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2024 Tour de Roid

Updated: Jun 20

What is interesting about this year’s Tour de Roid is that due to the other steroid showcasing event that you all know as the summer Olympic Games, the tour de Roid folks decided to not have all the Roid merchants from Le Monde all in the same city at the same time.

For this reason and for the first time since 1905, le Tour will finish in Nice, which is rather nice.

It will also start in Florence in Italy on June 29th 2024.

If you are in need of suitable chemicals, 2024 is going to be a tough year to get them, especially ones customized to your exact tissue and blood type.

It will at least be an interesting Tour this year with all that mountain time that will afford new Roid merchants the opportunity to shine.

I suspect the meds for road rash injuries are also going to shine this year and I expect there to be a lot of mass road slides in this year’s event.

Once the peloton is north of Turin in the Italian Alps I think things are gonna get pretty interesting this year.

That Danish guy Jonas looks like the clear fave again this year as his chemicals seem to have the edge over other folks chemicals but then they did pay for the best...

Bon chemical Gars!


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