Great Chess Strategies

Updated: Feb 2

It is our great fortune to have within us the power to overcome our ignorant, angry, divisive base nature with our myriad of lower and unconscious reactions.

We have been gifted the abilities that afford us the opportunity to grow, expand and mature into much higher, more intelligent, more cognizant, more aware, uber-tolerant, understanding and loving beings.

I do a fair modicum of effort to this end by believe it or not, playing chess.

Lots of it.

To what end you may enquire?

Well, there are many reasons, strategic thinking being at the very top of the list.

Keeping the brain active and well tuned like a fine orchestra instrument is also a top of mind goal here.

I am one of the many that believe careful thought and then planning the path based on your (rational and sane) thoughts is a good thing.

One does have to filter the irrational and insane and direct it to the bit bucket!

Just doing things without a few cycles on cause, effect and consequences for others sans consideration of the ripple effects is the path to disaster.

In my experience at any rate.

I also strive to be a better human being every day I breathe, which is no mean feat on its own some days I can tell ya!!

The other major reasons for the chess focus was tied to a Dr who insulted me deeply while I was recovering from a nasty aircraft accident that saw me die 8 times en route to a Santa Rosa Hospital in a fine Reach Augusta 109B helicopter in June of 2002.

Said thundering transport would have been a fitting venue for my passing back to the halls of Valhalla from these earthly realms but it was not to be.

Not yet. Not that day!!

The ICU folks put me straight into an induced coma as my organs were shutting down from my injuries and they concluded I was in a sorry vegetative state as a result of my massive injuries, blood loss and head traumas.

I was unbeknownst to said ICU folk merely temporarily in Ýdalir being tended to by Eir and she compensated for what I had lost by gifts and new abilities to balance the scales to my advantage.

Years later one of the ICU Doctors even came to see me as he had a pet fascination for how some folks live and some die in my state and was fascinated re my survival past organ shut down.

I told him they're not organs but piano's and they had not vibrated at their final frequency yet.....

It got a good laugh out of the fellah at least!

The transfusion units they pumped into me in the chopper and in the ICU would have many assuming I was on a one way ticket back to Odin post haste but apparently Eir was having none of that death lark.

I was in due course to prove that Medical Dr's make a great many bad assumptions too!

They in fact went on to be wrong about near every medical issue in relation to my sad condition resulting from sudden impact with terrain.

The ICU people in both facilities were awesome by the way, no complaints there!

It's what happens after critical care phase that has led me to regard most of the medical profession contingent to be inferior to your average muti pilot (that's a Zulu witch Dr btw) 😂 😂.

Don't get me wrong the ones that put me back together are the chosen ones but they are sadly few in number.

I used chess as a super catalyst and key tool in my recovery and it was an awesome memory tool that helped the brain reroute and repair the damage and all sorts of other awesome miracles that I achieved.

This was very hard work by the way but my bulldog tenacity and determination to never give up stood me in good stead here.

There was not just one miracle that ensued en route, there were a dozen or so of them.

The gifts Eir left me with I did not have before the accident.

Suddenly languages, math, and quantum realms I had not considered or struggled with prior to impact with mother terra were free of haze.

I had initially been categorized as a child genius with regards the game of Chess but as I grew bigger and older, Rugby took its place and it was only when I crashed my glider into a tree and found myself recovering from the resulting smorgasbord of injuries that impact with a redwood tree offers up as a natural consequence of kinetic energy transfer, that I took it up again.

It was all down to said so called Doctor of Neurology at a hospital in Walnut Creek who decided I was mentally impaired because I could not answer the ridiculous questions they ask you when you bang your head hard to check if you are compos mentis.

These questions they throw at you are all American education based trivia questions and anyone educated in the UK or South Africa or even Australia and New Zealand would have big issues with these sorts of tests.

My wife is pretty smart and she had no clue what they were on about and she had suffered no injuries like I had.

She merely asked me one question to determine my mental state to her complete satisfaction.

She asked me for the IP address schema of our corporate networks - complete with all the server and firewall data.

I had no idea what she was on about but given paper and a pencil, 8 minutes later she was holding the schema and the new one I had been working on before the accident that hosted 8 domains MSP style and how I did it with the IP addressing, subnets, router configs and all the web server load balancing and switch magic I had concocted.

It seems to have been ingrained into my very DNA.

I did not cognitively understand the question or where I accessed the answer but there it was! I just blurted it out and produced it.

Actually after I did this I started to remember a lot of stuff in small fragments.

The memories started dripping like a faucet, then a fountain and then began pouring like an avalanche coming down the freaking mountain.

When my better half looked at the list of the questions they used on me, she answered less than I did!

Said Neurohack called my wife stupid to her face as a result of her sharing this opinion in a Doctors meeting they called with the aim of getting my wife out of her deep "denial" state.

It turned out that it was the Dr's who were in a deep denial state however.

When she showed them my IP schemas and DNS configs they were bereft of words and the matter stopped dead in its tracks bar with said Neurohack.

I had a visit from their IT Network guru the next day and got a check for $5500 for my services a few months later.

They got a real bargain too, it was a masterpiece!

I still crow about the fact I earned money lying there in my shattered state.....

Turns out said Neurohack sent the poor soul to discredit my wife's claims, he threw his work challenge at me on realizing within .3 of a second that I knew my shit and left with a boatload of answers.....

Stupid labels befitting of said medical circus contingent who were still unbelievers goes without challenge.....

These two hospitals made her life sheer hell in relation to forcing open a book they wanted to shut in a hurry for some real idiotic reason or other.

I had real good insurance and they were getting good coin so why they would behave like this was and still is a deep mystery to the both of us.

The worst part of this battle was in fact the fight and war that ensued with these hospitals and the stupid assumptions they all make which based on my experience. were all wrong.

They were not right even one time about anything.

I remember shortly after my incident with their Neurohack, which I go into below, they asked me to leave the premises citing "your insurance will not pay for another day".

I was totally unable to walk as my legs had no bones so this struck me as rather preposterous.

A quick call to Blue Shield of California had the Blue-Shield folks in a rage with the hospital administrator who hurried to my bedside to make sure I was soothed.

I was not.

In fact I was in a full rage for a whole two weeks over this stupidity.

When the President and CEO of Blue-Shield came to visit me in person tongues began to wag with said medical morons.

They all wondered how I knew said C level execs at Blue-Shield of California.

The hospital folks had been told what the score was but as usual all they did was laugh at me.

They were not laughing so hard after this incident I can tell ya!!

Another bad assumption Americans in the medical profession make is that education everywhere on the planet in the developed world as they see it is the same.

Wrong again!

I have strong opinions about Neurology as practiced in the US that I will share in another blog one day when I retire.

How you can ask a patient all sorts of dumb questions when he does not even know what he is due to falling out of the sky trauma and pronounce them a retard defies belief in my mind to this very day.

I had to relearn everything first before I could even begin to answer any such questions.

Its like they missed the memo that I had no idea what I was, never mind who I was!!

Said head of Neurology's chess rating was what was the item of utter fascination to me though.

A paltry 1960 had me questioning her Degree and claim of qualification in said field of medicine she had allegedly specialized in.

My chess rating was over 2000 when I was 5 years old!?

She told me very bluntly that in her estimation of my IQ that my Chess rating would be around 900.

I must have really pissed her off somewhere or somehow in my interactions with her.

Fortunately her attitude seemed to make Eir generous with her gifts and I had several super power like abilities bestowed upon me that came in pretty handy as a result I suspect.

I was pretty pleased with myself when I got my chess rating to 2612 in 2018........

Kind of a deep poke in the eye of said Neurohag that was! Very satisfying in fact.

I'm still reverberating in the sweet thrill of it all when I walk down memory lane on that score......

If my memory serves me right I also beat her in a challenge game she made - in 7 moves flat!

Not bad for a mentally impaired moron who couldn't even remember his own name eh?

I immediately let everyone in the hospital know that the head of Neurology had been badly beaten in a chess game by a "total Retard with no IQ" (her words & estimation) in 7 moves flat .

She did not recover from the consequences.

I did enjoy that somewhat, I must confess....

She should never have made it personal, still cannot figure out what her "problem" was exactly.

I started to suspect Odin's hand was meddling in these matters as a result of these little wins that started to fall my way one by one.

I even caught Huginn and Muninn circling near the window of my private ward at the Walnut creek hospital I was in a few times and Muninn even came to the ledge of my window a few times to gawk at me for long spells.

I swore I was kinda hypnotized staring into his eyes on these few occasions.

The nurses found it funny I was communing with the darn raven for hours at a time.

It was at this point of my reawakening that I began to understand that in several cases such as mine that perception was not always reality but that the perception of the supposition of reality was a thing of power and awe to be dealt with seriously nonetheless.

These mortal medical people do not like being challenged with the idea they may have got things totally wrong.

I immediately began altering the minds of people's realities to the fact that I was in fact not the vegetable that they had assumed I was.

I only needed one knowing observer armed with the facts and a grounding in my reality to make this campaign a success and in the end I had 6 and this eventually grew to thousands.

The shortcomings of understanding in the Neurosciences should not surprise you however, it turns out that the average Zulu witch Doctor has more clue of what is going on in the human head than these so called "specialists".

I was shocked to learn as a result of my impact with terrain issues that they have scant clue about the brain and such as my injuries and my miraculous recovery from them were to bear out rather emphatically.

When I was four my father started teaching me various chess opening strategies but I had been playing chess badly since I was around 2.

My favorite starting ploy is the English opening.

This positional weapon has been used, at one time or another, by most of the world’s strongest Grandmasters.

With 1.c4 White lays claim to the important d5-square. He will back this up with Nc3 (developing and aiming another piece at d5), g2-g3 and Bg2 (yet another unit strikes at the big square).

But let's get back to basics for a second or three.

Most players think that the opening is centered around the development of the respective armies on the board.

While true in a limited sense, this is actually a view that misses the big picture.

The real purpose of the opening is to create a difference (or a series of differences) in the respective positions and then develop your army around these facts.

For example, if you (as White) get to advance your pawns to d4 and e4, while your opponent places his pawns on d6 and e6, you will enjoy a spatial advantage.

You would then develop your forces in such a manner as to highlight this advantage.

Another typical example centers around Black playing ...Bc8-g4x(Kt)f3.

This common exchange creates an imbalance of Bishop versus Knight.

As soon as this appears on the board, White would place his pieces and pawns on squares that highlight the powers of his Bishop(s).

Black, on the other hand, would play for a closed position (which is known to favor Knights) and would try hard to create advanced support points that would ultimately enable his nags to become equal or superior to the enemy Bishops.

A wonderful discussion of opening ideas and theory can be found in the classic book "How To Open A Chess Game" by Grandmasters Evans, Gligoric, Hort, Petrosian, Portisch, Keres, and Larsen.

A more advanced opening treatise, Opening Preparation, by Dvoretsky and Yusupov, also comes highly recommended.

However these books do not really mean much to the average player until they have played a lot of recreational or club level chess first.

Like Miyagi San in the Karate kid there are basic moves that must be ingrained to the auto response level first by the student of chess.

These days people also use a lot of Chess software to train and enable advancement but if I had my way I would ban such aids until a player became a grandmaster first.

You might think that crazy but I have seen examples of success with certain players who are far better players as a result of this approach.

Sadly, it is impossible to do this so it will remain a muse of a hypothetical nature.

However, if you are serious about becoming world champion one day I would advocate a 10 to 12 year apprenticeship doing just that.

So on to the other benefits that aided me in my recovery from said bad air accident.

When I woke up from my induced coma as I stated previously, my mind was a complete blank slate.

I did not even know who I was or what had happened to me.

I lay there in this state and I had no memory even of what I was.

Who I was being long down the list of things to worry about after I had first understood what I in fact was at that stage of the proceedings.

I looked at other specimen who were with me in my patient ward and concluded I was one of "them".

What was I? consumed me in the moment with exquisite waves of pain for a companion.

I also found that I could not speak as some skilled idiot had carved a tracheotomy right through my voice box, which must have been the first response crew on the ground that got to me before the Helicopter was summonsed for its mission of mercy dash.

They feared I would never speak again.

They were however, not that lucky as Eir did her thing to fix that situation with a mysterious elixir an Indian nurse brought me.

It tasted evil but it did something good.

She told me it was what was required to "restore my speaks".

Later when I asked the nurses who that Indian nurse was they looked at me like I was a complete nutter and thought I meant the Indian lady who cleaned my private ward every day but I pointed out that she was in fact Puerto Rican.

When I asked what the elixir was they thought my spring had finally sprung.

The Neurohacks meanwhile had written me off as a total moron because I could not answer their questions due to no fault of my own or those of the accident injuries itself.

While I was in the Santa Rosa hospital the nurses and attending Doctors would openly speak about me and my wife in front of me happy in the knowledge that I was a dumb and mute vegetable and would not tell anybody about the shocking things that they were saying about my wife and I.

Wrong, again!!

Even though I had a head sans data and my voice box was badly butchered I was indeed firing on all cylinders from a synapse perspective.

In fact my brain scans had them all excited as they had never seen a brain so lit up in their professional careers and made quite the fuss about it.

I found it fascinating they could not join the dots of the brain scans to my so called vegetative state as they openly contradicted each other.

These folks sure did make fools of themselves just about every step of the way while I was in recovery mode.

They even had arguments with each other about who spilt the beans while the bean spiller was lying there, right in front of them!

I even confessed it was I but due to the butchering of my voice box they could not hear my confession.

Such sweet irony!

They sure seemed pretty dumb!

Medical professionals of this ilk do apparently not listen very well if at all.

I swiftly concluded that their ears were mere ornaments that were maybe just painted onto their bodies as they took zero input from said appendages whatsoever. Nothing! Nada!! Zilch!!!

It was not just at the Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek Hospitals that I experienced such treatment of patients in such bizarre manner, it was every hospital I was in or have ever been in that I experienced this unacceptable behavior and treatment.

I have to give UCSF top marks in this regard though. I had a good experience with my eye surgery there.

The other facilities were like drama schools and staff spoke disparagingly about fellow Doctors, Nurses and various physical therapists and patients were all treated like untermensch Gestapo style.

Both hospitals could have run real life TV Soap opera dramas that would have put Dallas and JR Ewing shenanigans to shame.

I kid you not!

I soon began to manipulate what was being said to the detriment of these medical morons and nobody save one physical therapist ever figured out what I was doing either.

He did not stop me when he realized the plot I had cooked up because he also agreed with my wife that these medical morons got it completely wrong and enjoyed the spectacle show I put on that made fools out of the lot of them!!

I think it was these "campaigns" that helped my head sort out the strategic bits and bobs and allowed my powers of perception to grow to a real advanced state while in recovery.

It took me a very long time to recover from my head injuries but it was not the only part of my body that had severe trauma to deal with.

In truth it is a marvel I survived this one.

Among the notable injuries was that I had snapped the sixth nerve on my left eye that a real Dr at UCSF fixed with a Jensen procedure that was so good I even flew planes again.

In fact my vision in that eye allowed me to read details like it was a space telescope at amazing distances when I took to the skies again.

Eir was working overtime on my new gifts in the Ýdalir magic miracle hut....

The Doctor that did this Jensen operation on me is now at Stanford Medical.

Dr Frederick was the real deal medically speaking and I got to meet the genius that taught him this particular procedure as well.

It is interesting in that they take one muscle from the top and bottom pair to compensate for the lost control through the snapped optic nerve on the left of the eyeball.

In fact my wife found the old professor who pioneered this in the USA herself after doing research as these hospitals had no solutions, will or answers to that medical puzzle and said Prof told us after we met him that he was too old to do the surgery himself and introduced us to his best student.

There were other people in both hospitals that suffered because nobody was fighting for specialist care in their best interests.

They sort of had the attitude that if the specialist treatment you wanted was missing from their staff portfolio, well, sucks for you!

They also resisted patient transfers to where these skills are to be had tooth and nail.

In my case they wanted me there as my insurance was paying for 12 others who had none.

They spoke about this openly in my presence like I was just dead meat.

Fortunately the information I passed my wife in my ragged deep whisper re these medical morons intentions, moves, counter moves and such plans saw them fail in their quest but it was not easy, even armed with their intent.

My wife was fighting to get me transferred to Walnut Creek as the daily trip to Santa Rosa from Danville to be with me every day was a real heavy burden on her.

Dr Frederick performed his miracle at UCSF on my eye after I left the Walnut Creek Hospital as I was never allowing any of their Ophthalmic people near this medical challenge based on their medical shortcomings I had experienced for myself while in their coal mine.

The good Dr advised I take up a sport that required a steady head and so I took up the game of golf when physically able as my leg and spine injuries saw me in a device they called an Ilizarov fixator to grow the missing 7 inches of bone back in my left tibia .25 mm with each turn of the clicker on the main rods every six hours.

A very long and painful process I can assure you!

When the two ends of the bone touched they operated and took bone marrow rich in red blood cells from the hips and a new miracle drug to make the bone grow a lattice and join with these red blood cells doing their thang to promote rapid bone regrowth.

They called it BMP-7 and it cost a truck load of cash back then.

It's what almost made me the six million dollar man!!

The hospital just assumed my medical insurance would not pay for it but they were wrong. Again!!

The fibula was in 8 fragments but they somehow joined back together without medical attention on their own years after the accident.

Note that I never keep my head still when golfing!

People say I swing like Charles Barkley and Jim Furyk combined but I have 4 hole in ones and am searching for the 5th, so I care less how it looks!!

I had a great many operations and my wife did a lot of hunting for the right people before she found real surgeons who could mend my many medical maladies.

Dr C out of Walnut Creek was the cutting edge orthopedic surgeon genius who reassembled me and that was rather more difficult of a challenge than what my eye was, though I appreciated the eye work more.

The trauma Dr's in Santa Rosa had all wanted to amputate my leg and force me to wear an eye patch which my good wife refused to do point blank as this was the "easy way out".

I still count my blessings daily in this regard.....

Both my feet had also snapped in half and added to the metal pin collection in my body to sort all of that broken bone shit out.

The instrument panel had decided my chest was a great place to nest and all my ribs snapped off but miraculously did their job of protecting the vital organs.

They better not cremate me as the metal collection is going to be quite a snag for the furnace!!

I suspect that they may recover a good few ingots of medical grade steel vanadium or whatever it was they used if the furnace goes that high to melt it!

My right arm was considerably shortened in the impact phase with terra and I lost the entire heel of the left foot as well by constant rubbing in the hospital beds I was imprisoned in while in a coma apparently.

My right Femur took a lot of impact force and they nailed that together which has been rather interesting.

My body geometry with one arm and one leg considerably shorter than it should be and a left heel I cannot put my weight on took a lot of adjusting to before I could even hit a golf ball.

In fact it took my brain almost 8 months to figure out how to do it consistently.

I must have hit six thousand large buckets at the golf range in this process.

This all adds up to quite a visually shocking golf swing that has a very short stroke but amazing power and distance results!!

The lesson learnt here was that there are indeed many different ways to skin a friggin cat!!

I digress, back to the chess I took up while recovering from said traumas!!

Another basic concept in chess not well understood by the average chess player is the art of castling.

This very important move allows you to do two things at once:

1) You are able to get your King out of the center (where it gets in the way of the Rooks and is vulnerable to enemy central attacks);

2) You are able to get a Rook to the center (where it can defend key central pawns or find activity on open central files).

Many amateurs put off castling or avoid it altogether.

This is a serious mistake!

In general, you should get castled as quickly as possible.

Most decisive forays into the enemy camp should only be undertaken after you get your King safely castled.

Castling can be delayed if the center is closed because the enemy pieces won’t be able to get to your King due to the lack of open files and diagonals.

Castling can also be avoided if an early exchange of Queens occurs that precludes the possibility of any kind of central assault.

The existence of an open center should be likened to a neon sign flashing: “Castle immediately! Castle immediately!”


It is important to develop your whole chessboard army.

Note the emphasis on the word “whole.”

Some players get a few pieces out and launch an attack.

The correct way to play chess is to develop each and every piece (chess is a team game!), get your King safely castled, and only then begin more aggressive maneuvers.

The necessity for quick development depends on the type of center that exists.

For example, if the center is closed, development is not necessarily a priority because the enemy pieces won’t be able to break into your position.

However, if the center is open (meaning that open files and diagonals penetrate into your camp), development takes on great significance.

A typical beginner’s mistake centers around the Queen: In general, don’t move her too early!

Because of the Queen’s enormous value, she is vulnerable to tempo-gaining attacks by lesser enemy units.

A good rule of thumb calls for the Queen to be developed no further than the second or third ranks (far from the touch of enemy pieces).

You should only use her in a more aggressive manner later in the game.


This Italian word has nothing to do with well wicked wenches!! Pronounced fyan-ket-to it means “on the flank” and alludes to a White Bishop placed on g2 or b2 and a Black Bishop placed on g7 or b7.

A glance at the chessboard shows us that the a8-h1 and h8-a1 diagonals are the longest on the board. It stands to reason then, that developing a Bishop onto this “highway” might turn out to be a very good idea.

In response to this, various openings have been devised where White or Black fianchettos a Bishop in the hope of making it as active as possible.

Examples of this are Larsen’s Opening (1.b3 followed by 2.Bb2), Réti’s Opening (1.Nf3 followed by 2.g3 and 3.Bg2) and the King’s Indian Defense (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7), to name only a few.

Opening Strategies

Every serious player needs some sort of opening repertoire in their game.

Though a certain amount of memorization is required, you can go a long way by simply knowing the basic ideas, structures and plans.

The following breakdown of opening systems and their strategic ideas will give you this knowledge on a silver platter.

Choosing an opening repertoire is mainly a matter of taste.

If you’re a wild attacking player, you will want a system that gives you chances to build up pressure against the enemy King (as White, 1.e4 is probably the best choice.

As Black, the King’s Indian Defense against 1.d4 would suit your purposes well).

If you get excited by long bouts of positional maneuvering as I do, 1.d4 would be a good choice with the White pieces, while a Caro-Kann versus 1.e4 and a Slav versus 1.d4 would make you feel comfortable playing Black.

When you do pick some systems, stick with them for at least a year. Play them in blitz, play them in tournaments, explore them in your dreams etc.

Expect to suffer many reversals due to inexperience while on this journey btw.

Instead of getting depressed about a loss, look at any bad opening result as a learning opportunity that allows you to slowly but surely hone your line into a fearsome weapon of mass destruction.

It took me ten years but I consider it time well invested looking at the tournament wins I have had to date on Gameknot.

Another feature I learnt about here was tied to nutrition by the way.

For ten years my chess rating languished between 2250 and 2400 until it dawned on me one day that the issue was with fuel for the ol synapses.

Rabbi Rabinowitz used to correct me by quipping I was down to a sole surviving synapse when I brought this up (we golf and play chess).

I ran blood tests and DNA was dived into deeply and I began the long path of experimentation to clear the fog so to speak.

Up to that point I was on a mediterranean diet but it was low in fats as is the common social leaning spouted forth on TV and internet media even these days.

I was to learn that this modern so called diet with low fat and such is complete and utter crap.

I was to again learn that few medical Doctors knew anything about nutrition at all and what they did know was complete bollocks.

This I found surprising as I had always assumed part of the medical curricula was nutrition.

This was to prove most incorrect.

The brain, it turns out needs various essential fats to operate in the optimal state.

Too much fat is not good for the heart so you have to find a balance.

Low fat or zero fat diets do more damage to the body and its organs than you would believe possible.

After much experimentation I ended up on a Kale smoothie diet with all the red berries and goodies in that melange complemented by various animal fats, organ meats, nuts and fish oils.

I also learnt there are a good many processed foods that are total poison to your body.

Tomatoes, peas and beans (all legumes in fact) for some people are near total poison and in some corn is a killer. I am one of these.

When I drink a soda made with fructose corn syrup or eat bread made with this poison I get painful stomach cramps within 15 minutes.

Fructose corn Syrup should be banned, I have zero doubt about its nature and effect on my body.

I am also lactose intolerant.

I ended up with a hybrid keto gluten free system that works well for me but it is an everyday struggle to stay on the very narrow ledge for optimum brain performance.

One of the gals I worked with in my past who I employed at one of my many startup adventures had similar injuries to mine from a car accident and she had also discovered a great deal on her nutrition journey that helped me in my quest to get to optimum.

I cannot thank Jona enough for sharing her nutrition secrets with me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, you will also need to discover what goes into your body that is not good for the old synapses.

We are all different so you need to make your own notes as you go.

You should find a red plant heavy diet with much lower grass fed red meat intake with lots of fish and associated fish oils will steer you in the right direction.

I banished sodas and any fruit juice made of concentrates as well as eliminating most dairy.

Dark chocolate is also real good but sugar in general is your mortal enemy.

When you do consume sugars though, make sure its cane sugars and not these artificial things which all serve as cancer triggers by the way but that's just my opinion!

Diet sodas and fructose corn syrups are all poisons and you should eliminate tomatoes from your diet molto pronto.

If you follow just these three directives you will go a long way to getting the old brain to work well.

Ditch margarines and go back to full fat farmers butter and learn to enjoy fats from animal meats.

All in moderation of course.

You also need to pay attention to the oils you use to cook your food.

This low fat plant oil crap they sell is a killer.

Rice bran oil, olive oil and coconut oils are the way to go but each has a temperature range you need to religiously follow and this is very important as well.

Neway back to the Chess Opening ploys!!

Albin Counter Gambit

This is one of those systems (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 d4) where Black tries to grab the initiative by sacrificing a pawn for some central space and an easy development.

(Black throws an early punch with the Albin Counter Gambit) Never considered to be completely sound, the positions are nevertheless sharp and interesting.

After 4.Nf3 Nc6 5.g3 (5.Nbd2 is also critical) White will castle kingside with Bg2 and 0-0 while Black will castle queenside with ...Be6 (or ...Bg4) and ...0-0-0.

A race to attack the enemy King then begins with White playing a2-a3 followed by b2-b4, and Black playing ...h7-h5-h4.

You can get into plenty of troubles with this one but some of my more creative wins came from variants of this schema.

Alekhine’s Defense

Popularized in 1921 by the great Alexander Alekhine, but analyzed as early as 1819 by Allgaier, Alekhine’s Defense is a hypermodern opening in every sense of the word.

Black’s immediate attack against e4 (after 1.e4 Nf6) ignores the general wisdom that recommends building a strong pawn center.

Instead, Black is willing to lose time in an effort to goad the White pawns down the board.

Are these advanced pawns strong or weak?

White has one opinion while Black has quite another! After 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 d6 (nibbling at White’s center), the first player usually chooses between two different setups (though several other choices are possible):

(Is the pawn center strong or weak?)

1) White can grab the whole center with 4.c4 Nb6 5.f4 though Black’s pressure against these pawns after 5...dxe5 6.fxe5 Nc6 7.Be3 Bf5 8.Nc3 e6 followed by ...Be7, ...0-0 and ...f6 seems to guarantee him an equal game.

2) White avoids any kind of over extension by playing simple but effective developing moves: 4.Nf3 Bg4 Also popular is 4...g6. 5.Be2 e6 6.0-0 followed by c2-c4 when the White center pawns make Black’s life difficult.

If you want to become the Mozart of chess, exploring this one for a good few years will help your agenda here somewhat.

Benko Gambit

Though played on occasion (in a slightly different form) in the 1930s, this gambit was not really appreciated as a positional weapon until Grandmaster Pal Benko’s employment of it in the early 1970s (later champions of this line were American Grandmasters Walter Browne and John Fedorowicz).

The sacrifice on move three (after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5) seems odd at first sight, but Black happily parts with a pawn so that he can open the a-file and b-file for his Rooks.

This will lead to a powerful and long lasting queenside initiative, and not all White players are happy to defend from such an early juncture.

(Offering a pawn for long lasting positional pressure)

Though various methods of declining the gambit have been tried (4.Nf3 is quite common), the most challenging continuation has to be 4.cxb5 when 4...a6 dares White to eat the pawn and open those two files for Black.

Aside from the sharp (and popular) 5.f3 axb5 6.e4, which creates immediate threats in the center, White usually tries: 1) 5.b6 This prevents the opening of the a-file and gives Black far less counterplay than he normally acquires. 5...Qxb6 6.Nc3 d6 7.e4 The immediate 7.Nf3 g6 8.Nd2 is also possible.

The position after 7.e4 has proven bothersome to many Benko Gambit players.

White starts his central play while also eyeing the c4-square as a home for a Knight (via Ng1-f3-d2-c4).

If a Knight does reach this post, a timely a2-a4-a5 gives White control of b6 also.

Of course, White isn’t a pawn up (as he would be in the main lines), but his positional pressure in the center (White is playing for an eventual e4-e5 advance) and access to weak queenside squares for his pieces make this a safe way to play for the first player.

Black’s counterplay (as usual) comes by pressure on the b-file and/or a possible central blow by ...e7-e6. 2) 5.bxa6 Bxa6 6.Nc3 d6 gives White an extra pawn and play in the center (via e2-e4 and f2-f4), but Black’s counterplay on the a-file and b-file must not be underestimated.

One reason that this opening is popular on the amateur level is that Black’s moves are easy to play: ...g7-g6, ...Bg7, ...0-0, ...Nbd7, ...Qb6, ...Rfb8 with a very harmonious position.

(Ideal Black setup)

Another bonus is that even an exchange of Queens leaves Black with strong pressure.

Take the Queens off the board in the above diagram and Black will still have lots of pressure on the White position.

Other openings to explore are:

These others will complete the chess curricula somewhat:

So I won't bore you further with my in depth analysis of each of these as I realized while writing these few that it would require a book and for a blog page it's a tad over the top.

However these suggestions should keep you busy for a good 10-15 years!!

Do start playing with the nutrition angle though, this will also help you in your job or as a student if you are still in College or University.

I also advocate listening to classical music or meditation music, mantras from folks like Hein Braat as these also trigger perceptive mind states great for chess analysis and general deep thought.

When you meditate though, you clear your mind of everything. You do not focus on the chess game or problem you are struggling with.

Deep meditation states with an empty mind in bliss of nothing between the ears gives you answers later when you come out of said state of meditation.

It took me years to learn to meditate empty of thoughts.

It works! Try it.

I had great results. 🎯

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