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Project ME-262

Updated: May 25, 2023

Many a year ago my late father ran into a couple of ex German WWII U-Boat mariners who told some fairly interesting stories about the end of the War from their point of view.

These guys had been to Antarctica and Argentina and also ferried the required Uranium 235 that the Oppenheimer project at Oak Ridge was short of before surrendering to US authorities in that particular U-Boat mere months before the US dropped the first Atomic bomb on Japan.

There were in fact two submarines involved in this story, U234 and one other.

The first one was on it's way to Japan with 560 lbs of refined Uranium Oxide, the second had the scientists for making the fuse to set it all off with a further 1200 lbs of Refined Uranium Oxide as an added bonus and "other" atomic bomb specialists with Plutonium Bombs.

Heinz Schlike was actually the plutonium fuse man that did the work that the Oak Ridge staff got all the kudos and credit for and he was bizarrely also on the U-boat that came bearing many "gifts".

The trade off was the "Operation Paperclip" scam saw all the Nazi technology gurus come to the USA under it's banner.

They traded their personal freedom for technology that saw them protected from Nazi trials and so forth in Nuremberg.

Werner Von Braun put NASA back on Track, Boeing got their Jet gurus and everything in Atomic bomb land was just peachy and wunderbar down at Oak Ridge.

What is interesting is these Germans actually had Atomic bombs they had tested in the Ukraine in 1942 and Heisenberg and co immediately hatched a stalling scheme and plot for all of these Germans to go to the United States and this plan was in place by the June of 1943.

My late grandfather evaluated Nazi technology at the end of the war and he and his colleagues were shocked as to how far ahead the Nazi's were of the allies.

The real story of World War II remains largely untold..........

The other very interesting chap on one of these Submarines was the good August Bringewalde who was the brains behind the ME-262 jet program, who also decided to take a random submarine cruise with all the atom bomb materials, goodies, pertinent scientists and all the jet engine technology, all tied up neatly in one neat bag with a pretty bow.

All the guys on the Submarine headed to Tokyo, bar the two Japanese Officers knew they were really going to New York instead.

Who knew all these technology "gifts" would take a random U-Boat cruise at the end of the war together? What were the odds of that? So Strange huh......!

This was all due to another German behind the German A-bomb program who was never giving Hitler the tools to win the war by the way and his name was Werner Heisenberg.

There was another group of Nazi's that ended up in Antarctica and it is not clear what happened to that lot who splintered off from Heisenberg's crew but they were almost certainly behind all of the Foo Fighter and other UFO activity from 1942 through to 1966 including Roswell.

Some of these U-Boat captains talked of a time machine device that there is mysteriously not much information about other than their chatter about it and I gathered the Antarctic crew was behind this technology.

Werner Von Braun usually got pretty woolly about chit chat on the subject of a device they called "Der Glocke" by the way and dithered between joining them or going to America.

He also did some sabotaging of the Nazi rocket programs in very subtle ways as well.

The Germans had actually done several Raiders of the Ark type forays around the planet in the 1920's and 1930's and had actually found the secrets of the technologically advanced ancient civilizations that led to the sudden advances in technology.

The other U-Boat captains in this small South African group my father ran into did not do this surrender lark and most lived in Argentina and South Africa for a good long while at the war's end but they were in full operation mode until 1946 in Antarctica.

You can read factual accounts of the Americans sending Admiral Byrd and 5000 men to Antarctica and the way they got totally fucked up by some unknown force down there in 1946 and they were not "aliens" but very well armed ex Nazi's.

There were a good few of these U-Boat survivors in South Africa on a temporary or semi-permanent basis and they were all pissed that all parties sold them out they way they did and stranded them all to their own devices after the U-boat taxi services had served their purpose.

I knew three of them personally as one of them was a Glider pilot who owned his own Motor-glider and I spent a lot of time with Herr Kiesel on the subject of uranium oxide refinement and atomic fuses technology that was refined and developed in Hungary of all places.

One of the U-Boat guys whose name was Ziggy lined me up and linked me with access years later to where I might find a working specimen of a ME-262 as well as the plans for the Butterfly rocket engine glider which I hoped to rebuild one day but without the serious chemicals mixing issues those Nazi ones had.

They also had a farm in the remote Orange Free State region that stored some real interesting goodies and they would all fly down there to meet and have a re-union of sorts every 10 years or so at this farm.

Anyway, to cut a long series of stories short I ended up with a full set of Butterfly parts and two whole ME-262 aircraft, both now in an unserviceable state by the time I got my hands on them in 1989.

These were moved from Hungary to South Africa in 1947 by the way.

I put these in long term storage in a house in the Kommetjie Geography of South Africa in 1992 and I recently had them all shipped to our hangar in Utah as WWII artifacts.

After serious tear-down of all the jet and rocket engines it was decided that restoration of these early specimen was not feasible as alloy technology then was a short term temporary fix that has not stood the test of time in the Salt Air they had been exposed to in Durban for over 45 years before being moved to air sealed storage for another 31 years.

While playing with electric powered gliders and some propeller variants of jet engines with Airbus folks, I doodled with the idea of electric engines in both of these exotic late WWII aircraft.

I then played around with polymer engineered metals with some DARPA pals of mine and the scheme to rebuild both from new exotic materials was hatched.

Right now we have two complete air frames for the ME-262's that weigh 22% of the original at 3000% enhanced structural strength and I am looking at several MagniX electric motors after getting exposed to the Alice project from my Israeli chums at Eviation Aircraft and the Cape Air project.

Now Cessna are also active in this electric plane lark and the eCaravan project with MagniX and AeroTEC has also been pretty interesting.

The eCaravan uses a 750 Horsepower electric motor that comes with a hefty 2000 Lb lithium battery pack.

Why I am interested in this is that if we can conquer batteries that weigh a fraction of the current stuff - sans any lithium that can also be fully charged in under 15 minutes, we will potentially change the face of aviation.

Electric motors do not vibrate or wear out the way ICE engines do and have the potential of being effectively immortal.

Having a power plant spinning a fan or propeller that is almost certain to never fail and provide instant power in any conditions is an interesting and juicy prize to contemplate.

The only trade off is that these electric motors are nowhere as fast as jet powered aircraft but I am working on some ramjet superconductor variants that could replace them if only I do not have to carry 10,000 lb plus of battery packs with each plane.

Beaming power to these moving aircraft is the focus there.

We are also looking at the entire fuselage, wing and tail surfaces being made of battery storage materials that also double as light and super strong airframes that will never catch fire or burn.

My only concern there is lightning activity striking such a beast and the consequences thereof for the electric motors and the battery itself.

Someone else can solve that problem later though, for now we are working on the basic principles.

Airbus are working on a wide body short haul electric jet that has a 200 mile range for 80 passengers at a time and I have seen some of the theoretical work on that.

This has the potential to make air travel real cheap.

These new electric beasts do not require very long runways to operate out of either.

I think by 2040 the first such prototypes will be with us.

In the meantime my ME-262 playthings are designed for airshow type use with 20-40 minute flying time before landing but I am looking at a more practical design along the A10 Tank killer lines.

Not sure what I am gonna do with the Butterfly stuff, maybe one of my Grand children can take that up as a hobby while I reincarnate?

What I really need for that project is 200 Lbs of pure and refined Helium three from the moon..........

Just an idea....Elon? Help!


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