — there’s a dodecahedron enclosed in a sphere.

I can say this because the human body is a hologram of the universe and contains the same principles. The twelve constellations of the zodiac fit inside it. The dodecahedron is the terminating point of the geometries, and it’s very important.

On a microscopic level, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are the relational parameters of the DNA, the blueprint of all life.

I know of people who studied these systems hard and spent a period of twenty years looking for the dodecahedron from within Metatron’s cube system and failed. This was because they did not have all of the lines. Some of them were missing completely. Once added back in it was relatively easy.

It took a junior student to point out that some of the lines were missing and so a twenty year study with the belief all the parts were present was a premise that wasted twenty years of intense study by this group.

Always check the basic facts when a puzzle like this eludes you!! It can be surprising what assumptions are proven a basic problem later on.

Falling bodies in a vacuum is another great example of science messing with someone’s mind at the basic level. It was long assumed that bodies falling in a vacuum would fall at the same rate, until someone noticed a body that was spinning on it’s axis actually fell faster than one that which was not spinning!! One day there will be a scientific day of reckoning to go back to basics.

One of the reasons why we don't see all of reality is we make far too many basic assumptions of the totally wrong kind that were fed to us by indoctrination and brainwashing from birth care of your local church or some crazy assed belief system specifically designed to lead you astray and quell your curiosity.

Any religion or belief system that makes finding out stuff punishable in any way is a false religion. A total sham fraud job in other words.

Anyhew, back to the sacred geometry stuff...

Semi Crystal and Nanotechnology

A technology that has been making astounding impacts over the last 25 years in particular is impacting us in a pretty dramatic manner right now.

It is helping to make computers faster, metallurgists are making exotic metals hundreds of times harder than diamonds and lighter than foam with some very interesting properties that will potentially make planes, rockets and spaceships etc. indestructible.

We are now spraying circuits a single atom thick onto stuff called graphene and rolling up circuit boards and computer screens like paper scrolls.

This stuff all came about when scientific geeks started looking at x-ray diffraction images to see where atoms were in various materials and structures.They noticed that specific patterns kept coming up and that there were only certain kinds of atomic structures.

At first they thought this was all that there was to learn about the structures because that was all they could find and it limited their ability to make metals.

About the same time this stuff was stalled, a game started to appear in Scientific American that was based on Penrose Patterns. Roger Penrose was a UK based mathematician and relativist searching for ways to lay pentagram shaped tiles on a flat surface.

As you cannot lay just the pentagram shape on a flat surface, he came up with two diamond shapes that are derivatives of a pentagram shape and he found he was able to lay plenty of different patterns to fit on a flat surfaces a result.

Some of the metallurgical guys playing this game started to realize that there was something new in physics that this was potentially leading to.

They ultimately discovered a new kind of atomic grid pattern. It was always there, they merely rediscovered it.

They called these grid patterns quasi-crystals and it led to NASA making a metal in space that is 500 times stronger than titanium, as light as foam and it is also as clear as glass!!

Right now a whole bunch of scientific research companies with ties to NASA are unravelling what shapes and patterns are possible through metals and they are using this knowledge to make new products with very specific properties and characteristics.

This is also affecting chemists engaged in Polymer engineering as they take all the bad traits of various materials and liquids and custom engineer replacements to bear all the good properties they want and none of the bad ones.

Quantum computer research being done at UC Santa Barbara in California by some talented Nobel Laureates as well as future laureates and is having some fantasmic outcomes.

All of this information is golden mean related and comes from the information system presented by Metatrons cube. All of it.

Using one Pentagon and one Penrose pattern is driving most of this work by the way and as I mentioned what is happening now with this new science is very interesting indeed.

If you study sacred geometry long enough and with some of the so called dark arts masters, who just so happen to have the best collection of writings on sacred geometry and some twisted use cases for the ancient arts, you will discover that sacred geometry can reveal information about anything and everything that exists in our Universe.

This is not partial information either, it is total and complete.

What the dark arts practitioners lose sight of is that knowledge is just knowledge. The real wisdom comes from experience of using the knowledge. For most of us though, the reminder of sacred geometry arts is that each of us has the potential of a living Mer-Ka-Ba field around our bodies and to be taught how to use it properly.

The human lightbody which is our own personal Mer-Ka-Ba is the focus of the sacred geometry arts you should study as a starting point in these arts. This is the path I want to lay down for you to follow.

We believe that you can study any subject merely by focusing on the geometries behind it. All you need is a compass and a ruler. No computer required, although that does help. We all have the required knowledge within us, we just need to unfold it....Once you learn the map of how spirit moves through the void you can learn about anything and unravel the mystery of everything.

Ever seen those compass and ruler symbols in freemasonry? It is no accident that the master architect, good old King Solomon has these symbols steeped all over those masonic dark arts and their “secret” documentation.

For me, masonic rites cross over to the dark side when those practicing them use them for the wrong purpose and keep the knowledge secret from the masses.

To me, the “Wisdom” of Solomon has been lost on these practitioners in a major manner. I am sure Solomon himself would have been utterly appalled at the twisted take modern masonic arts offer their “brotherhood” and the manner they have gone about their business.

They also keep women out of the club, which is very funny considering most ascended masters are in fact women!

Modern masons are about the coveting of power to the select chosen few and walking all over the rest of humanity to achieve their hidden agendas and goals. They do not have your or my best interests at heart.

The modern masons mantra is pretty simple, it goes like this “It’s all about ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, and ME”.

Now don’t get me wrong, various Lodges do some pretty awesome work in the community here and there, but the serious imperial wizards at the highest echelons beyond the thirty sixth degree have appalling agendas and most nefarious intent in mind.

The list of US presidents who were not masons is rather short, I believe only one name is on it, though I am learning that he was in fact of the brotherhood as well. No surprises there really.

Mainstream Media seems to think only a third of US presidents were masons. What this means is that there is only direct evidence that 15 of them were freemasons.

This is perplexing, seeing as every one of them is familiar with the masonic handshake and have displayed some very masonic behaviors.

You guys do know there are secret lodges right?

The first woman who becomes President will in fact not be a Mason.....That I can assure you of. She will probably have strong ties to Rosicrucian temples or Pylons and have an interesting wooden wand and broomstick hidden somewhere. (humor).

Sigh, I digress...

The field of nanotechnology and microscopic machines that can re-arrange atoms is also becoming quite the thing in some circles. Making 3 foot perfect diamonds out of graphite is where this material science and nanotechnology merge to produce absolute wonders that will impact our experience of life.

Let us look at the ancient art of Alchemy, which most thought was just fantasy from sci-fi novels and witchcraft arts.

I do believe these came about because some ancient guru knew the secrets behind these arts and could literally turn water into wine and lead into gold using his knowledge of sacred geometry.

These ancient alchemists considered the platonic solids as elements. For example the tetrahedron was considered to be fire, the cube was the earth, the octahedron was the air, water was the icosahedron and the ether was a dodecahedron.

Re ether, note that prana and tachyon energy = ether and they are accessible at any point in space-time and dimension. This is the secret to zero point technology. The sphere is the void and these six elements are the building blocks of the universe and they create all of the qualities of the universe.

This universe has a base wavelength of 7.23 cm, the sound of Om. This wavelength is also the exact average distance between our human eyes and you will find mathematical correlations to 7.23 in our bodies and in many things in nature in this universe as it is embedded in everything in this universe.

So in this third dimension reality, this wavelength is 7.23 cm. As you go up in dimensional levels the wavelength gets shorter and as you go down it gets longer.

Think of the musical scale for a minute in relation to a piano. Note there are spaces between the notes so that you can recognize that when you hit one note, that there is a space where the next note is. In this waveform universe we exist in, there are very definite spaces where the next dimensional level exists, and it is at a specific wavelength relative to this one we are in.

Most cultures in the cosmos understand this basic understanding of the universe, and they know how to move between dimensions but we have somehow forgotten it all as a result of the Atlantis event.

Hopefully we will remember it again.

A long time ago our musical and physics masters discovered that there are major spaces between the notes called overtones. Between each step of the chromatic scale there are 12 major overtones and there are 200 minor overtones between each note.

If we show each note in the chromatic scale as a circle, we have thirteen circles.

Each circle represents a white or black key and the shaded circle at the end represents the thirteenth note that begins the next octave.

The black circle in this illustration represents the third dimension, our known universe, and the fourth circle, the fourth dimension. The twelve major overtones between any two notes, or dimensions, are a replica of the larger pattern.

It’s all holographic by the way.......

If you carry it further, between each overtone you’ll find another twelve overtones that replicate the whole pattern. It goes down and up literally forever. This is called a geometrical progression, only in harmonics.

If you continue to study it, you’ll find that each of the unique musical scales that has been discovered produces a different octave of experience — more universes to explore!

You’ve probably heard people talk about the 144 dimensions and how the number 144 relates to other spiritual subjects. This is because there are twelve notes in an octave and twelve overtones between each note, and 12x12 = 144 dimensional levels between each octave. To be specific, there are 12 major dimensions and 132 minor dimensions within each octave (though in truth, the progression goes on forever). This diagram represents one octave. The thirteenth note repeats, then there’s another octave above that one.

There’s an octave of universes below this and an octave above, and it stretches on theoretically forever.

So as big and as infinite as this universe seems, which is just an illusion anyway, there are still an infinite number of other ways to express the one Reality, and each dimension is experientially completely different from any other.

That’s what much of this teaching is about — reminding us that we here on Earth are sitting in the third dimension on a planet that is in the process right now of becoming fourth-dimensional and beyond.

The third-dimensional component of this planet is about to be nonexistent for us after a while — we’re going to be aware of this dimension for only a short time longer.

First we’ll go into certain overtones of the fourth dimension. Most people in the higher dimensions who are watching and helping with this process now believe that we’re going to keep moving on up through higher dimensions quite rapidly.

I am one such being.

The Wall between Octaves

Between each whole-note universe and between each subspace, or overtone, universe, there is nothing — no thing, absolutely zip.

Each of these spaces is called a void.

The void between each dimension is called the duat by Egyptians or the bardo by Tibetans.

Each time you pass from one dimension or overtone into the next, you pass through a void or blackness that’s in between. However, certain voids are "blacker" than others, and the blackest of these exist between the octaves.

They’re more powerful than the voids that exist within an octave. Understand these are words that cannot fully explain this concept. This void that exists between octaves can be called the Great Void or the Wall. It’s like a wall you have to pass through to get to a higher octave. Spirit put these voids there in a particular way for certain reasons that will soon become apparent.

All of these dimensions are superimposed over each other, and every point in space-time contains them all. The doorway to any of them is anywhere. That makes it convenient — you don’t have to go looking for it, you just have to know how to access it.

Changing Dimensions

Going back to those guys on the temple ceiling in Egypt , they’re changing dimensions. They’re making a 90-degree turn and changing their wavelength. And those wheels, as you’re going to see later, are connected to the harmonics of music — and you now know that the harmonics of music are connected to the dimensional levels.

Since the people on the ceiling are making this change while thinking about metamorphosis and resurrection, I believe these wheels are actually telling us exactly where they went, into which dimension. By the time this is articulated you may understand what I’m talking about.

This 90 degrees is a very important part of understanding these teachings. The 90-degree turn is crucial to understanding how to make resurrection or ascension real.

The dimensional levels are separated by 90 degrees, musical notes are separated by 90 degrees, and the chakras are separated by 90 degrees — 90 degrees keeps coming up over and over again. In fact, in order for us to enter into the fourth dimension (or any dimension, for that matter), we must make a 90-degree turn.

Probably at this point I need to make sure we have a common understanding about what dimensions are — like third dimension, fourth dimension, fifth dimension and so forth. What am I talking about?

I’m not talking about dimensions in a normal mathematical sense, as in the three axes or so-called dimensions of space: the X, Y and Z axes — front to back, left to right and up and down. Some people call these three axes the third dimension and say that time becomes the fourth dimension. This is not what I’m talking about.

What I see as the various dimensional levels has to do more with music and harmonics than anything else.

There are probably different connotations of what I’m talking about too, though most people who study this pretty much agree. A piano has eight white keys from C to C, which is the familiar octave, and in between those are the five black keys.

The eight white keys and the five black keys produce all the sharps and flats in what’s called the chromatic scale, which is thirteen notes (actually twelve notes with the thirteenth beginning the next octave). So from one C to the next is really thirteen steps, not just eight.

Keeping that in mind, I want to show you the concept of a sine wave. Sine waves correspond to light (and the electromagnetic spectrum) and the vibration of sound. The image shows some samples. We’re all probably familiar with this.

In the entire Reality we’re in, every single thing is based on sine waves. There are no exceptions I know of except the Void itself and perhaps spirit.

Everything in this Reality is sine wave, or cosine, if you want to look at it like that.

What makes one thing different from another is wavelength and pattern.

A wavelength extends from any point on the curve to the point where the entire curve starts over, as from A to B on the longer wavelength, or from C to D on the shorter wavelengths.

If you get into a really long wavelength, they look almost like straight lines.

For example, your brain waves are about ten to the tenth power centimeters, and they’re almost like straight lines coming out of your head. Quantum physics or quantum mechanics looks at everything in the Reality in one of two ways.

They don’t know why they can’t look at it in both ways at once, though the geometries tell why if you study them very carefully.

You can consider any object, such as this web page, as being made up of tiny particles like atoms. Or you can forget that idea and just look at it as a vibration, a waveform, such as electromagnetic fields or even sound, if you like. If you look at it as atoms, the laws can be seen to fit that model: if you look at waveforms it can be seen to fit that model.

Everything in our world is a waveform (sometimes called pattern, or sine wave signature) or can even be seen as sound.

All things — your bodies, planets, absolutely everything — are waveforms. If you choose this particular way of looking at Reality and superimpose that view over the reality of the harmonics of music (an aspect of sound), we can begin to talk about different dimensions.

This is why I mentioned that wavelength determines dimension

This ceiling shows a set of eight of these circles or wheels. On the right, at the bottom are seven neters (gods) with animal heads and each has an orange-red oval above his head. This refers to resurrection.

As they walk along the line, the line comes to an abrupt end and there is a 90 degree shift upward and they are walking perpendicular to their first direction of travel...

The Star Tetrahedron

The star tetrahedron with Leonardo’s image behind it in the below image is going to become one of the most important drawings for this blog. What you’re looking at is two-dimensional, but think of it in three dimensions.

A star tetrahedron, just as shown here, happens to exist around each human body. We’re going to spend a great deal of time to get you to the point where you can see that you do have this image around your body.

Notice especially that there’s a tube running down the center of the body through which we can breathe life force energy, and the two apexes at the top and bottom of this tube connect the third dimension to the fourth dimension.

You can inhale fourth-dimensional prana directly through the tube. You could be in a vacuum, a total void, with no air to breathe, and completely survive if you could live the principles of this understanding

As Richard Hoagland has shown the United Nations and NASA, we are now beginning to scientifically rediscover this field.

Just as it is shown around Leonardo, it is also around planets, suns and even larger bodies. This could become the standard explanation of how some of these outer planets survive.

Why? The planets are radiating off the surface far more energy than they’re receiving from the Sun, a lot more. Where is this coming from?

With this new understanding, if Leonardo were a planet instead of a person, the points at the north and south poles would be bringing in huge amounts of energy from another dimension (or dimensions).

Planets literally exist in more than one dimension, and if you could see the whole Earth in all its glory — the various fields and energies around a planet — you’d be astounded. Mother Earth is far more intricate and complex than we at this dense level can perceive.

This channeling of energy is actually how it works for people too. And the particular dimension (or dimensions) that this energy comes from depends on how we breathe.

On Leonardo’s drawing, the tetrahedron pointing up to the Sun is male. The one pointing down toward the Earth is female. We’re going to call the male one a Sun tetrahedron and the female one an Earth tetrahedron.

There are only two symmetrical ways that a human being can look out of this star-tetrahedral form with one point of the star above the head and one point below the feet and with the alignment of the human body looking toward the horizon: For a male body looking out of his form, his Sun tetrahedron has a point facing forward, and the opposite flat face is behind him; his Earth tetrahedron has a point facing out the back, and the opposite flat face is in front.

For a female body looking out of her form, her Sun tetrahedron has a flat face forward, and a point facing out the back, and her Earth tetrahedron has a point facing forward and the opposite flat face is behind her.

We’ll explain the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation through the fourteenth breath in a later blog. First I would like to introduce other aspects so that you can begin to remember and prepare yourself for the eventual reactivation of your lightbody, the Mer-Ka-Ba.

Shortly, we’ll start talking about yogic breathing, which probably many of you are already familiar with. Then we’ll learn about mudras after that. We’re going to keep going step by step until we are ready to experience spherical breathing, the state of being from which your Mer-Ka-Ba can come to life.

To understand the situation here on Earth, we will offer another piece of information to refer to as we proceed. In nature, the law of opposites appears to be manifesting throughout our reality, such as male and female or hot and cold.

In truth, this is incomplete.

Actually, every manifestation in our reality has three components.

You hear people talk about male and female polarity and about polarity consciousness; that isn’t the full truth.

There has never been a polarity in this reality without a third component but for one rare exception we will talk about shortly.

There is a trinity in almost every situation.

Let’s think of some examples of what we usually call polarity. How about black and white, hot and cold, up and down, male and female, and Sun and Earth?

For black and white, there’s gray. For hot and cold, there’s warm. For up and down, there’s the middle.

For male and female, there’s a child. For the Sun and the Earth (male and female), there’s the Moon (child).

Time is also in three components: past, present and future. The mental relationship of how we see space is with the X, Y, Z axes “— front and back, left and right, up and down. Even in each of these three directions, there’s a middle or neutral point, creating three parts.

Probably the best example is the fabric of matter itself in this third dimension.

Matter is made of three basic particles: protons, electrons and neutrons. On the next higher level of organization from the three basic particles, you will find atoms, and on the next lower level, finer particle divisions. In a similar manner, consciousness perceives itself in the middle between the macrocosm and the microcosm. If you look closely into either level, you will always find threeness.

There is a special exception, as there almost always is.

It relates to the beginning of things.

Primal aspects usually do have twoness, but they are extremely rare.

An example is found in number sequences. Sequences such as 123456789 ... or 2-4-8-16-32 ... or 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 ... - and in fact all sequences known - strangely enough need a minimum of three successive numbers of the sequence in order to calculate the entire sequence with one exception: the Golden Mean logarithmic spiral, which needs only two.

This is because that spiral is the source of all other sequences.

In the same manner, atoms all have three parts, as mentioned before, with the single exception of the first atom: hydrogen. Hydrogen has only one proton and one electron; it has no neutron. If it has a neutron, which is the next step up, it is called heavy hydrogen, but the very beginning of matter has only two components.

Since we mentioned numbers exhibiting trinity, we might as well bring up color.

There are three primary colors from which the three secondary colors are created. This means that the universe as we now know it - all created things - is composed of three primary parts except in its rare primal areas.

In addition, the very nature of how the universe is perceived by human consciousness is through the three major ways we just spoke of: time, space and matter, all of which are reflections of the sacred holy trinity.

The flood of knowledge

Most people by now are aware that something unusual is going on here on Earth.

We are in extremely accelerated time, and many events are happening that have never been seen before.

There are more people on the planet than have ever been known before, and if we continue at the same rate, in a few more years, we will double our population to about eleven or twelve billion people.

Regarding our human evolutionary learning curve, the supply of information on the planet is growing far faster than the population. Think about this and meditate on this fact at length...

Here’s a fact according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. From the time of our oldest known human civilization, the ancient Sumerians (circa 3800 BC), continuing for almost 5,800 years until about AD 1900, a certain number of bits of information had been collected, a certain number of so-called facts that were added up to determine precisely how many things we knew.

Fifty years later, from 1900 to 1950, our knowledge had doubled. That means it took 5,800 years to learn a certain amount, then it took fifty years to double it again!! Astoundingly amazing!

But then, in the next twenty years, by about 1970, we had doubled it yet again!!! It took only ten more years, to about 1980, to double that!!!! Now we are doubling our knowledge every few years.

This knowledge is pouring from a fountain that is running like an avalanche coming down the mountain.

The information was coming so fast in the mid-eighties that NASA couldn’t put it into their computers fast enough.

Around 1988 they were eight or nine years behind in simply entering the incoming data. At the same time this knowledge is building up, the computers themselves, which are boosting the learning acceleration, are about to make very significant leaps.

Approximately every eighteen months, computers are doubling both compute power and memory capacity.

My first work computer was an IBM 8088 machine with no hard drive, then we got our first Olivetti 286 IBM clones running at 12 Mhz with 40 MB Seagate ST251 hard drives, then the 386 variants started popping up; then we had the 486 variants in our R&D lab with the first stand-alone powerful graphics cards and 1 GB hard drives which we used for CAD and electronic chip design work, by 1993 we started to see the first 586 variants in 1995 the first P6 architectures were unleashed and in combination with Novel Netware and Windows NT 3.51 we started to see mainframes surpassed in speed, power, capacity and potential in a big way, never mind how much cheaper they were than mainframes.

By this stage things were just warming up.

Soon we were working with Pentium III, Pentium IV, Pentium M, Prescott, Intel Core, Nehalem, Bonnell, Sandy Bridge, Silvermont, Hasswell, Skylake, Goldmont, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Cannonlake and other amazing yet to come processors from intel.

Their competition AMD, dormant for years recently unleashed Ryzen and Epyc CPU architectures and the EPYC CPU has 32 cores with 64 threads - in a single CPU die!! They are playing with 256 cores in a single CPU die!! These advances are truly astounding.

My own computers now use the Ryzen series 5995WX Threadripper processors and man, what a thing of power and awe these machines are!! I have 128GB of DDR4 RAM on each one, Dual nVIDIA 3090Ti Graphics cards and two Kingston NVMe PCIe 4.0 M2 1 TB SSD drives and these CPU contain 64 cores with 128 threads!

Comparing this to my old Olivetti 286 which ran at 12 Mhz with 640 KB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive illustrates my point. My new computer has the equivalent of 25, 000, 000, 000 Seagate ST251 40 MB hard drives in it!! The Memory is a staggering 209, 715 X bigger than my first 640K system..

The 286 processor was a poxy affair on the Olivetti, just the clock speed on each processor is 3400 times faster, but the 286 was a 16 bit single core CPU.

The Threadripper 5995WX has 64 CPU cores that can be overclocked to 4.5 Ghz, and run dual threads on each core.

Scaled correctly the computer power in my new machines are measured in millions of times more powerful than my old 286 platform, the graphics capability alone probably defies meaningful comparison.

By the time people in 5 years time read this computers will again be thousands of times more powerful than my current bleeding edge systems.

Memory and storage technology have made massive leaps with the CPU advances and the most amazing leaps have been in the area of graphics cards, some of which are using 512 and 1024 bit plus architectures spawning a new breed of operating system that make x64 CPU architectures look like primitive cave man art in comparison....

These advances are truly astounding. I myself am an ex microprocessor engineer and just thinking about the frequent technology leaps in my career alone since 1988 makes me dizzy and even more amazed when I look back over the last 35 years.

A single Quantum computer will be so fast and powerful that it can actually watch the whole Earth and give constant weather data for every square inch of the planet in less than 5 microseconds!! It will do things that now seem absolutely impossible. We are also beginning to speed up our ability to enter the data.

Now huge amounts of information are entered directly from other computers and scanners or via direct voice command or Artificial Intelligence schemas that remove man from the equation entirely.

With this incredible amount of knowledge entering into human consciousness, it becomes obvious that a major change for humankind is being birthed.

For thousands of years, spiritual information was kept secret from the masses.

Priests and priestesses of various religions or cults would give their lives to keep the rest of the world from knowing about one of their secret documents or piece of spiritual knowledge, making sure it remained secret.

All the various spiritual groups and religions around the world had their secret information collection.

Then suddenly, in the mid 1960's, the veil of secrecy was lifted.

In unison, almost all the spiritual groups of the world opened their archives at the same moment in history. You can browse through books in your neighborhood bookstore and see information that has been sealed and guarded for thousands of years. Why? Why now? What was the big change in thinking all about?

Life on this planet is accelerating faster and faster and faster, obviously culminating in something new and different, perhaps just out of the reach of our normal imagination.

We are always changing. What does this mean for the world? Why is it happening? Better yet, why is it happening now? Why didn’t it happen a thousand years ago? Or why didn’t it wait to happen 100, 1,000 or 10,000 years from now?

It’s really important to understand the answer to this question, because if you don’t know why this is happening now, then you probably will not understand what’s happening to you in your life or be prepared for the coming changes.

Though I don’t want to get into the real meaning of what this is about right now, one of the answers lies in the fact that the computer is made out of silicon and we’re made out of carbon. It’s tied into the relationship of silicon and carbon, but I’ll leave that for later and continue with the unusual nature of what’s happening here on Earth.

Perspective in the Cosmos

Let’s talk about Sirius and the Earth again. You are here (see image), and this is where we begin in the big picture. From where we are on this third planet out from the Sun, Earth’s intimate connection to Sirius cannot be understood very easily.

You have to go out into deep space to things like those seen in the next image, which you might not recognize -at least most people don’t. This is a quasar, and it’s enormous. It defies all the laws of physics, and we don’t know what the heck it’s doing. But that’s not really what I want you to notice.

The next image is a little closer and more familiar to us. This is a galaxy, obviously not us, because it’s pretty hard to take a picture of yourself from within yourself. (The cluster at the bottom right is a nebula, and it is almost certainly much, much closer than the galaxy; they are not connected.) Notice the stars coming out of the galaxy in a white spiral.

At exactly 180 degrees opposite one of the spirals is another emerging spiral. I believe there are eight known forms of galaxies — though all of them are functions of each other — and this is the primary model.

For a long time, astronomers pretty much thought that what you saw out there was it; if you could see it, it was there.

They either were totally oblivious to the invisible side of Reality or they didn’t feel it was that important.

But the invisible side of our Reality is actually much greater than the visible side, and probably more important.

In fact, if the full electromagnetic spectrum were a line about two yards long, then visible light, with which we see objects, would be a band about 1/32 of an inch wide.

In other words, the visible part of the Reality is far less than 1 percent of the total - almost nothing. The invisible universe is really our true home.

There’s much more.

There are things even beyond the electromagnetic spectrum that we’re just beginning to understand.

For example, they’ve discovered that when an old sun explodes and dies, like the one in the bottom right of the picture, it seems to occur only in the dark area of the spiral (shown by arrow A), indicating that there is a difference between deep space (arrow B) and the inner space between the light spirals.

So they’re beginning to realize there’s a distinct difference between the two areas of space as well as between the dark and the light areas of the galaxy. There’s something different about the dark areas of the spiral that seems to be related to the light areas.

Observing these characteristics of a galactic spiral led to another discovery.

Other scientists noticed that as our solar system moves through space, it’s not moving in a straight line but in a helical pattern, a spiral.

Well, such a spiral is not possible unless we are gravitationally connected to another large body, such as another solar system or something larger.

For example, many people think the Moon rotates around the Earth, right? It does not. It never has. The Earth and the Moon rotate around each other, and there’s a third component between them approximately one-third of the distance from the Earth to the Moon, which is the pivotal point, and the Earth and Moon rotate around this point in a helical pattern as they also move around the Sun.

This happens because the Earth is connected with a very large body, which is the Moon. Our Moon is huge, and it’s causing the Earth to move in a particular pattern. And since the entire solar system is spiraling in the same manner through space, then the whole solar system must be gravitationally connected with some other very large body.

So astronomers started searching for this body that was pulling on our solar system.

They first narrowed it down to a certain area of the sky that we were linked with, then they narrowed it down further and further, until just a few years ago they finally pinned it down to a specific solar system.

We are linked with the star Sirius — with Sirius A and Sirius B. Our solar system and the Sirius system are intimately connected through gravitation. We move through space together, spiraling around a common center. Our fate and the fate of Sirius are intimately connected. We are one system!

Ever since scientists have known about the dark area inside a spiraling galaxy being different, they have discovered that stars don’t just move out along the curved arm of a spiral.

If someone spun a water hose over his head and you viewed the scene from above, you would see droplets that appeared to move in spirals.

Can you envision that? Each individual drop, though, is not moving in a spiral but is moving radially away in a straight line from the center; it only appears to be moving in spirals.

It’s the same way in a galaxy. Each of these stars is actually moving radially away.

At the same time the stars are moving radially away from the center, they are also moving, independent of the system as a whole, from one arm through the dark light into the white light, orbiting the whole galactic system.

It probably takes billions of years for one cycle to complete itself.

Bear in mind that the education I underwent care of various unnamed organizations and time with very rare and secret ancient documents and artifacts I can never list.

Having said that, I have seen many rare documents and accessed many memory archives for myself soI myself am a reference point for my own experiences.

I cannot help you attain confirmation of my experience, I am just sharing it with whoever wants to read it.

Those that read this and are lit up with interest are on their own personal path of knowledge and enlightenment.

What you will find will guide you to that which your own life choses to reveal to you as you live it and walk down it’s path.

Just know you are not alone and many have walked your journey already. Do not be surprised that you are not the first to drink deep of what you find in your journey either because we all speak to each other in our dreams.

Much of the knowledge of the ancients is not secret and there are many fragments of it out there that are openly available.

As always I must advise you use your knowledge wisely and with calculated deliberation.

At the end of the day its not what others believe that is important, it is what you find and believe for yourself and your own mind.

If you choose to share it, be aware many will breathe their next breath just to discredit what you find. Still, this is ultimately of little consequence. Your journey is for your benefit alone.


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