Life as a Nutant

Updated: Jan 19

I am now officially a Nutant

So I am now on board at Nutanix and well into various campaign beginnings with my new team.

I am pretty impressed with the on-boarding program here at Nutanix, it has been a great experience.

A week after I joined, a box arrived with various goodies such as a mouse pad, coffee cup, two water bottles, a holder for my Nutanix ID cards, a backpack for my computer with a few other bits and bobs that are very nice to have when first joining a new company.

Some would argue such goodie boxes are a waste of money but I strongly disagree.

A welcome aboard pack like this goes a long way to making the new hire feel like they belong and are a part of the family from the get go.

Hiring a new person is an expensive business endeavor and little things like this are important to all different generations of people.

If you are spending the money on the hire, a few more dollars for these small token items is a real nice touch and gets everyone set off on the right foot. The ROI is high, trust me.

I heard from Healthcare companies that now do this that millennials are said to love things like this but I can tell you as a Generation X'er I do as well!!

I remember Novell used to do this as well back in the day and they had a very loyal group of people there as a result of these sorts of little details from the get go.

So now that I am on board and generally getting a firmer footing in the ever evolving Nutanixverse I am hoping to get into all sorts of deep dive technical geek thrills around AMD EPYC, new Gen Intel Optane SSD and the whole PCIe 4.0 thang as it unfolds and starts to impact the world of Nutanix flavored HCI.

Interesting items to watch in 2020 will be PCIe 4.0 nodes, merging Optane with PCIe 4.0 ready CPU's and the 100 GB Ethernet Networking side of the equation as it pertains to Nutanix related HCI.

Did you know that the Intel Optane group is forced to buy AMD CPU's to test their new PCIe 4.0 Optane based SSD stuff?

A marvelous twist and Irony as Chipzilla has ZERO PCIe 4.0 capable CPU product right now and will not have until end of 2021 (if they are lucky).

Xi LEAP, CALM, BEAM and Nutanix Karbon for Kubernetes action is also going to be my focus area for 2020 as well as promoting the joys of seamless integration of Public cloud into Nutanix Private Cloud solutions here, there and everywhere.

I will also be renewing my channel relations and bringing them into the action wherever I can.

I have already begun with Groupware, ePlus, Centered Networks, Dasher, SHI, Presidio, Kovarus, WWT and others as I get deeper into this new adventure.

Nutanix has become available on a great many more hardware platforms over the last year.

As of now you can get Nutanix for Nutanix platforms (NX), Dell (XC), Lenovo (HX), HPe (DX), Cisco (UCS B & C) series, and various other Telco rugged formats as well.

There is more....

Nutanix is also available for Inspur, Fujitsu, Huawei and IBM Power platforms.

The last one I mentioned may raise eyebrows in a skeptical vein a tad but its true.

Nutanix for IBM Power platforms is a reality.

There are also OTHER companies flocking to get their hardware certified and onto the Nutanix HCL.

The Nutanix AMD EPYC journey with HPe and Lenovo as the first EPYC platforms certified for AOS has also begun (August 2019) and I personally am very excited and thrilled about this as I am unashamedly a big AMD bigot and AMD CPU fan boi.

Right now these are just on single socket servers, but when you see how many cores you get, the Dual Core stuff which is coming = a lot of darn microprocessor cores!!

This brings some memory per core problem to the table for dual and quad socket EPYC CPU systems though but the motherboard designers can get creative...lets just hope 3PB RAM per node becomes a standard for now. I think with these EPYC goodies we are going to need buckets of RAM for the fun to truly run....

As an ex Microprocessor specialist myself (HP PA RISC McKinley series) I have a lot of respect for AMD platforms and I myself have four workstations in my home office that are all new gen AMD 3000 based systems.

I have two Threadripper 3960X rigs, one Ryzen 3700X rig and one Ryzen 3800X rig.

The thought of Nutanix nodes bearing AMD EPYC Rome processors sends my brainwaves into all sorts of exotic waves of cerebral cortex pleasure dome conniptions.

I call these EPYC-Nutantgasms and all I can say is there are no words in known languages bar Sanskrit that could possibly come close to describing the blissful joy....

What makes this even more fantasmic is the four threads per core technology with SMT4 on these EPYC Rome Zen 3 architectures that is getting served up next....

OMG, I need to go cool my head in a deep bucket of ice somewhere sole surviving synapse is ascending to a higher dimension and frequency...

When I daydream I envision a sea of AMD Multi core processors that all bear 1 photon fabrication technology with limitless I/O and each dreamworks CPU has over 4096 cores, everything in these systems communicates with sub-components via Optical-light-bus which rapidly replaced PCIe and the memory in these systems is clustered organic RAM with over an exabyte of memory per logical unit per core.

These processors are not the primitive x64 units we use today, these systems are x32768 systems on the primitive half of the system that houses them, and each central processing column has a central quad tera-qubit quantum compute core that is the AI complex computex-max controller unit.

Various computex-max units cluster as required to solve problems in complete Unity to do things such as teleport anything from people to star ships through vast distances of space-time using complex artificial wormhole portals that get their power from the various Suns they are in close proximity to.

These systems are connected to vast Quantum based 3D printer factory systems that can make literally anything from human organs to complete solar systems in what appears like a flash of magic.

These systems float in the sky and appear as large cities that house humans as well as the infrastructure to support all life.

When these Quantum Deus Qubit compute clusters send humans to new planets they are genetically enhanced and modified to perfectly adapt to any life conditions on the planet they are going to and kept in cylinders that support the life conditions they have been modified for until they are deployed there.

They can be genetically enhanced within hours to suit any planet with complex gene editing crisper technology and some of these hybrid humans can even perfectly modify themselves organically and modify their own genetics by thought alone using organic genetic enhancing capabilities copied from various Octopus species found in the vast oceans of the planet Earth.

When I wake up from these day dreams, my coffee is usually stone cold but I have a funny knowing smile on my face and a glint of getting it done in my eye....

Today's dreams will become the realities of tomorrow, Carpe Diem my friends! Carpe Diem!!

Time is few and the work to be done is plenty!!! The time for eternal dithering has gone, the time to do is now.

Do your bit for our collective evolution and encourage everybody you can that Nutanix is the step to this Quantum compute Paradise!

Remember, Resistance is Futile, you WILL all be assimilated!! - One of Nine - 2020

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