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Doctor EPYC Eats what he Preaches

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Woke up this morning, couldn't believe what I saw, a dozen awesome packages from Gigabyte and AMD dancing on my floor!!

Sometimes when you do some electronic engineering projects Pro Bono for some pals in Taiwan, a good reward slips back your way in one form or another.

I just got some goodies from Gigabyte and two from AMD in the form of servers and two EPYC 9554P CPU and 2 TB RAM in 128GB DIMM format.

I also scored two A100 GPU the other day so it is going to be interesting in my lab the next few weeks!

These motherboards have TPM in them as well so that will solve my Windows server 2022 issues I have been having.

I will just need some Mellanox CX6 25 GbE NICs so I can hook them up to my Mellanox SN2010 and SN2700 backbone pair and Bob's your Aunties lost third cousin!

I just finished compiling my new .net C++ Chess goodness, so we are all clear for Maximum AI!!

I think I will rewrite everything in Fortran as well, that should keep me busy for 9 months or so!



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