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Updated: May 28, 2020

My recent home power failure adventure and all the Tesla Powerwall equipment going back to Tesla has just resulted in an Israeli company called Stordot and I cooking up a couple of schemes that are quite exciting.

For the house, I will have a combination of wind turbine and solar energy filling up Stordot battery packs and storing energy for my electric car charging ambitions using the Stordot 5 minute charging system with their flash battery system.

This will require Stordot battery packs in the Jaguar I-PACE and our 2017 Bolt Premium.

We will also convert one of my Aircraft to an LG electric motor and Stordot flash battery system that is also fed by a wind turbine and solar panels on the hangar roof for charging.

We also have a syndicate looking at a new SR22 Electric platform that will also be in the Rio Vista hangar.

We are also looking at a Falcon Helicycle platform for an electric helicopter for herding cows in Texas and the Outback, also using LG motors, Stordot Energy Stors and various polymer engineering concepts.

Various Israeli companies will do the panels and AI to manage the various systems as well and I will be a field guinea pig for various trials and tests.

A live R&D showcase.

Jaguar not much interested in my Stordot conversion ambitions but do want the data regardless. Maybe they can donate another EV platform for testing?

We will do the Bolt first in any event. Seems simple enough a conversion to me...

OK, I was wrong about the Bolt being the easy one due to the fact it has the DC Fast Charging system from new.

The Israeli Electrical sparky boffins will figure out how that can work or be modified with their Flash charge battery system.

I don't think it can but want to preserve the LG stuff if I ever switch back for any reason regardless.

These LG motors in these 2017 Bolts are seriously over-engineered with exotic rare earth magnets and other rare earth materials. Looks like 2 million miles service out of these before bearing replacements are required is not going to be a problem. The square electrical winding's on these LG motors are immortal.

Looking into stripping the motors to replace with the most exotic bearing systems used by the US Navy in various aircraft platforms. There is also a Japanese bearing company who tells me they can replace with bearing units that will also be more or less immortal.

I have sourced a few spare motors from graveyards with very low mileage and will probably use one of them armed with the exotic bearings and do the same to the other units one by one.

Range on the Bolt will be 1098 miles with these Stordot puppies in the vehicle. Charging time is going to be around 11 minutes 33 seconds.

I have the motors from a 2019 HSE that was written off just outside Manchester on the M62 on the way over as well at some point after the COVID-19 thing is over.

My Fairfield US Airforce pals will do the deed for me transport wise.

These Jaguar I-PACE electric motors are Polish units and are also very heavily over engineered so I may not have to replace the bearings in those but we will look anyways.

Stordot engineers making an appearance sometime post COVID-19. It might be awhile.....

I will post project updates here. For the curious who want to learn about battery nanotechnology polymer engineering without Lithium temp spike issues see below.

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