Heaven and Hell Ryzen (Rizing)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

So these new Ryzen series 3000/5000 microprocessors abound by the bucket load in my home domain that has now been turned into "Fort Geek" care of Corona Virus.

I knew I would fixate on something while these four walls were closing in, turns out it was about twenty or so different things....oi vey!

I lean on meditation heavily in these here COVID times (thank you Hein Braat!) and have learnt that as your body moves and as your thoughts rise and fall in response to the data your mind is processing from the world and all its dramas and your own goals and dreams seem to spin chaotically around you, that you have to stay calm in the center within your core and simply just watch it all and marvel in wonder and keep tracking your mind to your point on the horizon.

There is much to marvel at in this COVID world chasps!

The boundless lack of logic and purity of stupidity I cite as a prime example that I submit as exhibit A in my argument....

Its like flying a glider blind in the Andes mountains, you just have to keep soaring to the mountain wave side where the lift is calm and constant.

When you encounter the inevitable turbulence you just have to plough through it or do a 180 and soar up and down the ridge with the smooth lift until a path through to the next section presents itself.

I actually am an impressively good instrument pilot but when my instruments fail me my instincts lock on the horizon, the end goal, you have no choice when you ridge soar.......

Meanwhile, back in AMD foundry city, where cold logic is the currency of the realm, these Ryzen 3000/5000 series CPU's run real great and are the sweetest experience I have had with any CPU platform thus far in my present existence here on terra.

They do however bear one caveat worth paying suitable credence to unless you are a pro sado-masochist thirsty for merciless punishment.

I myself prefer my golf game to serve me in that respect....

Once the CPU and cooler are installed in the motherboard, do not entertain the idea of pulling them out again, such antics will bring much sadness and regret to your sorry life.....

When that CPU lock clamp is down on the AM4 socket, you have until the cooler clamp is locked to the CPU's ass to remove it sans damage to both processor and motherboard.

This is my considered opinion after viewing the carnage that is a reality of Ryzen cooler changing attempts I have partaken in and observed with my own blue pearlies btw.

The Hell Ryzen part comes home to bite your dithering ass when you try and remove the cooler block or re-paste it with fresh thermal jam oblivious of the risks you just took onboard.

The fact that the heat causes the thermal paste to turn into super-glue delivers quite the quandary when you try pull the cooler off the CPU.

Learn to apply a very, very thin layer of said thermal jam to said Ryzen.

If your thermal jam don't not come with a plastic applicator device to smear it on the CPU, forget about it!!

This is the business!!

If you attempt extraction blind to the risks, almost always the costly Ryzen thang will come out of the closed latch AM4 socket and you will get bent pins just by trying to dislodge the water cooler from said processor!!

This is an exceedingly nasty surprise!! The AM4 Socket will not hold the CPU!!!

I did it myself on one 1700X and one 3700X and have gone to see 40 others do it on 3900X and 3950X's as well.

I'm still wailing about it like a baby when I recall both events.

For the other sad events we all cried copious buckets of regretful tears together in the sad aftermath thereof.

We all cried us a literal river in fact.. 😭 💧

This is a very expensive happenstance as I have found a motherboard that has had a closed clamp CPU come out of the AM4 socket cannot be used again.

I was in denial about this up to the point the new Ryzen I put into the X370 to replace the 1700X slipped out of the AM4 socket like it was lubed with KY and fine graphite powder, almost as smooth as a civet pissing on the finest velvet that was!

Kissing bye bye to $900 is not my idea of fun either!

The trick to success with extraction is pressing down gently while twisting to the right with the Cooler block that is still on the CPU.

Make sure the CPU is hot before you try do any of this by the way!!

A system that suffers the CPU coming out the clamped CPU socket means the RAM and SSD are the only things you can salvage from the thing.

Ask me I have a few example$ that prove it!!

So far I have not found a tool to straighten Ryzen 3000/5000 series CPU pins effectively.

I tried automatic pencil nibs and they are too big for the pins and not slim enough with the pencil body around the steel shaft the lead rides in for the other pins around the one you just straightened.

I am currently looking at various medical devices that could do the job though.

I hang around with surgeons who do all sorts of new operations and who are great at getting mechanical devices rigged up for their various new fangled ops with Da Vinci surgical robots.

I showed a few the bent pin thang and they all had answers of strong medical grade titanium and steel tubes that could accommodate the pins.

These surgeons also have great magnifying devices that make this easy to do if you have the right tools.

I have had many Microprocessor "patients" fixed up at John Muir medical facility over the last 10 years.

In fact these surgeon sorts are the right types for Ryzen CPU pin straightening antics.

In late July of 2020 I got some of them to help me fix three HP PA RISC CPU's from a V-Class system there which is now running molto dolce.

Back at the home lab I have quite the project list going on which now also consists of all sorts of Satellite station tracking of feeds on two of my Ryzen based rigs and a massive dish I built out of fiberglass and several Raspberry Pi systems that run that rig and track satellites with these small computers automatically.

This is so I can watch Juventus Football club antics live without paying molto Dineri and catch formula one drama live.

I also get Satellite data feeds from a whole host of systems I helped deploy many years ago btw.

So all of this was running fine until we had a surprising and massive lightning storm event a few Sundays ago that sparked the second biggest fire event in California history.

We are now all smelling like bush pigs baked in smoked grass scents as a result of the lightning spawned fun.

This lightning strike did not appear to impact me directly apart from the smoke outside for a week or so but I was to discover that in fact some of my computers had been fried.

I noticed this as they were bizarrely shutting down claiming temperature envelopes had been exceeded.

When I opened the one to investigate further, a light touch on the water cooler strapped to the CPU showed it had reached the square root of 5 (Sion speak for it is now F!*#ed!!)..

The entire cooler, heat-sink and CPU all came out which bent the CPU pins on exit.

There was also a nice rectangular lightning surge burn path on the motherboard up to the CPU so I am amazed it was even running.

One new Motherboard and CPU please!!

Fortunately our Cray rig is now living in Sacramento at a hosted site so it was only our 21 or so laptops and desktops here that were exposed and in fact only the ones not on my APC surge protection stuff got zapped.

The Ryzen 7 rigs were both toast.

I was planning on upgrading them to X570 anyways as I have Optane SSD goodies heading my way for evaluation and review and was not going to give up the Threadripper rigs for that purpose.

So now I have two new Aorus X570 Elites with no WiFi and a new Ryzen 3800X chip inside each as the crowd I bought the MSI X570 from were just pushing damaged goods around.

I gave up on that gubbins pronto!

I also decided that CPU Watercoolers are a total gimmick and complete waste of time while I was at it by the way.

It might sound cool but the data does not support the novelty, frankly.

I had been recording their temperatures at different workloads prior to the lightning event and they were running very hot at 83 degrees C.

The Wraith air coolers the replacement Ryzen CPU's came with run between 59 and 75 degrees C.

Bizarrely, the Ryzen CPU's run much cooler with the Wraiths than the Liquid cooling devices I have and at a higher clock than with the water cooled Ryzen fare to boot.

Air cooled stuff cannot leak liquid.....they have none to leak....based on the data they are running cooler in any event, so bye, bye water cooling!!

The fan on these Wraith coolers comes adorned with colored RGB lighting and one less mobo fan plug than the water cooled stuff.

This is totally awesome and so is the zero risk prospect of liquid leaking all over the CPU.

I have decided as a result of the tinkering and with a bit of help from Thor sending thunder and lightning to end my dithering over X570 motherboard upgrades to just get on with it (like I had any choice in the matter!!).

Re the CPU cooling, the simpler path as it turns out really is the easier path.

For the Threadripper rigs I am also going this route by the way, they Have Noctua NH-U14S Air coolers heading their way ASAP!!

Sanctify and Simplify Yourself is the thought of the moment!!

Eight "Fred's" Dialing for bitcoin Dollars

So the Fred prize was won by one Rami Lahav in Tel Aviv in Israel and was donated to my fave Rabbi at his request who is currently teaching me the Sefer Yitzerah and brushing up my knowledge on the Zohar and other Kabbalistic adventures.

תודה לכם, אחים של מצדה.