Another Slice of Heaven

Updated: Mar 28

The new AMD Ryzen 5000 Vermeer CPUs were released on November 5 2020, and thanks to a recent Ryzen 5000 live stream we now know more about these Zen 3-powered chips and what to expect when it comes to the promise of their gaming performance.

Before we get to all that, you might be wondering why it is that AMD are leaping from 3xxx to 5xxx series Ryzen fare?

It is pretty simple actually, the Ryzen 4000 branding was made for a Mobile processor range they launched earlier in 2020, so AMD has confirmed the next gen Ryzen stuff will be branded Ryzen 5000.

The first chips bearing the new Ryzen 5000 moniker will be the Ryzen 9 5950X, Ryzen 9 5900X, Ryzen 7 5800X, and Ryzen 5 5600X. All of these will be powered by the new and improved Zen 3 architecture. 

These are the last 7nm goodies before the Zen 4 stuff arrives, which will all be 5nm.

Intel just got to 10nm after their 7nm fabrication process died on the vine forcing them back to the drawing board.

Intel now have some CPU that can take NVMe and Optane SSD but it is not fully PCIe 4.0 capable yet.

They have basically put some band aids on a few newer CPU die to get the SSD to work.

Intel still have no real PCIe 4.0 full bore CPU in their stable, anyone that says they do is not aware of how they have done it.

No PCIe 4.0 GPU cards will work at PCIe 4.0 speeds so that is the proof of the pudding for PCIe 4.0.

AMD Zen 3 architecture meanwhile, is much more than just an incremental update.

In fact, AMD is promising an "entirely new architecture" with performance to match for Zen 3 goodies.

I am drooling and slobbering like my Golden Retrievers at the forthcoming Zen 3 prospects.

The first official benchmarks point to promising improvements in gaming performance over the current Ryzen 3xxx lineup.

So when are we getting our grubby paws on these goodies and do I need a new Motherboard you may be asking yourself?

AMD has confirmed that both the new Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 graphics cards are on track for release on November 5, 2020.

This date happens to be Guy Fawkes Night in the U.K.

I expect fireworks then!!

And no, you will not need a new motherboard if you already have an X570, it will slot right in your current AM4 socket.

Sweeping changes to the Zen architecture are baked into this third Ryzen iteration and a fair bit changed under the heat spreader with the whole Ryzen 5000 package by the way.

That means slightly higher clocks, a different core cluster configuration, and significantly higher IPC (instructions per clock) over Zen 2.

It will also be $50 more expensive than the current 3xxx fare. A bargain if you consider what you get!!

Intel is now cheaper than AMD as a result but for me, even if it was free I would give any Intel CPU a mega Rocket Pass.

Nein Danke Kamerade, Nicht für mich!!

With Zen 3, AMD has combined the four-core CCX structure within Zen 2 into one super eight-core CCX, Unifying L3 cache, streamlining memory access, and cutting latency between cores.


This translates to a 19% increase in IPC, which will see performance tick upwards despite a similar loadout.

Early testing of the 5950X here in the Beard Bat Cave shows a 22% increase over the previous gen Ryzen fare and it definitely will take all the records held by Intel right now with their I9 platform.

The Cinebench stuff we saw was as high as 30% more performance over the old 3950X. That's pretty major!

This was just rough benchmarking though.

I will do a more detailed effort when I get the retail versions in my eager paws and decide if Noctua air cooling or water-cooling is the way to go with these goodies.

The EPYC Milan's are also launching in November but not sure if it is the same date or on November 20th.

I already benchmarked those but cannot say shit about it until November 20th. Sadly!

Pricing is not that bad! Sadly the price gougers will be active for 6 months or more after these launch so apart from my two 5950X orders I ain't buying in a hurry.

Wunderbar!! Or was it Wonderbra? I forget.........Gimme four 5950X CPU's STAT!!

COVID has screwed the GPU card market as well as Trumps tariff bollocks by the way.

You just cannot find one these dayz.

I will hang on to my boxes of nVidia 970's just a leetle longer then!!