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Sacred Geometry Foundations

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We are going to start looking at aspects of sacred geometry next. Bear with me on this one. It is plenty freaky to the uninitiated mind.

When Enoch still walked the Earth, he had articulated to a small select few within his circle that the Brotherhood of Light had established pyramids on certain planets in this solar system in relationship to Saturn, the key to the planetary tables and density levels of other forms of intelligence operating within our solar system.

These pyramids are built in grid formation and are connected to chrono-monitors, which measure the vibratory levels of consciousness on a given planet in units of a thousand years.

Pyramidal grids of information were established on Mars, for example, for use by artificial intelligence left by various alien entities to alert them to possible changes on the various planets.

They were built for the gathering of information deciphered from the magnetic lines of force tuned with thinking servomechanisms or computers existing within our solar system.

These pyramids were established in grid formation so that the artificial intelligence of the vehicle, through stimulated emissions of radiation, could gather all information through “short” electromagnetic wave amplification.

The greater pyramids on Mars cover ten times the area used by the Co-Creators in establishing the major pyramidal grid at Giza, and five times the area of the major pyramidal grid established in China during previous evolutionary cycles.

Human intelligence should be initiated into the pyramidal functions of Light before they can be advanced to the next ordering of evolution, the next consciousness time call on our evolutionary path.

We will then see that our human creation is part of the greater creation, which seeds its life codes by crystal invagination into cycles of star field creation.

Before this can take place, the human evolution must be educated to understand the presence of the Mer-Ka-Ba which is the key to engendering a whole new star seed creation.

The Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx were directly revealed in the landing of the Mer-Ka-Ba, as the manifestation of the “wheel within-the-wheel” which is witnessed as it opened up and became one pulsating center of Light technology in the shape of a Pyramid.

South American Pyramids

The Sphinx symbolically represents the face of thinking spiritual intelligence which can move in and out of our solar spectrum and show us how we can leave behind our solar evolution and become one with Light.

These spiritual vehicles of Light will once again come down into the communities of the righteous, which are in special grid areas of spiritual vibration throughout the world.

These grids contain the pyramidal light patterns that will receive the vehicle, which will come as the capstone of Light activating these centers of Light consciousness.

This is the process of transforming the human evolution to co-participate with the Higher Evolution.

This process of transformation is directed through the proper pyramidal frequencies of Light and balances the energies of the Universe.

Pyramids are resonant to the earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy.

Pyra comes from the Greek word fire and mid from the Latin word Mede which means middle. Thus, Pyramid is actually “Fire in the middle”. Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life energy force that is found in the center of the various ancient Pyramids.

How do pyramids work exactly then?

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

The shape of a Pyramid is like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The carbon atom is a tetrahedron and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north it rings and sings.

The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earth’s magnetism.

All pyramids, whether they are in Egypt or elsewhere on the planet earth, when aligned to magnetic north, amplify their energy considerably.

This energy is life force source energy, which surrounds all life forms when active. Pyramids attract positive etheric energy and converts the negative into positive ions.

When a Pyramid is worn as a hat it has a strong ionization effect within the body.

Here is how it works: Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that strengthen concentration and capability of the human being practicing these techniques which begins to activate various glands at certain frequencies.

The endocrine glands of the body are activated through the vibration of the electrical pre-cursing field of pyramids. This balances the pre-cursing energy field around the endocrine glands and creates an expanded consciousness.

Hat Pyramids help the brain retain its theta frequency state and waking consciousness while sleeping or meditating. Theta is the state of mind where you can create everything and change reality instantly.

Deep meditation brings us into this state, and is favorable for instant healing activities.

Theta states ranges from 4 to 7Hz frequency. It’s a very powerful mental state, a state of deep meditation, deep relaxation and mental clarity.

It relieves stress and reduces anxiety in people prone to it, and brings absolute perfect calm to the being practicing this art. Theta waves govern the part of our mind that lies between the conscious and the subconscious, and also directs our beliefs and behavior.

It allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind, and will bring feelings of spirituality and deep inspiration. Theta states can be compared to a kind of trance, and is the first stage of dreaming.

The ancients used certain symbols to represent the three aspects of consciousness we use for our sojourn here on Earth and you see representations of these symbols all over the planet.

These depictions have one animal that lives under the ground, one that walks above it and one that flies above it in the sky.

The one that lives beneath represents the microcosm, the one above in the sky the macrocosm and the one that walks the earth represents the middle level between the two, like us.

Egypt, South America and North America each have their symbolic representation of these, The Egyptian one is the vulture, the eye of Horus and the cobra.

In Peru this is the condor, the puma and the rattlesnake and in Tibet it is the chicken, pig and snake.

If you look at the Egyptian tools of resurrection, one of them is a 4 foot long rod with what looks like a fork prong on one end and handlebars on the other.

This tool was used to transfer vibration into the body. They also used the hook and the flail and the orange oval which was the symbol for metamorphosis that happens when you go through resurrection or ascension during which the shape and chemistry of our bodies is physically changed by the initiates themselves in the process.

The other tools used are interesting. A 4ft rod with a tuning fork on one end and a 45 degree angle at the other end used to transfer vibration through the back of the head into the body, a power generator to increase vibration, an ankh which was the most important tool and the triangle within a triangle which is the depiction that was used for Sirius.

The vulture is the symbol for moving between levels of consciousness. Here you get the idea that there was a lot of strange stuff going on that normal medicine, if you follow logic and deliberately taught misinformation re their capability of the time, just does not add up or make much sense.

The Egyptian saga is in fact all I need to get into to establish for fact that academia is completely wrong about everything they teach about history.

This is deliberate by the way and tied into the Church and Freemason style Illuminati organizations that spread deliberate bollocks using education as the key tool. The irony that they call it education is actually immensely ironic.

Anyway this pre Egyptian culture had tools for resurrection and other tools for ascension and you may ask yourself what the difference between resurrection and ascension is exactly.

The difference is the dying aspect, a process where you go into a void state immediately after death, here you are unconscious and have no control over the images you see in this process. This way of dying takes you into the third overtone of the 4th dimension and in this way you will cycle back into this earth existence over and over again - reincarnation.

Because you are not using your Merkaba consciously you will lose all memory of either side and when you reincarnate you don't have memories of where you came from either. The reincarnation process just keeps going on and on. This is a lot of energy moving pretty darn slowly. The good news is you will eventually get through this cycle, over a great deal of time, but get through it you will.

When you go through resurrection you are aware and conscious of your Mer-Ka-Ba but you normally do not become fully aware of it until after you die. Usually the process is that you die, then become aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba.

Then you re-create your body and go through a process that leads you to the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtone of the 4th dimension.

Once you reach these three overtones you are done with reincarnation and your memory is never blocked again and you continue your existence in an eternal manner.

The point is there is a huge difference between death and resurrection and an even bigger one between resurrection and ascension.

Ascension has only been possible since 1989 as that was when the Peruvian master put the Ascension grid in place. In Ascension there is no dying or death as we know it. You are also no longer on Earth, so from that point of view you can be said to “die”, in Ascension however, you become aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba on an instinctive level and remember what to do on your own or a spirit guide will instruct you.

At this point you are aware that your body is now light and you pass through the void consciously from the Earth side to the higher dimensions, fully aware the whole time this is going on.

You disappear from this dimension and appear in the next, passing through the void.

Now, you personally might not succeed in your efforts at Ascension, but since the time this grid was in place the game has changed.

Because others have ascended, at death you go into a holding pattern in the third overtone of the 4th dimension and when the rest of the planet cycles through the coming change, we will all rise to the same dimensional overtone as the ascended masters.

This is what is meant by the Annunaki and Sumerian documents the bible was based in part on, that state the dead will rise.

There is in fact no such thing as death, just states of being. Think of it as water in three states - steam (gas), ice or water.

Right now there are very few human reincarnations happening and this is probably your last reincarnated life. As always there are exceptions.

This does not mean life on Earth will stop, only that human life as we know it will.

There are new children coming to the Earth and they will look like humans but they are not. Their number amongst us is already staggering.

When the sun rose in the West

As ancient Egypt began to evolve it developed into two separate countries. Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Upper Egypt by the way was in the South and Lower Egypt was in the North. The reverse of what you would think it to be. This was because they had come from Atlantis and in the time of Atlantis the Earth was actually rotating the other way and the magnetic poles were reversed.

We know about at least five such changes of east to west sunrise situations in our past by the way, another thing mainstream academia refuses to process as a fact.

If you go look on the ceiling of the temple in Dendera, you will see an astrological Zodiac that demonstrates reversed polarity. This is the heart chakra of the male aspect of the Christ Grid and shows the sun rising in the west instead of the east.

The Nile river flows from South to North, where most rivers on the planet actually flow North to South!

This is because the priests held on to the older energy flow in the Earth itself.

When the poles shift the next time, which is imminent, there will be a reversal of the Earth’s rotation and the way the planet moves in relation to the Sun. Its going to be plenty freaky!! Never mind the destruction that is coming.

During the time of Atlantis, they had the Naacal mystery school that was headed up by Ay and Tiya and a thousand other Lemurian ascended masters. This was located on the island of Udal, north of mainland Atlantis and they were attempting to teach the Atlanteans how to become immortal.

They must not have been that good at the teaching aspect as it took over 20,000 years for the first success to be seen.

This individual went by the name of Osiris. He was not Egyptian at all by the way, he was Atlantean.

All the other ascended masters were Lemurian.

Osiris story as we know it did not happen in Egypt, it happened in Atlantis.

The nutshell version is there were once two brothers and two sisters from the same family and their names were Isis, Osiris, Nephtys and Set.

Isis married Osiris and Nephtys married Set.

Set killed Osiris and put his body in a box and floated it down the biggest river in Atlantis.

This killing disturbed Isis and her sister, who was Set’s wife and they went looking for Osiris and brought him back with the intention of resurrecting him. When Set found out what they were up to he had the body cut into fourteen pieces and spread them all over the world so his sisters could not resurrect Osiris.

They still went out and recovered thirteen of the fourteen pieces but his phallus could not be found so Thoth used magic to restore the phallus, bring Osiris back to life and in the process gave him immortality.

Thoth by the way was one of the Lemurian ascended masters who also had a post Atlantis story in Egypt.

Anyways the bottom line is that Osiris was restored through sexual energy, the story of Ay and Tiya in a nutshell.

Osiris was first alive as per normal (level 1), then killed and separated from himself (level 2) and finally made whole again and achieved immortality (level 3) he then came back as the first Ascended master of Atlantis.

This template as to how Osiris became immortal became the template on how other people could reach this level of consciousness.

This became the religion of Atlantis and then the religion of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt does not refer to the crap that you learn in school about Egypt by the way. Ancient Egypt did not start 6000 years ago like the academtwits in academia tell you it did.

Ancient Egypt came about before Atlantis sank, but became the spot for the surviving Atlanteans to live in.

You always hear the stories of how the Pyramids were built by Kufu (Cheops - the same person) in 2556 BC, but Kufu was a squatter.

His artisans also only had jawbones of ass and copper tools.

There is no way he built them, and in any event the pyramids all bear water erosion evidence that take it back 14, 000 years, so anyone who believes that crap does not possess a brain.

The pyramids have chambers and rooms and passages that defy the engineering capability of any post-diluvian civilization on this planet at that point in time.

There are also documents from hundreds of Arab historians that are conveniently never mentioned that refer to Surid (Enoch) as the builder of the Pyramids 14,000 plus years ago, but because current day politics and war between Muslims, Christians and the Jews has left us shy of facts and pregnant with bullshit, this true history is not the story the bad actors in this religious war want to hear, but it is well known in many surviving ARAB historical documents that no Pharaoh from Egypt ever built these pyramids.

This Kufu fixation is like claiming that actual Kalahari bush pigs built the Saturn V rockets that took man to the moon.

It really is that level of ridiculous.

When you dig deeper, you find the fingerprints of the meddling Religious actors everywhere from all persuasions to explain it all.

The Atlanteans however, had the technology and the capability to build the pyramids easily, they also had space travel and other technology the Annunaki had left them with such as gravity negating machines that allowed massive chunks of rocks to be floated from quarries to points all over the Earth.

The ancient elder who was here at the same time as the Annunaki gods by the name of Enoch built the Pyramids in cahoots with Enki and Enlil.

That is they told him to build many such Pyramids and supplied the knowledge and the tools to do it.

We also know it was way before the giant flood that hit us in around 11,000 BC when Enki and Enlil were still on the same page. Sort of, at any rate.

Those were the days when humans were all left brain oriented and understood much more about reality than we do today.

The Pyramids were built in the time when Atlantis still existed.

I am also going to share a secret that has puzzled many about the Sumerians and the Egyptians.

Many idiots in academia think that the Sumerians came before the Egyptians. While it is true they technically were first, they were both actually in the same time-frame.

Just 289 years separates them. For thousands of years they actually stood side by side.

Mankind lost the fragments of their true history in two catastrophes, one in 11,500 BC, and another some 6000 years ago, by which time Atlantis, Sumeria and Egypt had been three separate entities.

For a brief period they all existed together in the same time-frame.

When Atlantis sank Sumeria and Egypt inherited the survivors.

Remember that all of these stories we believe in the bible were hand me down stories and tales from the Sumerians and they had documents and libraries that came from Atlantis and that too was passed down from the days of Lemuria and beyond only not in written form. More of that later.

Also bear in mind that when Enlil started taking note of the shit Enki was getting up to in the Annunaki lab that created humans at the time of Adam and Eve, we are not talking about a time-frame that was 6000 years ago.

This was in the time-frame roughly 197, 000 BC.

Now, because of the way Atlantean brains worked and their spiritual evolution, they had complete memory of everything they did, what anyone else in the species ever did and experienced from day one as back then our consciousness worked the way it was supposed to.

At birth came the complete library of everything learnt by everyone before and it was and still is embedded in our DNA.

This means that anything someone else remembered or pulled from the DNA record, resulted in everyone else recalling the same memory if they decided to access it and see it for themselves.

This was referred to by some historians as the knowledge to the tree of life.

Australian Aborigines have this same record access ability and can access somebody else’s experience anytime he or she wants to have that experience.

They are on the first level of consciousness and are not separated from themselves.

This is a trans-personal holographic memory capability and it is a full 3D fully accurate memory, not the vague shit we have today.

If an Aborigine were to walk into my room, they could reconstruct my room in every detail in moment by moment format from this is trans-personal memory archive and it can be recalled by anyone.

This is not real time, they call it dream-time, but they are conscious of the fact that dream-time is recalling these memories.

This memory is a perfect replica and has no flaws.

This by the way is how Judgement of each life is executed, they just access the DNA which records everything you did in your life through your own eyes. Pretty neat!!

As you can imagine, the Atlanteans had little reason to write anything down as they had this capability from inception and could access the record in perfect 3D recall and live the exact same experience.

This makes writing stuff down a tad pointless.

This changed when the Martians stepped into that vortex the Atlanteans had created and they started to merge with the Atlanteans.

While they still had pretty good recall and memory capabilities the martian aspect did require language.

At this point they lost their trans-personal and holographic memory, but still had amazing photographic memory capabilities.

Then some Annunaki influence stepped in to scramble our connection to this DNA data archive.

This is because they feared that mankind would destroy them if it found out what the real agenda of the Annunaki actually was.

The problem we face today is that learning the way the Atlanteans did is completely beyond us, we have very bad memory capabilities but you can learn techniques to compensate for this dire shortcoming .

We are going to need them for the changes that are coming our way soon.

This method is called sacred geometry and it is a critical tool for our survival. It is also the basic building block of understanding the nature and keys of creation.

The Forty Two Books of Thoth record that after the Fall, when the Atlanteans got into Egypt and were no longer experiencing full memory, writing was introduced.

It is even recorded in surviving Egyptian records that Thoth himself introduced writing to the world.

This one act threw us out of the first level and fully into the second level of consciousness because it changed the way we accessed memory and our fate was sealed.

Learning how to write changed many things about us that were not there before. We grew our skull from the eyebrows up and changed the way we perceive reality.

Our memory recall system now involves all sorts of codes and methods to recall it all using triggers and such tricks with certain eye movements. In essence we were separate from our memories and separate from actual reality as well.

Roadblocks to many things

So these Atlantean's had developed a stair step evolution plan that seemed to be going pretty sweetly and upper and lower Egypt became one country again.

Over time a serious problem developed that had to do with the religious beliefs of the Egyptians of the first Dynasty.

As they no longer had trans-personal 3D holographic memory, they had to write down what knowledge they did have and it went into the 42 Books of Thoth plus an additional two books making up a set of 44 books.

Our chromosomes, based on the 42+2 system are images and patterns that describe the whole of reality. Not just our bodies, but everything in reality from the most distant planet to the smallest atom in all of reality.

Inside Thoth’s set of 42 plus 2 books you will see neters, which are gods with a small g. For example Anubis who is a mythical human being with an animal head, is one of several neters with animal heads and each one of these neters represents a chromosome, a different aspect and characteristic of life.

Neters also represent the pathway of how to get from the first level to the second level of consciousness.

The ascended masters used Osiris’ particular genetic coding to help other people learn how to ascend.

Osiris had lived the experience of ascension and now the pathway was in his DNA, and specifically the chromosomes.

The genetic keys were then opened to the initiate through the neters, who represent the chromosomes.

A problem developed with this way of representing their religion as both upper and lower Egypt had 42+2 neters, but when they were separate countries the images changed and when they recombined they now had 84 +4 neters representing the same religious ideas.

So suddenly you had 88 different ideas of god and each believed their own schemes and this was where the occult practices began.

The idea there was only one God got lost in the factions of the neters and they failed to understand what the Tat brotherhood was telling the people about one Supreme Being.

Things went from bad to worse as a result.

All the evidence indicates that the Christian religion came directly from the Egyptian religion as if you study them you soon discover they are parallel in every way bar the Egyptian understanding of God.

The Christian religion made a later comeback and totally discounted the Egyptian religion as Justinian was playing games of murder with the Gnostic's of the time.

The Christians saw the Egyptians as occult, which apart from the 17 1/2 year break in the 18th Dynasty was actually true.

The Rescue of human Consciousness

For 17 and a half years a brilliant white flash of light appeared and then disappeared again and this flash of light is what saved the human race.

Salvation came to us through a being we know as Akhenaten.

The reason this happened is that dogma was killing people left right and center and the ascended masters had enough of this total life ending mayhem.

The first thing they did was bring an actual Christ conscious being in an actual Christ conscious body so that we could put back into the akashic records the memory of what Christ consciousness was all about.

This had been lost in the fall of Atlantis and the disaster of that out of control Mer-Ka-Ba and the pole shift calamity that followed it.

The Christ conscious body would be much taller than what was seen on the planet at the time and would be an example for the Earth People to see in the flesh.

This was the first part of the plan and the ascended masters executed on it despite the fact that it required them to break all the rules to do it because they decided this Christ conscious being had to actually become the King of Egypt.

What they did was bold and outrageous.

Thoth himself went to King Amenhotep II and introduced himself as himself and asked him for a favor to fix things after explaining the situation and he must have performed something profound enough to let Thoth get his agreement to proceed with the plan with someone else as King of Egypt.

Nefertiti in the Buff

Thoth then left creating the body of Amenhotep III and Nefertiti to Ay and Tiya for reasons related to their chromosome count which was 44+2. The other ascended masters DNA was 46+2 which was not going to work at all.

Ay and Tiya created this new baby and it was given to Amenhotep II to become the next King of Egypt and he became Amenhotep III.

Amenhotep III mated with another being on an inter-dimensional level to produce Amenhotep IV, who was Akhenaten.

Meantime, Ay and Tiya waited a generation of Amenhotep III’s generation and had another baby girl who was Nefertiti.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten married and became king and Queen of Egypt.

In the beginning, Amenhotep III and Akhenaten ruled together which also broke all the rules and they built a new city called Tel el Amarna in the exact center of Egypt.

While he was still alive, Amenhotep resigned from the throne and Akhenaten ruled while his father was still alive. There was no precedent for this before or since.

Akhenaten became the first Pharaoh of Egypt.

Pharaoh means “that which you will become” and was showing the people what they would literally become in the future.

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and her children were not exactly what we would call human.

Akhenaten’s main purpose was to break up all of the occult religions and bring back a single religion every one believed in and not statues, idols and other craven images of the occult.

He gave them the image of the Sun as God to worship as this was something they couldn't stick on their altars again.

He also told them that the breath of life, called a prana field came from the Sun and this is actually true in a three dimensional rationale, even though prana actually exists in infinite amounts everywhere.

Since prana also comes from the Sun, these images show the Sun’s rays coming down and on two of the rays are little ankhs that the rays are hitting which are being held up to the nose, to the breath of the depicted being, showing that eternal life is through the breath of prana.

You can also see the lotus flower in these images, the national flower of Atlantis. It was the Naacals who brought the lotus flower to India.

The Naacals are written about in Sanskrit writings and are even talked about in modern times. They came long before Buddha and were there during Buddhist times.

In Egypt, the lotus flower represented Atlantis and in these images are depicted on vases and other period art.

Notice the long skinny neck, high waist, thin hands and wide thighs that were characteristics of Akhenaten.

The idiots in academia will tell you that he was deformed, but Nefertiti was the same only smaller.

Two deformed giant alien Beings? Ha, total morons!!

And what about the same beings remains we have dug up in Ecuador? New Zealand? Peru? Bosnia? England? Denmark? Antartica? Mexico? Bermuda? Crete? Mykonos? Brazil? Chile? El Salvador? Arizona? Australia? Tibet? Canada? South Africa? Zimbabwe?

I am so sick and tired of the denial and such ridiculous bollocks that takes place in academia. Closed minds R us is what they should rename universities to. There is little you will actually learn in one, other than centuries old Catholic denial based dogma hogwash.

Besides making all religions monotheistic again, Akhenaten also decreed that this new religion was not going to tolerate lying and that all art needs to reflect total truth and so all art from the 18th dynasty reflects images of what the artist actually saw, just like a photograph would.

If you look at art from the 18th dynasty you would mistake it for modern art and when you see ducks they drew, they look like ducks as the artists were not allowed to lie and show unfaithful images of their subjects.

This issue of truth was so extreme that people were even not allowed to wear clothes because wearing clothes was considered a form of covering up the truth, so clothes were only allowed at formal ceremonial events and other special events.

At this time the most important neter became one called Maat, which translated means truth or truthfulness.

She was the important issue in everything they did at that time.

At this time everything was required to be absolutely truthful, no distortions, no lies, no deceit so that everything could get back into focus again.

This was always a big part of Akenhaten’s teachings.

Maat was always shown with a feather in her headdress as shown in this image from the 18th Dynasty.

Akhenaten’s statue was 14 1/2 feet tall, Nefertiti was ten foot something, which was small for her race.

In the Cairo museum right now they have several caskets from Tel el Amarna, which was Akhenaten’s city. One of the caskets has a body of a seven year old boy that is 8 foot tall.

They have all the evidence in the Cairo museum to prove that the bodies of many of these beings are not human and the DNA tests they ran also gave them the same results.

Other DNA testing of other similar bodies that are a staggering 7.3 meters in length have returned the same results by the way.

They know this is a race of the same being and they have several bodies from all over the planet in various Smithsonian or US Government facilities.

I also know this for a FACT as I dug up three of the bastards myself.

The statue of Akhenaten is exactly what he looked like and accurate in every dimension and detail by the way, fat belly, weird head and all.

There is wild panic going on in religious circles as well as various governments who are manufacturing so much noise to debunk these facts and findings, just like they do with UFO sightings that the only thing you can be certain of is that they don't want the truth out there because they think we will all panic and riot when the truth comes out.

So they’re sitting there contemplating what he fuck they’re going to do and what to make of it all.

I have an idea, flush your dogma down the toilet, start using that organ between your ears and stop worrying about how much Baksheesh you need to cover up this story.

Why the hell would we riot? It is what it is!

Only blind fool gobbledegook believing utter morons, with direct factual evidence that their religions were all human fabricated hogwash would do that sort of shit and lets be honest, some of these religious agenda folks don’t need much of an excuse to riot and murder people now do they?

I have yet to meet a peaceful one from this region blessed with any Maat in all my years, hardly surprising when their utterly evil beliefs have no tolerance for the infidel other than to murder and rape them.

In any event, the whole of India already knows this story, they always have and I don’t see them rioting and going crazy with the revelation.

Again it is the agendas of organizations like specialist freemason groups and some sort of Illuminati controlling the world the way they do so that the select few remain prosperous and that the masses live under their constant control.

It’s crazy batshit stuff this world domination crap.

It is also all occult based batshit crazy in case you were wondering about the flavor of batshit crazy going on here.

The internet has been a catalyst to them countering that problem and despite the debunking of everything they are engaged in, most people have the beliefs they are trying to oppose. When you see stuff with your own eyes you can tell government agents exactly where to put their "translations" of what you saw exactly.

By the way the bust and cast of Nefertiti that was dug up from Tel el Amarna and all the other artifacts and art also tells the same story as Akhenaten.

The Egyptians tried to hide and dismantle Tel el Amarna brick by brick but they forgot about the underground caverns and tunnels that led to other tombs and buildings that hold all the secrets and keys.