So Close to getting an iPhone again..

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I have been living in deep, dark green 🤢 that has been boiling and sputtering like a molten 🌋 since November 30th of 2020.

This was when "she who must be obeyed" had decided, after 3 years on an old iPhone 8 to go for the newest, latest iPhone 12.

I seldom get excited about iPhones and I myself I gave up on them at the 4S years ago and its been a steady stream of meh from them ever since.

That definitely changed with the new 12 series.

Stating that I was jealous about this situation would be a mild take on my inner seething cauldron of said green stuff.

My wife does go to town on the once in a blue moon happenstance where she ends up with the greatest and latest gadgetry and boy, did it ever hurt!!

I was able to successfully wedge in a guilt upgrade and replacement of my 15" 2012 Macbook Pro Retina as a result to the new M1 Macbook Air - 8 CPU edition et al.

I pulled that off as a 🎄 🎁 upgrade which we reciprocated between us.

This was due to the fact that "she who must be obeyed" was so impressed with my M1 that she also got herself one, leaving the scales of gadget envy hanging deeply in her favor with her new impressive iPhone 12 tipping the scales somewhat.

This would not do!

I was biding my time however, but I did not reckon on the darn iPhone 12 actually being so amazing!

It is by far the best iPhone that Apple has ever made by a long shot to boot!

I was plugged into forthcoming Android phone attractions from LG, Samsung and Sony to compete with this new iPhone 12 series, which in my opinion is the best smartphone currently available on terra.

I now had serious weighing of the phone options to conduct for the first time in a hella long while. Arrrrghhh! 😱

I have been getting very irked with the Mafia like liberties and Modus Operandi that these big tech companies are taking of late and Google especially is really getting deep under my skin with the total mafioso like antics they are getting up to.

The stuff they are getting away with these days in fact is un-freakin-believable.!!

I recently had my two AMD Threadripper CAD workstations come to a complete halt because they were servicing Google spy bots at the behest of Google Hydra information mining shenanigans and my threadripper machines were spending 99.9% of their CPU resources sending them snoop data as a result.

Looks like a runaway spawn process gone mad was what was going on.

After loading my debugging and sniffing tools on my networks and various computer systems I was totally appalled to find that I had 40 plus Google bots each running hogs wild and totally out of control bringing my systems down to their knees with less performance than a 1992 Intel 286 desktop running Windows 3.0 stuck on 16 MHz turbo mode..(for those of you that can remember that shit).

I tried whitelisting these servers IP addresses and did a mass blacklist ❌ on my routers - all to no avail.

In the end I ripped the chrome browser right off all of my computers and replaced it with Tor, Firefox and Edge.

Get the snake not the scale of snake I say!. 🐍

I was not wasting more than 20 minutes fixing this problem this time around.

On my Huawei Matebook X Pro it was so bad I had to remove the entire Windows 10 Operating system and try two Linux Distributions based on Ubuntu x64 bit AMD code to get some sanity back in my life.

I am writing this on that machine right now....

I did not like Cinnamon 20.10 so went with Ubuntu LTS 20.04 on the Huawei laptop.

So far so good but due to some graphical battles with the x-server daemon I'm back in the Mint Linux 20.10 LTS rev.

I am not going to be held to ransom by these out of control tech companies roaming the Earth like jolly green, raging and out of control spoilt brat giants.

🍏 at least has some sanity in the equation and you do not get unwanted bloatware and all sorts of overt system spying going on that cripples your hardware.

They also do this spy data mining lark but not at the cost of making your system unusable, for chrissakes!!

I mean who the hell do these companies think they are that they feel they have the right and license to turn us, their customers into a revenue generating business using our own private and personal information?!

Enough already!!

I am going rogue on that shit from this moment onward.

Such was my frame of mind being tempted back to the iPhone platform.

There are a lot of bad things that both Apple and Google 💸 get up to that warrants consideration here.

Fact is for my flying aid use case, Apple's lack of true multi-tasking kills the viability dead in it's tracks for me.

I tried Pixels for many years to overcome the bloatware problem but Pixel hardware is seriously disappointing 🔥.

I just ran the Pixel 5 through my aviation vibration palava and it died in three days.

Nein danke, kamerade 👎!

I had 5 Pixel 3's and 3 of the 4's before I killed that time-suck dead.

Samsung launched their new Galaxy S21 series last week, mere days before I was going to draw the line in the sand and make a decision and this was heavily slanted in favor of the new iPhone 12 Max Pro too.

I nipped off to the AT&T store to look at the new arrival but they did not have one so I nipped into Best Buy down the road who did.

I was impressed, it must be said.

Don't get me wrong, its not actually better than an iPhone, but boy, it sure comes awfully close!!

These beasties sport new Matt colors that they are calling "Phantom" this that or the other and man they are what swung my decision criteria in their favor.

No more messy fingerprints on glossy surfaces to 🚗 you batty.....

Armed with the new Snapdragon 888 series CPU they are not as good as the new Apple 5 nano silicon, but they are good enough.

They have 108 Mega Pixel camera sensors on the Ultra model main camera and a 40 Mega Pixel selfie camera sensor with a 12 MP wide angle sensor and some lasers to round it all off for the photo and video aspects.

With all of that said though, the iPhone 12 Mega Pixel based sensor camera set still makes the S21 series look second hand in comparison.

It is not that far behind actually but 🍎 has the edge here 🏁.

Where it is better than the iPhone is the 120Hz screen and buttery smooth graphics which has no equal and it even comes with the fabled S Pen!

If you buy the Samsung case that has it fitted on the side for 70 shekels that is...

I was holding out for the Galaxy Note version for that but I do not think that is coming anymore.

Actually the S pen is a total gimmick, I have it in my Note 9 and seldom use it.

I bought the Otter box case for it so it won't be for me..

It is very cool for doodling though.

You can buy a standalone S pen for the S21 Ultra for $40.....but there is nowhere on the phone to stash it...

The S20 also had this camera wizardry last year with the 108 MP sensor, but that was a total cock-up.

I like to think that the S20 camera affair is reason why the Samsung CEO is in prison actually.

He deserves it just for that S20 drama alone!!

These new S21's have a different sensor technology in them to the ones sported by the disastrous S20's of last year.

If I had bought an S20 Ultra last year which was $1499.00 I cannot begin to describe the levels of narked 🆘 😩 I woulda been about it all.

No sir! 👎

The camera piece is bulky on the S21 with six sensors making up the photo wizardry piece.

I ordered the Otter box case for it due to this padded camera hocus-pocus bulk.

These S21's are also $200 cheaper than the S20's from the last Samsung silly season!!

That's actually seriously impressive!!

These new S21 phones do not come with charging systems or cables either by the way and the quality of these offered by almost all Android phone OEM's has been a serious 🃏 for years now anyways.

Laptop 💻 manufacturers need to copy this practice as well cause they make some spectacularly bad power systems because they are so cheap (and thus nasty).

The good news is the battery is now a whopping 5000mAh and it will run 2 days for most people sans a recharge session.

This is another reason why I went for the 229 gram S21 Ultra monster.

I run flight software as a backup on my smartphone when I fly the numerous aircraft I am in syndication with and this has saved my life on more than one occasion.

I also have full GPS backup running on my smartphone which is sometimes the primary and the aircraft's panel become secondary reference only, especially when I fly the Bell 206.

The real reason I prefer Android for this use 💼 is it is a true multi-tasking Linux Operating System.

I can switch between GPS navigation based apps without it crashing the device.

On the iPhone you run one GPS app at a time as it does not do true multi-tasking yet.

This has always been very perplexing to my sole surviving synapse!!

It's why I ditched Apple at the 4S too!!

I would often have to reset the iPad when it got into a frozen state due to these GPS systems running concurrently in the early days.

Even today my humongous iPad runs just the core GPS software on it and nothing else.

So anyways even though I played with an S21 at Best Buy, I ordered mine from the AT&T web store but apparently it will take some time to get here.

My accessories arrived before it did!

I even allegedly got $550 for my Galaxy Note 9 on a trade in and that device is actually still like brand new.

I look after my 💩💩!

When it gets here and I have some operator experience tips to share I will update this blog!!

It arrived Thursday February 11th and spawned its first thumbs down when I tried to transfer the data from the old S9 to the new S21 Ultra.

The software to do this sucked.

It's not as slick as the way Apple does it.

It did transfer call and photo data but apps have to be setup from scratch, they have no login and password data after migrating everything.

Think I need to go to Korea and educate them what the concept of "migrate everything" entails..

In the meantime, she who must be 💏 laments the fact I did not leave the "dark side" as she puts it, all I can say to that is "Hail Hydra!!"

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