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WORLD WAR V Battle Updates!!

Updated: 3 hours ago

World War V (V - for Virus) is currently under way and the battleground is YOU and everywhere YOU go.

We are getting new medical data that COVID-19 does more damage to the body than initially thought.

The body boffins (Medical folk) have noticed several recovering patients have heart muscle damage when they had no prior heart condition history at all.

Liver and Renal organ damage seems to be a factor to deal into the COVID-19 deck as well.

I will post this detail as I get it from various points around the world.

The British PM Boris Johnson was rushed to hospital 4/5/2020 for further "tests". I hear he is responding to treatment and is stable, he is spending his second night in the ICU and we wish him a very speedy recovery.

On April 1, 2020 a US intelligence report about Chinese COVID-19 statistics validated what over 300 inputs from Wuhan have been feeding us on a daily basis since December 2019.

However, this intelligence report estimated their (China) deaths were only half of what they had actually reported.

In fact per feet on the ground in China this is itself a serious under-estimate.

So far they have delivered 76,211 urns filled with ashes of victims of COVID-19 to surviving families in Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province area alone.

This does not include the rest of China. As such we need to multiply their stats by at least 10x.

The data points across China feeding us this information seem very consistent across the board but I myself remain skeptical to a degree on this data.

Overall whole-scale saving face seems to be the order of the day in China right at the minute but that's a cultural thing to a degree as well.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, lying about stats has also come up.

This is pretty easy to resolve.

If you look at past "normal" mortality stats for any given county and compare them to the last few months, any jump from normal you can safely apportion at the feet of COVID-19.

You will swiftly ascertain using this method that the USA stats are thus pointing to 4x under reporting because the cause of death is recorded as the heart, lung or organ failure and not COVID-19 leading to the death from these underlying issues that seems to be falling through the cracks.

We have trending and know what the stats were the same period last year and they have spiked everywhere.

3/29/2020 POTUS extended the lock down to April 30th 2020.

Governor Newsom in California made it May 3 a few days after POTUS made the announcement on 3/29/2020.

I hope they are using this lock down time to prepare.

So far there is no sign they are actually doing this seriously as of yet in California or any other state for that matter.

So yesterday 4/7/2020 POTUS made a U turn on this situation and broadcast he would catch what the various state governors were slipping up on.

The issue there is the states have to slip up first = time burnt.

I guess the test will be the resulting actions compared to the hot air.

It looks like Newsom was looking to POTUS to solve California problems, as all the other state Governors were, but 4/1/2020 POTUS wished them all luck and communicated they are on their own getting PPE etc..

Words cannot describe the thoughts I have on that one, but he has a point. POTUS is not the fairy godmother queen in possession of magic and spells to relieve them of their lack of planning ailments...

Just in case you had not realized it yet, this Corona-virus thing is a pretty serious business and everyone globally is now called up for duty in the defense against this threat and is now a member of the Global army to combat this extremely serious threat to Humanity.

Your conscription is mandatory and non-negotiable, with zero exceptions! You are reporting for duty with immediate effect from wherever you now are regardless of your age or health condition.

Your orders are to go home and Isolate, wash everything, keep away from other people and sit tight until given further orders.

You may have a swift foray to the grocery store for essential items after which you will decontaminate and isolate yourself again immediately upon your return.

If you are one of the many like myself who work from home and are paid for it, keep calm and carry on.

Both of these virii are bat borne in origin, one is a Coronaviridae and the other is a Filoviridae and they both have remarkable similarities about their makeup and they are both exceedingly nasty entities indeed.

Why people would want to eat things that carry rabies and other nasty virii is genuinely way beyond the capacity of my sole surviving synapse to comprehend and understand in any way, shape or form.

I guess this game now surpasses the Japanese Poison puffer fish

(torafugu) Russian roulette game for the sick and twisted culinary arts practitioners!!

Mother Nature to Humans - No Bats in diet!!

Why EbolaVirus? As these two are closely related and originate from the same source (bats), while we are at it our global efforts will focus on eradicating both of the bastards - we may as well at this stage of the game.

They are also both RNA virii so the chances are we can conquer them both at the same time is high even though the most immediate threat is COVID-19.

Already the Gilead drug Remdesivir, is looking the most promising effort to expand on and that team was working on EbolaVirus anyway so efforts to strip this virus of its spikes will piggyback off this research and solve the puzzle which is now of high urgency for the whole tribe of humanity.

Remdesivir did not work for Ebolavirus, but it may for COVID-19.

The SARS virus is 75% similar (DNA wise) to COVID-19 and that work will also add to the solutions we come up with and can be leveraged against the current threat.

The Hydroxychloroquine thing is looking like a waste of time by the way. I went through the test data and laughed then I had a good cry about it.

It may work for a few people but we will need to do a proper clinical trial as what they have right now data wise is a bad April fools joke.

It's something akin to what a Zulu witch doctor would cook up for Muti (mythical medicine).

If they do that exercise again properly we can look at the results again. We will be disappointed, I fear.

We need to focus on the work the Gilead Remdesivir people were doing, the idea and principles are solid, that at least is worth our time. It just needs fresh eyes and new thinking. Another angle of attack.

Everything in nature has a common foe, we need to focus on that aspect a tad, I fear the standard approach is an organic chemical valent bond rabbit hole these scientists seem to have fallen into with Alice in Wonderland and the others that have seats at the mad hatters tea party....(IMHO)..

I noted that the Baccilus-Calmette-Guerin testing data is in from the Netherlands and Germany where it was deployed in 4 hospitals on a trial basis and it they saw it emphatically triggers a huge auto-immune response to COVID-19 in the test subjects immune systems.

It looks like this is a no-brainer for nurses and Dr's on the front line as a 70% stronger immune system is quite the boost.

The fix for COVID-19 will be simple in the end, I am pretty sure of it. We need to figure out how to trigger a chain reaction that will strip through it like a zipper coming undone with it's DNA......

Some of us are now into our formal fifth week of working from home as a way of combating the spread of our new enemy and its been interesting to date that's for sure.

Our enemy does not spread by itself, it uses its host, it's victim (YOU) to spread and wreak havoc upon humanity everywhere it finds another target.

If you are out and about just know that you are aiding and abetting our new enemy.

You must therefore temporarily limit the spread of this silent killer by staying at home.

If you do not, you are working for the enemy, which is Team V (Corona-Virus and EbolaVirus).

For most people, COVID-19 will die rapidly once it has worked its way through your body if you do get infected.

Probably more than 84% of us have already been infected since November of last year, I mean even Prince Charles and Boris have had it for Chrissakes!

This means that even if you have had zero symptoms the chances are 84% that you are a carrier, an agent of the virus.

If everyone follows the simple rules and limits contact with others we will stop this thing dead in its tracks.

Please just act as if you are already infected. This is going to be critical to winning our war against these two formidable Virii.

The sooner we all do this seriously, the sooner it will be over and we can get back to our normal lives.

Every time you come into contact with someone or something, wash your hands, this kills this enemy faster than anything else does.

Do not shake hands or touch anyone while out and about, the risks are too high.

Wash your hands on the hour anyways, its a great habit. White vinegar also kills it, wipe your phones and computers with it, if you touch your face a lot a session with Apple cider vinegar and the cotton pads the ladies use to remove their makeup kills any nasties lurking on your face big time.

Does not smell great, but we are all home and Zoom has no smell capability yet!!

It seems it is very easy to get infected too by the way, just ask poor ol Boris!!

COVID-19 is a contact only virus, it is only airborne in droplets from an infected person who sneezes and talks (we all spray droplets when we talk and eat - hence the masks being mandatory). So limit contact. It's pretty simple!!

Working from home is not the end of the world either by the way, I have been doing it for 25 years and it just requires some new discipline and ways of doing things that is easy to adjust to.

Most of us just don't like the order to shelter in place in our homes.

We can maximize our time better from home and focus on job related perfection now that we have the extra commute time to do it.

I myself rise around 6:AM every day due to below Kat dancing on my chest and stumble around in the kitchen like a Zombie until I wake with a shot of Illy Espresso cappuccino steamed with almond and coconut milk which I gently sip while I play chess on for 45 minutes to coax the sole surviving synapse to venture out and play.

Max the Kat taking advantage of a warm body while I sip my cappuccino at 6 AM.

On the subject of donating time and resources to the cause by the way, please also think about donating some of your home computing resource time to folding@home to help find compounds and a vaccine for COVID-19 when you are not using them, as in when you are asleep.

Folding@home efforts have already found over 117 compounds and plants as well as various existing medicine patents and ancient recipe's etc. that are more than outstanding possibilities in the potential solution for a vaccine.

This is shortening the time to delivery of a solution by years.

Folding@home is now the worlds largest super computing entity and it is making a huge difference already.

All our compute stuff here at home office Alpha is working for them from 6 PM to 6 AM.

Even an old Pentium could find a critical piece of the puzzle so sign up now and make a difference with whatever you have at your disposal it all helps.

Current Casualty Data (8:00 AM PST, 4/8/2020)

The data around the exact numbers reported are a big fat red herring and stew of misinformation from various Governments reporting them.

Sadly, it is not likely we will find the true situation and status for years.

There seems to be a serious panic and nefarious agenda among some government officials globally about what is going on here exactly.

I guess politicians cannot resist being politicians...

This does not mean we can't discuss data from various sources though and build fairly safe conclusions about the data.

The data is not coming from children by the way, these are educated professionals with Doctorates and Phd's.

Just so you know though, conclusions re said data comes under the heading of "speculative" in nature. FYI.

The Global stats for April 7 2020 are 83,585 pine boxes and 1,453,129 infected = 5.75 % mortality rate of active global cases. If we factor in the herd in the modelling tool the number trends to around 0.2% btw.....

Our modelling predicts we have already had 86% exposure - testing will reveal the true story here.

It is in fact getting worse (per these active data stats) as we expect it would.

The curve is still rising.

Global survival stats are currently 309,807. But even this reveals 73.48 % are unaccounted for? 20.77 % recovered, 5.75 % victims = 73.48 % still quite sick or what they are terming "mild"???

They say 95% of these are mild and 5% are serious cases of total active cases.

Don't forget its only the active cases we are dealing with, active = sick enough for medical care.

However, it is my belief that 86 % of people everywhere have already had COVID-19 exposure and as they are only testing a small snippet and the very sick, the stats don't actually mean anything at this juncture because they are totally skewed to active cases.

I am pretty sure that when we are all tested and the data is looked at based on those results we will start to see the real story emerge from the statistics canvas.

Current USA stats are 402,471 Active cases, 12,914 pine boxes = 3.21 % of active cases.

In Germany it is 1.22 %, though their active serious mortality stat is also 5%.

In Denmark it is 3.66% and their active case mortality stat is 10% which is very high.

For California the stats are below:

This means that statistically, COVID-19 is still a mild situation for near 100% of the population.

However, the story the stats are telling me per regional populations (apart from China) does make me want to play devil's advocate and ask why the Panic? Sure it's a killer but these numbers tell the story....

The worst case re-aligned Chinese Data by the way is estimated to be around:

Infected: 3, 200, 000 Dead: 131,003 = 4.0938 % Mortality rate of active cases, Survival: estimated 1,000,000. Suspected exposure of population is at around 91%.

Based on this data, the sooner we can test everyone the better and isolation is then a good action for this level of concern.......this data from China means some 343 million people could potentially fall victim to COVID-19!!

That's a whole different kettle of whales!!

If you assume 5% of the US population will have a serious bout of COVID-19 and 6% of those more serious cases will result in death, we get 16, 500,000 serious cases and of these 4.459 % will expire, which means 735,735 people will die in the USA if the current model based on the Chinese data bear out.

A few countries are mirroring this model.

I noticed 3/29/2020 that 97% of shoppers had masks and gloves. I just have gloves, my masks are only arriving end of April. I hope it is actually this April.......

Right now stores are starting to recover from the panic buying insanity but a few products are still absent from all of them.

Rice is hard to find anywhere but 4/2/2020 I bought a bag of the finest Hawaiian Rice so I am set until the end of days..Bread is also light on shelves. Toilet Paper is like gold dust.

After this one is over all my other bathrooms are getting Japanese toilets. This loo paper business is for the birds!!

I did the rounds at 9:50 AM 3/29/2020 in the Oakley, Brentwood and Antioch areas and most stores bar trader Joe's were ghost ships. Very lightly populated indeed, which was nice.

I took one look at the Queue at trader Joe's and decided their fine orange juice was not worth the hassle and headed to Sprouts and Raleys on Sand Creek road instead.

Raleys have erected plastic sheets to protect the cashiers and packers from customer spit balls, which was awesome, I like it!!

The RFID readers at Raley's are working as of 4/2/2020 by the way.

Oh you cannot bring your own bags to the stores anymore, they will issue new ones!!

I just get them to chuck it in the shopping cart and bag it at the truck....

By the way to all those people preparing our food and stuff for the supermarkets as well as delivering it in the face of this situation, as well as all the supermarket folks themselves thank you all very, very much!!

Let us imagine for a minute the sheer terror the people on the ground in Wuhan at ground zero have been through these past weeks, I cannot even begin to imagine...

I myself am still perplexed how this particular Corona jumped from bats to humans.

They are saying snakes are what did it, but I got to tell you, from my limited knowledge on the subject that the odds of this would be in the order of several hundred trillion to one....just to frame it for you.

The snakes that eat bats have been doing so for millions of years, bacteria, virii and all...

Meddling human paw prints are all over this one.....

So whenever this did happen in Wuhan it was probably in the August-September 2019 time frame per leading Biotech sources and all on the subject.

Apparently DNA of stuff can tell us how old it is.

No doubt the FUD and MUD are cover up antics and whatnot by the parties in Wuhan responsible for the misinformation and ensuing calamity that is circulating out there.

In China they closed down movie theaters again after opening them for a short while.

Me, I am never going to one ever again after looking at the data......Horrific germ breeding grounds them places....

I am wondering what arriving in Maui would be like in my idle time...But am sure the locals would not think much of the load on their ultra thin healthcare situation....

They don't need off islanders making the treatment situation for locals even worse, tempting as it sounds...

My peeps in South Africa tell me George and Cape Town in similar military styled lock down.

A pity their cops are not wearing masks and gloves but I guess the stats will tell that story at some point....

I hear the booze stores in SA are closed, boy they are asking for a new revolution there with that decree!!

One thing is for sure, based on this COVID-19 incident, the way the world worked will change drastically going forward.

There is absolutely no point or need for panic though, in fact Panic is the one thing that will ensure the doom of us all collectively.

The way everyone was reacting initially was frankly bizarre, logic free and very unhelpful.

I am astounded at how territorial everyone suddenly became, telling people they did not know who were in their community to hoppit fast and threatening them with handguns or shotguns.

Some of these twits were badgering people who have lived next door to them for 30 years..........the logic free state of some people never fails to astound me!!

They need to be inside minding their own goddamn business and not engaging in vigilante justice by roaming their neighborhoods creating more mayhem. If you have the IQ of a dead ferret this can only lead to very sad outcomes.

Let's face it, if you are roaming the neighborhood you live in delivering vigilante justice you do in fact have the IQ of a dead ferret, as you clearly did not compute the meaning of the very simple words "shelter in place".

I think those Ring cameras are going to come in handy for a new game I see becoming popular........

Wearing a mask is going to be mandatory once the supply problem has been taken of by the way, get used to the idea now, it is in your future.

My Masks arrived 4/6/2020

Everyone needs to behave as if they are infected to help protect the most vulnerable and high risk members of the public.

Act as if you are in fact infected regardless of your situation anyway.

The fact Richard Branson had to load up a Virgin Atlantic 747 Jumbo Jet and send California healthcare workers personal protective gear tells you exactly how prepared California is for this thing and how scary thin our public healthcare situation really is.

For that reason alone I argue that it matters not what shape you give the curve, we are not ready for it, and as we are not ready for it we need to accept the risk and get on with it because we just cannot get that ready for it from where we are.

Also, remember that 95% of people will just get a runny nose, a sore throat and a sore brain membrane with a persistent dry cough when they catch it or so they say anyways.

I am almost certain that my wife and I had it in February, we had that cough for a long time, only ours was wet not dry.

After I came back from GTS2020 my wife had the sweats symptoms for three days and was very poorly indeed. We couldn't get tested till last week and we both have the anti-bodies.

We will need a follow up test to confirm but that's is going to be awhile apparently as the politicians are still expecting the Federal government to come charging to the rescue and delivering their usual 50 billion gallons of hot air wrapped in zero action.

Last night on TV, The mayor of Oakland and San Francisco were saying it was the Federal government that needs to start testing, they were obviously not listening to POTUS very well when he told them it's Sacramento's problem on 4/1/2020.

It is this sort of finger pointing and inaction that made Illinois start doing their own thing three weeks ago as it was obvious to them that the Federal Government is not charging to anyone's rescue.

They are wasting time with this dithering, we cannot all be on lock down indefinitely.

Sure was frustrating to watch!!

Almost as frustrating as POTUS insisting that Mickey Mouse witch doctor hocus pocus potion called hydroxychloroquine is the cure. It ain't.

Fauci 11 - POTUS 0 if you are keeping score....

Based on Icelandic data, 50% of the people they tested who were positive had zero symptoms - that should make you wake up with a jolt!

Latest California data tells us the most affected group is currently 30-40 year olds.

The reality is that we are all going to get COVID-19, they are just trying to flatten the curve so that hospitals do not get overwhelmed- but they are going to get overwhelmed regardless and nothing we can do now at this stage of the game can fix that situation - and as they are also doing nothing about getting ready it is a bit of a moot point..

A lot of us got a very strange flu this year that did not behave like a normal flu and we all had that persistent cough. This was mid January-Mid February.

In any event, the hospitals who are supposed to be preparing are not getting what they need to prepare with from their various state authorities who seem to be thinking a battalion of Federal agent magic genies and fairy godmothers from middle earth are going to arrive and cast magic spells to make the masks et al we all need appear out of thin air.

By the way all US Government orgs got a report in November of 2005 called the "HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan" on how to handle a global Influenza Pandemic that was distributed to every state in the USA.

This document covers all the things we are running into and how they were supposed to deal with it.

Guess how many states implemented anything in it???

A big fat ZERO.

Reason given? "It will never happen here"....

This report is 396 pages long and is awesome work, a great pity nobody took any notice and did anything about it.....

Plan for back to work - workforce

1. Test people who have had it or who think they have had it to confirm they have the anti-bodies and get that group back in the work force - in Deutschland Aus such people have a green badge testing document they carry around.

2. Employers to supply employees with KN95 face masks for customer meetings or interactions with customers, respirators with microphones preferable for computer engineers installing new gear on customer premises.

3. Public eating and drinking is banned, no customer lunches while this virus is going around due to fact that people spray small amount of droplets when they eat and talk.

Some respirators have a drinking straw option - advise these are distributed to staff meeting with customers.

4. Hydration is very important!!

I drank gallons of water with electrolytes when I had the sore throat thang going on. I also had a half shot glass of Russian Vodka and lemon juice in the AM and PM every day.

Seemed to help but not if you are operating machinery, planes, trains or automobiles..

All drinking of liquids to take place from sealed cups with lids preferably from straws - cover face again after sipping.

5. No bodily contact - space distancing rules still apply - social distancing mandatory - no more than 5 people per small meeting room - all participants to wear KN95 or surgical disposable masks in well ventilated meeting room area - preferably outside in an open space - No handshakes or fist pumps etc.

6. Engineers who do onsite equipment preparation must have the customer rack and stack the equipment, the engineer can have one assistant at the opposite end of the equipment stack to where they are doing the prep work network cabling - then switch to a conference room with a projector for the configuration work and networking setup - customers to provide cotton pads and 70% Isopropyl cleaning alchohol for the cell phone - laptop and power supply to be wiped down and dried with a paper towel.

Spare disposable face masks should be available in each meeting room (the cheap ones).

7. Try ensure remote access is available for complicated setup tasks. Try ensure Data Center physical presence is limited to 30 minutes to ensure connectivity from a suitable conference room location where the rest of the installation tasks can be carried out from.

8. BCG Vaccines for all employees mandatory - the data on the boost to the immune system has been verified now and implemented in the EU and Australia.

I think one of the reasons South Africa has such low stats for COVID-19 is many people got this BCG vaccine for TB when we were kids which was a big problem in the 60's and 70's.

I got it when I was 10 in boarding school when I was there. Left an ugly round scar on my arm.

COVID-19 Medical Developments

Looking at the medical developments for a minute, there are several drugs that have been identified through computer modelling exercises which have been through the silly games protocol swing such as various arthritic drugs (Actemra), and other drugs that Gilead (Remdesivir) and others have in their arsenal from the ebola outbreak et al and efforts for a fix with that saga that can be used very effectively.

Bacillus-Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Vaccine went on trial in 4 European countries 2 weeks ago as they have found that treatment with this prepares the body to better defend against COVID-19.

The results from this showed an overall 70% auto-immune response in the patients tested which resulted in significant improvements in their abilities to fight off COVID-19.

Australia is implementing this for all nursing staff treating COVID-19 patients with immediate effect based on this limited trial data.

All participants so treated will be subject to further blood work and testing analysis to further study and and examine medical stats on the positive or negative effects et al.

There are several teams in Germany who also report great promise on a few other things they have been working on as well. They were also working on Ebola stuff when this one broke free (COVID-19).

CureVac in Germany and Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals here in the USA also have RNAi and mRNA approaches that can aid and abet for a delivery package once we know what that is.

Lets talk about founding principles of a Republic and Democracy for a minute.

Most modern Republics on our planet used Plato's Republic as the baseline doctrine and mantra for the basis of each working modern democracy.

They wrapped later Roman law in with it, a la Roman Empire Senate antics sans the poisonings and murder plots (allegedly)....

When Plato wrote the Republic back when, the health of the people was at the heart of this ideology along with the army to protect the masses and the taxes collected to pay for it all.

Though I lean just a smidge right of center myself, I strongly believed my entire life that this should be the reason we pay taxes.

Health and protection being the core driving goal of the state engine.

Money and the healthcare (sic) come drug business has corrupted the well being and general health of nearly the entire planet and it is only in such rare situations we are in right now that we rapidly lament abandoning such philosophies and common sense ideas.

Here in the USA we now find we are in a situation where we have almost no public capacity to deal with COVID-19.

Instead of a public health system we have instead a private for profit system for individuals lucky enough to be able to afford it and an extremely fragile social insurance system for people fortunate to still have employment.

Both of these systems are geared to the needs of a few individuals and nothing for the needs of the public.

In the event of economic collapse a la what happened in 1929, when the public at large is out of work and unable to pay for healthcare it will take a few weeks for the simplest pathogen to ravage unchecked right through the entire population with absolutely zero resistance.

Our flawed system only works if the economic situation holds fast. When that collapses what we are left with just does not work.

A very unbalanced and unfair system indeed.

That system now lies exposed to the extent we have all been bleating about for years that many movies have borne as their sole theme to make their point.

A point which up and until recently was just dismissed out of hand.

There are vast numbers of homeless that served in Vietnam and other campaigns and ex taxpayers in that group for example who do not deserve the zero care they now experience on a daily basis because they are not working due to hitting hard times and all.

Their lack of health in our current situation is a threat to all of us and needs to be taken care of - not on a temporary basis just for now, but permanently going forward.

In the event of an economic meltdown we will all suddenly find ourselves in the same boat as these unfortunates, then what?

It was entirely for situations like this that the thinking of the ancients was for the state to bear the yoke and to ensure the health of the masses.

This situation writes deep red underscores under the premise the taxes we pay are also for the rare occasions such as this when we do actually need them to bear fruit.

It seems we learnt nothing from 1918's Spanish flu saga at all....

The Government is supposed to take care of the healthcare system first by virtue of the fact we pay income taxes, the totally insane trillion dollar black defense projects come after that is taken care of.

An accounting of what the government does with our tax dollar is long overdue in this country.

COVID-19 is setting the table for a hard look at our system so that in the future we have our priorities where they are supposed to be.

We are currently, as a result of this system we have right now, totally unprepared for COVID-19 here in the USA.

Spending trillions of dollars on defense black projects exposes the flanks of global society when a simple pathogen like this or worse gets out there and people die by the millions just because the resulting economic collapse placed remedy beyond their reach.

All those that said it would never happen better go take a good hard look out the window and take a good look at their worst nightmare, it is becoming reality by the minute.

Hundreds of millions of dead or unemployed taxpayers can't pay taxes for defense black projects now can they!! So due diligence has to be paid lest we find ourselves in the situation we are now in with a far worse outcome down the road.

There has been no balance in this regard and we are now paying the price.

We do not need to increase taxes to cover this either by the way.

In fact considering what we do get in return for our tax dollar we are all paying 88% too much tax in the first place.

What needs to happen is the insane amount of tax payer dollar spent on totally insane defense black budgets et al needs to be re-adjusted and money needs to be spent on the protection of the taxpayers who pay the damn taxes!!

The drug companies and politicians are only interested in profits but if the goose that lays the golden egg (we, the taxpayers) dies, everything is ruined.

Who exactly will they sell their wares to and who will pay taxes if we all die or become unemployed en masse???

I would encourage every politician and drug company board member to read Plato's Republic to recenter their missing morality in this regard and believe me it is totally absent.

The current system only works if the economy does not tank. We need a system that covers us in good and bad economic times.

What can you do to help the situation?

So when you ask yourself what can I do to help, the very first and most important advice is actually written on the back of every copy of the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy:

1. "Don't Panic".

This is seriously good advice.

The first thing you can all contribute immediately is not to panic.

Panic will only usher our collective doom at a far faster rate and does not help our collective interests or chances to come through this a whole bunch.

2. The power of positive thinking - Sounds silly but thinking good things and good positive thoughts has been proven to be a wonder drug on it's own - Engineers and such struggle with this more than most people because they assume cause and effect from experience - change the habit to belief that positive action and thoughts will make it better. Do not let end of the world thinking overwhelm you - the entire world is in this thing together, we will all come through it together.

3. Be a team player for humanity - if you see someone in need help them as much as you can. This event is what we call "character building" in nature, think of yourself being in the shoes of someone having a hard time due to this situation. Now is the right time to be a global team player for humanity.

4. Monkey see, monkey do. Lead by shining example and hold your values and karma high. The goal is collective well being, not individual well being.

5. Always maintain calm and strive to be analytical like a grand master chess player. Resist panic responses and urges to situations, think carefully and act swiftly post analysis.

6. Do not become sheeple. Question everything. Make the authorities accountable. Just because we are in an emergency lock down does not mean they have carte Blanche to play silly buggers.

7. Be nice and constructive about your interactions and demeanor, being polite costs nothing. If you do not have a better idea hold back on the criticism a tad.....If what they are saying is logic free, tell them politely.

8.Think outside the box. We are way outside of our comfort zone in any event, time to exercise the old grey matter is upon us.

We do not want to think about what could or would happen in the event of a total collapse of human civilization with everyone running around like a headless chicken screaming blue bloody murder.

Calmly ask yourself what does that behavior do to make it better in any event??

For now if we all just keep calm and carry on it would be the best thing we can all do to help get ALL of us through this.

Common sense and thought about what you do, how you behave, aimed at the collective good of the greater group is the name of the game here.

Think of the community you are in and the people in it who do not have the tools to deal with this situation, you are in effect their guardian now.

Deal calm and share anti-panic mantras to those that need it, this will help them and us.

This is a serious situation but totally losing it is not going to help anybody either, it will slow down our recovery by years and threatens the possibility of such greatly.

This situation is a great test for mankind actually. It is a test for all of us to see how we respond and how we all pull together.

There will not be such an opportunity again for quite some time to group evolve so rapidly. Carpe diem, make the most of the situation you are in.

Think Positive, banish negative thoughts (they cannot help us in this situation in any event), your state of mind is the strongest asset most of you have, use it wisely in a constructive manner aimed at making things better not just for yourself but for everybody.

Most of you have no real idea how powerful the mind really is, this situation will afford you the opportunity to find out, to enable you all to believe in yourselves.

This situation is real and is actually happening, you did not go to sleep and suddenly awake inside of your worst nightmare or inside of another dimension with an alternate reality.

We are all going to have to deal with this as one body of humanity.

Now is not the time for political correctness games. We find ourselves in serious survival mode and many people are going to get "upset" by the pragmatic realities that "offend" their "feelings" and sense of right and wrong in this situation.

The virus does not care about what is right or wrong or your opinion of such, its on a mission to infect and kill as many of us as it possibly can.

What is right or wrong is now irrelevant. It IS. Deal with IS.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda is reflective lament action to consider the things you can do better next time you have the opportunity, if you learnt anything from the experience at all, should you survive to enjoy another opportunity........

PC is a luxury for good times, we are in a different situation now, so park your sensitivities or step aside and weep in a corner somewhere and then get it together, we need everyone to be part of the solution.

Trust me, we are all weeping inside over this situation but we do not have the time to play those games right now.

I am not a religious person but I do pay my spiritual karma taxes and I will pray for Samadhi and the good health of EVERYONE and everything firm in the belief that if we all unite our collective consciousness to the common good it will see us through the bad times so that we may enjoy good times once again some day soon.

Just believe we can hold it together and we will.

In the meantime, breathe big, dig deep, keep calm and carry on. Think once, think twice before you act, then think team survival, with the herd considerations in mind.

If you find someone struggling, help them.

Do what you can to help them get through it.

This is new territory for all of us but common sense and calm is still common sense and calm.

Resist the urge to hug anyone though. that might actually have unfortunate consequences...

Do not turn your back on another in his darkest hour, we are all in this together regardless of all the petty problems we had before this thing changed our world and trust me the problems we all had before COVID-19 are VERY petty in comparison.

You can all do this!! Good luck!!!

I will update this blog every day with the latest stats roundup from the interwebs and China just so y'all know what the latest and greatest is..

Chin up, this ride is going to get rough for awhile...and for your own health and that of others, stay inside and self isolate!!

For help with the staying calm bit, try

Then graduate to...

Hein Braat is a Dutch guy with an amazing and deep voice for this sort of meditation exercise stuff...Enjoy!!

Craig Pruess and Ananda Vdovic are also pretty good