The Huawei to Hell

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The above Huawei MateBook X Pro (Mach-W29) was like 24 carat gold 👑 from a sado-masochist vantage point.

This appears to have changed as of Friday February 19th 2021.

This down to the fact that this blog has apparently stirred some action in Shenzen!! 🎉🎶 and Redmond ☕....!

Early (5:17 AM) Friday Feb 19th 2021, I got a call from someone on the Huawei- Microsoft Alliance informing me that Redmond and Shenzen got their sh1t together and they had some things they wanted me to try.

So the link I got for a new Microsoft Windows 10 HE 20H2 October edition through Huawei was sans the prior upgrade blocking bollocks it shipped with or the other petty dramas that had beset the horde of Mach-W29 FREDs.

I am not holding my breath as experience has taught me the bitter-sweet tinges of hope being higher than outcomes 🎣🪂🥁🎰.

Test and verify is my mantra these days!🚨🚔🛸...

I had strict and explicit instructions to follow, which I religiously and meticulously executed🏯⛩🗜.

The only drama was with the Fingerprint sensor which is a time consuming fix because it also involves a particular install order, a brown speckled hen chicken dance, sacrifices of said speckled hens 🐓🐓 to Beelzebub and a lot of crossed fingers.

The first step was getting Windows sorted which needed its own order of things starting with the new Windows, then a Windows update then the new Huawei drivers, BIOS and several other dances with brown speckled hens before they were summarily sacrificed 🐔🦄 before drinking their still warm blood as Venus rose in the dawn sky between 5:35 and 5:55 AM Pacific.....

I was shocked at how sane the results are so far.🥷🏽🫀

In early 2019 I ended up buying a consignment of these for my Chess ♟ AI training platform for a ridiculously low price so I know that my adventures with this particular system were not down to a one off dud.

They all did this - every single one.

Some of the later ones had different SSD from different manufacturers in them but all were unstable due to this crippled version of Windows 10 Home edition they were running (sic).

I had issues with over 250 of them after I bought this one and the price on the consignment was that good that the pain it brought was well worth the ROI 💰💰.

If this latest Windows 10 Home edition is stable I'll be rolling it out to the lot of them.

My lab is doing a burn in on 20 of them on a 48 hour stress test load.

48 hours in they all passed!!


They never completed this burn-in cycle before...

Fingers 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞, 10 Speckled hens are now free range chikkens!!

Now for the Chess AI test cycles...

I just completed these with the temperature recordings and the CPU Core load data mixed in.

For some reason the CPU is now running a full 10 degrees cooler than this setup under load on the Windows 10 Workstation edition it was running prior.

It is only seeing 4 cores though so this may be why. There are just 4 cores but I should see 8 threads and it is not doing that.

Deeper dive investigations underway as I type...OK I just fixed this issue - temps @ idle at 63 degrees C now and settle around 72 degrees C under full load on 8 cores touching 84 degrees C here and there.

The threads were not stretching the CPU enough...

The other Linux distros I ran on them were up and down by the way. Very Meh...

I was not overwhelmed in the functionality department at any rate.

I have 5 of them each running their own version of Linux but so far only Deepin and Mint Linux 20.10 Mate are viable on this hardware platform (IMVHO).

The ones I shipped to Chess clubs had Mint Linux 19 and my chess software loaded via Wine. Not exactly Ideal...

I am burning their new Windows HE 20H2 October ed USB Keys right now...

I did find one Linux distro that looked absolutely superb that Huawei are going with called Deepin Linux but its auto install of applications and hiding stuff from you is not standard, which killed my quest to run with it.

A manual describing where they put what woulda been most useful 📖📚📒!

Being an avid sudo meister I briefly went back to Mint Linux "Mate" 20.10 LTS.....This version is the best compromise 🕵️‍♂️ of all the Linux distros I have played with on the darn thing to date.

If you have never seen a computer before, Deepin Linux is for you.

I did manage to fix the many issues I was having with the second monitor and had been impressing myself how much UNIX command line stuff stuck in my sole surviving synapse.

For some reason the second monitor, despite being a 1650x1200 HP number was setting to 800x525 res on Ubuntu 20.10 LTS, which is plenty bizarro.

So anyways, a few sudo commands later to fix that malady and I was in business and actually I had leeway to set it real nice with a few settings on the scale side of the equation.

FYI Mint 19 just worked.

Turns out the rust can begone after all........

I started to recall the obscene things I used to do with sar and tried it out.....UNIX is still the best CLI OS ever.....

Except I must remember sudo rm -rf /* is a big no-no...... 🕳🕳🚪

So picture this, It was a day in December (2020), it was freezing ❄️💨⛄️⛈🌨 cold weather and my Mach-W29 Laptop was swollen up in the touch-pad area the way a 7 day dead stiff laying au natural in the Serengeti sun often does.....

It did not smell a whole bunch better either....

In my ⏰ I frantically Googled the likely cause of said sudden swollen malady.

I was not expecting to find that the lithium 🔋 cells were the actual culprit as it was relatively new circa 2018 - late August (ish).

Back then I had joined a Taiwanese all flash storage startup called Accelstor and got into all flash array technology and cavorted around the globe dragging an ASUS Laptop that had four i5 CPU's in it.

That Asus was a literal frelling brick. It were a strange duck that one........🦆

It was a very unwise decision on my part, I saw 👓 and did not think travel was part of the scheme at that gig....They had initially told me "no travel required".👺👺

I had attended every computer show in every city within weeks of joining...So much for not much travel required......🛫🛬🛩🚁⛴🛳🚆🚇

It was while traipsing through Taipei lugging it in my backpack that the wisdom of traveling with a very light machine came home to roost big time.

That Asus laptop was a great desktop, but it weighed as much as the anchor on the Titanic.

Three days of schlepping 🐪 around Taipei had me vowing to get the most powerful and light laptop money could buy as my back was now totally broken from lugging said Asus Fred thang all over that city.

As I lay in a massage parlor 🎎 close to my Taipei hotel while several ladies 🪢 undid the damage the ASUS brick had inflicted upon my 6ft 4inch frame via deep massage, I wuz spawning a scheming and devious child process as to who I was going to palm said "Fred" off onto.

I had victims on my list of worthy candidates.

The one who got it was not a victim though, she was not going traveling with it like I did.

On my return to San Francisco from Taipei, I informed the Accelstor CFO of my decision and mailed it to Virginia in utter glee that I was shot of the darn thing.

I did warn the new mistress of "Fred" to never to take it anywhere other than rooms in her house....

She even had the temerity to try send it back to me a few months ago, hah!! Never happening!!

I had nipped onto the Microsoft site with the intention of grabbing one of the Windows Surface offerings to do the job I needed it to do ASAP, STAT!!

While there I was sucked into their partner hardware pages and the MateBook X Pro made by Huawei featured prominently and caught my eye cause it looked pretty darn good.

They did not have the Surface I wanted in stock so I looked elsewhere for instant gratification purposes 👍.

You cannot dither 🐌 with these Taiwanese folk so I was under the 🔫 to move swiftly.

I swiftly checked the 👓 and dialed in some reviews to find it had been proclaimed the best 💻 of 2018 in various online tech review sites bearing some gravitas 💉 and made a swift executive decision to go for it, no matter what (sucker!!).

The price with all my Microsoft education discounts and credits was very reasonable and after my company half of the quote price I ended up paying very little out my own pocket.

The Mach-W29 featured an Intel i7 8550U CPU, 16 GB of RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD with a discrete MX150 nVidia GPU baked into the asking price.

In some markets they were asking $2,250 US for it.

This MX150 inside the Huawei MateBook X Pro is not the same MX150 found in the Razer Ultra devices.

Razer used the 25 Watt 4 lane MX150 version and this Huawei uses the cheaper 15W😱 2 lane MX150 version (of course it does).

So I called the Accelstor CFO up and negotiated a 50/50 split on the thing which the CFO agreed to and I immediately ordered one from the Microsoft online store.

My thinking being that if Microsoft USA had it in their online store it had passed muster so to speak.

A not altogether unreasonable assumption, but an assumption nonetheless....

This was where the bad karma began to begin with the darn thing.

First off, it took 5 weeks 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌 to get to me!!

I was by then leveraging my ageing 15" Apple MacBook Pro Retina that I had won in 2012 for getting my Symmetrix VMAX certification for Nexus IS squared away.

This old Apple was now on it's third lithium 🔋 replacement and the last one had resulted in me getting a tad carried away with the glue the replacement cells had featured.

Frantic and desperate prodding with a star screwdriver to get it unstuck had produced aluminum divots on the surface around the keyboard which rendered it totally unique and full of "character".

I always forget how soft Apple Aluminum actually is.

Of course I don't see the new "character" features until I flip it back over after the screws are done.....Boy was I glazed about it.....

By the time the MateBook X Pro arrived I did not have much inclination to use it for Accelstor purposes anymore so I did not drag it out or set it up thinking they may demand it back and refund me my half.

The Accelstor guys were all compute snobs and only wanted Apple MacBook Pro for their fare by the way.

They told me in no uncertain terms that Huawei only made 💩💩.

Its actually one of the reasons why I bought it as I knew they would not want anything Huawei.

The feelings of the Taiwanese about their mainland China brethren are quite fascinating actually.

I sure learnt a lot about Chinese 🧩 🎏 culture in my stint with these folks.

The Taiwanese seem to mirror the Japanese tastes for just about everything and its no surprise that Apple and Dyson are much revered there.

By the way, for those that care food in Taiwan is superb. I was pleasantly surprised at this aspect as trips to China always fill me with dread from a culinary perspective.

They sure know how to prepare food there in Taiwan!

Baby Daiper Doper K

I told my fellow Accelstor work colleagues that the MateBook X Pro was good looking crap that wouldn't break my back or my wallet and they retorted with some venom that it would break my heart and other things for sure.

They were not wrong about that one up to now at any rate but then again it has taken a long time for this to change...

Persistence and all that jazz!!

Most would not have stuck with it this long but I am blessed with a heavy helping of bulldog tenacity.

If you knew what I paid for the consignment of these things you would be jealous. It really was near to nothing.

Some US Government non-IT department head had bought them thinking they were some new Apple Macbook variant and some guy on seeing the Huawei logo on the boxes they arrived in freaked out and said head was fried and they summarily got rid of the lot of them in 3 minutes by some measure of good luck.

This was because I happened to be standing next to said axman in Chicago while this drama unfolded, on an unrelated matter I was working on for said axman, I offered to buy the entire consignment on the spot, no questions asked.

He just shook my hand and muttered something about there was a God after all...

My AMEX Platinum card came in very handy that day....

In any event, re Accelstor opinion on Huawei laptops, the whole discussion as to suitable work tools was moot as they apparently couldn't "save face" over their new exec (Baby Daiper Doper K) hiring a convicted sex offender.

This very surprisingly resulted in the whole company being shut down in the USA and we were all looking for new gigs as a result of yet another series of unwise 🐵 decisions out of Taipei that even saw their CFO throw in the towel in utter disgust over the whole sorry saga.

We had a rich little Daddy's boy situation care of this poor little rich boy specimen who would be a shoe in for heading up the ministry of silly walks, were there such a position ever to be created in any Government cabinet in the U.K.

With old Boris this is a very real and distinct possibility actually...

Said specimen has his Domicile in the U.K which is as far as he can possibly be from Daddy K he told me when we were still on amicable talking terms.

Such never ending displays of incompetence from a single individual I never saw in my life before. It was like real life horror in slow motion it really was.

I had always heard of these Ritchie Rich spoilt Asian kids but this was my first hands on experience with one of them.

Six months into this adventure Daddy K made Baby Daiper Doper boy K boss of the whole shebang and sure enough it was Oxygen for the big bang they call corporate implosion.

I was rather smug re the "I told you to do a background check" suggestion that Baby Daiper Doper K had dismissed out of hand when I had made it.....

He had made a public spectacle of me wasting money and doing things like "wasteful" background checks and such silly antics to his audience of willing idiots.

He tried denying it after I broke this hiring a pedophile news over the lot of them like a rotten Godzilla egg but I had painstakingly reminded everyone before I unleashed hell as to what went down here, so he stood naked and exposed when I executed Götterdämmerung on his sorry Baby Daiper Doper ass.

Dealing with him was like playing chess with a 9 month old baby.

I suppose at a stretch if said background check does not find anything I guess you could look at background checks in that way...??!?

I guess insurance for your car and your house is also a waste of money then?

Sometimes, three moves in to a chess ♟ game you know exactly how the next 42 will roll and sure enough this was one of those situations only the player was so bad that the end was just a mere three moves away....if he made the worst moves possible and very predictably, it was so.....

Actually there was another guy there by the name of Luke that I had removed for similar reasons to the one's I had for removing Baby Diaper Doper K 👶🏻 but I should have kept him to neutralize said utterly worthless specimen.

Daddy's Baby Daiper Doper boy and Luke actually kept each other busy with the bitter war they waged between each other.

How much money would that background check have saved them huh??

Deep sigh of despair etc......If I had known old Baby Diaper Doper K had the Rich Taiwanese Daddy syndrome on the boil I would have played this game very differently.

Ain't hindsight just grate???

By the way I do want to thank Charles T for the outstanding heads up on the Baby Daiper Doper K situation. I should have been fully briefed about that Atom bomb upfront.

I did send the Atom bomb back through the gate it arrived at though....these things happen when you operate in Mushroom mode (keep people in the dark and feed them a pile of BS).

I was later to learn from Charles T that I would not have been able to unseat Baby Diaper Doper boy K anyway as "Daddy K" held the purse strings but ol Luke sure kept Baby Daiper Doper boy K busy saving face day in and day out.

Had I known I would have worked with the CFO and Charles T to keep that situation alive just to cancel them both out.

Keep the idiots amused while the real men do their jobs kind of gig.

I do have a "thing" about being briefed properly these days as a consequence of said drama...

The things you learn the hard way eh!!

Accelstor in a picture...

As a serious chess player I wince at obvious mistakes like that I made there but the bottom line was these two Baby Daiper Doper boys detracted from the mission of making a success of what was a real promising technology offering.

If I'd had my way they woulda both been in the basement with a stapler each...Office Style.

The easy thing for them to do here was to remove all of us who knew what went on here, that way Daddy K's mini me got to paint the illusion of saving some face but when I asked the CFO how many faces he needed for this never ending face saving mission exactly, he also saw the despair of the situation and left the circus himself pronto maximus, thanking me profusely for shining the light of reality on the situation for him .

He obviously had seen more face saving soap operas with Baby Diaper Doper K than I had......

I was down in the dumps over the whole sordid Accelstor affair and it was getting to me in a major way.

I felt my lack of being armed with the salient data to play the game at Accelstor and info on the players, the pieces and the handicaps ultimately let a lot of people down.

I should have insisted on going to Taipei to meet the players before I engaged with this lot.

That letting the team down sort of thing bothers me a lot.

I was more mad with myself over this pre game awareness than the actual drama that was Accelstor itself.

Most of us have to fail on the road to success but failing for stupid reasons and cultural insanity mixed in with gross incompetence of a spoilt little Ritchie Rich Baby Daiper Doper boy specimen was something new to me.

I was also blind to the rules or even what game we were playing here exactly prior to going to Taipei, which is why I had insisted on going.

It was not adding up so I had to go see for myself what the score was at ground zero a few months into this 💩 fest.

Looking back on it, I did learn a lot of things actually. It was not a total write off but these were very expensive lessons indeed for all involved.

I guess Daddy K had $30 million to blow on Baby Diaper Doper K's amusement adventures of pretending to be like Daddy K and cleaning his messes up afterward.

Only he was not Daddy K and could never be either.

I think Daddy K is quite a disappointed man actually.

I know I would be in his shoes....什麼是失望.

I was fairly self critical and depressed about it all but then I did engage blinded by the panic of my sudden ePlus situation.

Actually ePlus was also a cronyism infested family saga I intentionally threw a hand grenade into the midst of as well.

Another sad father and son saga I had taken a rather dim view of but by then I was very jaded and no longer cared what happened there after their Microsoft Azure on prem appliance disaster soap opera and my opinions of management over that sorry saga.

In the end, it did feel like the universe was testing my character here somewhat.

I learnt an awful lot from both situations that have proven invaluable.

On the upside I started winning chess tournaments while all this was going on so it did confirm that at the very least my strategic brain was working ultra well.

It also proved that joining a chess game 9 points down and blind to the players is not a grand idea because at that stage they are hoping you can bring miracles to the game but 9 points down and no position on the table is just delaying the inevitable.

It was only when "she who must be obeyed" announced we were going to Prague to have some fun that my mood brightened and I decided to test out said laptop's low weight qualities on international travel shenanigans ✈.

As I had predicted they did not ask for it back on my exit either, so I proceeded as if it was now mine.

I setup Microsoft Office and left the Windows OS (sic) it came with as standard.

So we jet off to Prague via Lufthansa Airbus A380 and are having a whale of a time when we are weather-bound to the St Augustine hotel we were staying in for a few days due to heavy snow and such.

I dragged the laptop out and started playing with it so as to send pro and con perceptions to the sole surviving synapse.

It took just under an hour to thoroughly piss me off.

It was in this darkest hour that I noticed the corners they had cut in the quality of the darn thing.

First off the USB-C power brick and their idea of a USB mini dock was a very sad and sick joke.

Within 3 hours I actually heard an electronic component in the mini dock crack from temperature overheating which is a classic cheap and nasty diode issue common to cheep, cheep Chinese component manufacturers.

From that moment on it was pretty much done.

This stirred havoc in the OS for some reason.

This was when I picked up on it's second fatal flaw. The sham of an OS it was running!

As I said earlier the thing came with Windows 10 1803 home edition but it was doing some non standard upgrade blocking antics and some other truly bizarre sh1t which took me a whole 2 weeks to figure out.

This crippled version of Windows 10 Home edition also had some special "Huawei only features" care of our pals in Redmond.

Microsoft's idea of dealing with the Chinese was what it's major problem was, IMHO.

Microsoft put me in touch with their guy who came up with these OS antics and anti Huawei stuff and I promptly informed him if the situation was that dire they should not have endorsed it and what was that all about exactly?

These antics were making Microsoft look bad I opined making me as popular as a pork pie in Palestine.......

But seriously dudes, WTF?!

As I was in Prague I was not downloading a Windows ISO on my Hotel room WiFi - I was on vacation anyways....

As I played with it I observed the SSD drive was actually not that stable.

I assumed they had whacked a cheap Samsung SSD in it, not the same less than optimal components HP use in their laptops by a Taiwanese manufacturer called Liteon.

I opened up the command prompt and swiftly discovered the bad news about the SSD.

I made some calls to my pals in Redmond and within 3 minutes learnt of a deep pile of challenges going on between Liteon and Microsoft over drivers.

The bottom line is that Microsoft were using a generic driver in Windows 10 that was not working that well with this Liteon NVMe SSD because the Liteon guys were being real unreasonable about it and Microsoft folks got in on that insanity reaction with some gusto as well....

Jeez Louise!!

Tech tip: When you buy a Huawei laptop walk this item to the garbage can pronto!!

I was to install Windows 10 Pro on it several times myself before I called it a day on that mess which is just mind blowing and explains a whole lot of user experiences on HP Laptops using these same Liteon SSD units.

Even after I installed a Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD in it I noticed "other" issues it was having.

Microsoft seem to have mined the OS with what makes any Huawei laptop do some pretty strange things with the hardware.

This made it unusable for the way I was intending to be using it.

I write AI based chess engine software that whacks every core to the max and keeps it there.

I immediately started to see random resets with Microsoft ID 41 as the cause in the event viewer.

This was due to power issues of the sudden reset kind.

Some of these you can even fix from the CMD line in Windows 10:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows chkdsk c: /r.

Logged on to CMD as admin of course and hit reboot after the command is done executing.

When I first got this Matebook X Pro back in 2018 I bought a Lenovo T480 65W USB-C power supply and walked all the Huawei bits to the trash can after swiftly examining the electronic components they were built from.

The small white joke of a "PSU" it comes with may be good for a LG Phone charger but I would not pair anything with that crud...It claims it delivers 65W but it barely delivers 45W.

I have a power meter that is 0.05% accurate and its calibrated every year and I stared at these numbers for a good long while in utter disbelief.

The components BOM was like a bad boy list of the worst electronics garbage money could possibly buy.

I started to wonder and worry about the components inside the thing but was not going to open it to look in a Prague hotel as I had no suitable tools.

In October of 2020 I started to see ID 41 power resets once again but thought them related to the swelling of the Lithium cells issue that forced me to get a new battery In December.

However, after replacing the battery the problem got even worse.

My issue is I was using 4K monitors, 1GB ethernet and a pile of Blue Microphones and CAD related drawing boards plus my BlueTooth chess boards.

Tech Tip re USB-C hubs: Some of these things need a lot of power so plug your Power supply USB-C cable directly into the USB-C hub NOT The laptop. Plug the USB-C Cable from the USB-C Hub into your laptop.

Make sure the USB-C cables are rated for 100W, Not 60W!!!

This fixes the low power problems for some of them. Of course this is where you discover if your Power supply is strong enough and most are not.

You will need to invest in a USB-C PSU that can deliver 100W. I had some calls from my Mustek pals in Taiwan and this led to me ordering a device called a Hyppr.

Its running my personal Mach-W29 right now and it has made a huge difference.

To give you an idea of the challenge here for the stuff a laptop comes with these days is the biggest Apple MacBook Pro PSU delivers 96W, The Lenovo Thinkpad T485 PSU delivers a scant 65W.

My 15" MacBook Pro only has an 87W PSU.

These are designed for Laptop power only.

Plug in a USB-C Hub and you are looking at being short of Power by quite a drastic margin depending on how many features your particular USB-C hub sports that you are actually using.

I have discovered these USB-C hub thangs only play well with the power they state on their spec sheets.

They will work after a fashion on less but sudden messages from the various OSes and ID 41 inexplicable power resets in Windows I have found have their root cause in this sole issue.

No matter what the rating is plug the power into the USB hub first.

If you keep getting inexplicable power reset problems its this area that is likely to be the culprit.

My Macs run the big expensive Plugable devices and those guys are power hungry!!

It is wise to pay attention to how you are powering the laptop and the USB-C Hub.

My new Hyppr which claimed it was a 100W device actually only delivers 90W.

The tech note leaflet gave it away and my calibrated power meter confirmed it.

Most laptops need 30W so adding a USB-C 9 in 1 can have quite an impact.

I have still found that using one USB-C Port on the Hyppr (it has 2) will offer 90W, if you use both of the ports it flips to 45+45.

For USB-C Hubs that need 100W this can be a problem!

Your Mach-W29 guru has spoken!!

Looking at this power log data meant that I was facing junking the laptop or moving to a Linux OS.

I was actually momentarily tempted to chuck it in the trash can......The pressure of answers for the consignment of the things my partners and I had kept me working on the problem though.

We needed a viable solution or face losing money.

I like UNIX based OSes and I am a sado-masochist of note care of the game of golf and my general bulldog tenacity so decided even more pain was called for here and promptly dialed it to max levels with a resolute death's head grin fixed on my maw...

I had been a SCO and Novell Unixware instructor for many years back in the day when I held the SCO ACE, Novell Netware MCNE and Unixware Engineer certs with the Microsoft MCSE for Windows NT 4, 2003, 2012 and beyond with the Exchange track for email so Linux does not scare me at all - its just a time suck like no other!!

I have setup a lot of Linux based email server architectures for many giant corporations around the planet so I learnt a trick or three with UNIX OS based systems in my career.

I loaded Mint Linux 20.10, which is a Debian offshoot of Ubuntu with a new Cinnamon GUI that is much faster and more efficient but there was a lot that did not work and the external monitor graphics sucked.

However, this Mint Linux 20.10 variant I first grabbed has some issues so I decided to fall back on Ubuntu LTS 20.04 and see how that worked out.

All of my problems with the device went away on that version of Ubuntu.

It even loaded the nVidia 460 driver set for the MX150 GPU it has.

Mint 20.10 would not do it properly but the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version has no issues at all.

On 2/8/2021 it started to claim the boot device was absent so I was forced to strip it down again to check the NVMe was seated correctly.

On this device this is a tedious affair as you have to strip the giant heat-sink which is held in place with a zillion tiny screws to get at the NVMe M2 slot.

I called Huawei in Shanghai to share my opinions on its design and maladies and got some useful tips and had it together again in a jiff.

They also informed me that for a truly sublime experience I should surely try running Deepin Linux on it.

Now my Mandarin is not that good so I played the hard of hearing Gwailau to make sure Deepin was a) not a misunderstanding and b) we were talking about a laptop.

Just in case.

So it did its burn in test on Deepin Linux and actually its a very visually pleasing OS.

Very kinky (for an OS).

Apparently this is what Huawei are doing to poke Microsoft in the eye and I can't blame them but must not forget their part in this silly saga either.

I will let you know how it goes! I'm Deepin it now!

I looked at it after it installed from my boot USB and it was indeed pretty slick on the eye candy side of the equation even dealing with my extended 2nd monitor resolution without any setting wizardry from the command line.

I was also able to load the Synology driver app for my NAS with no issue but no command line was walking the network.

The only thing that does not work with these Linux distros is the fingerprint scanner device.

However, it is not resetting randomly like it was with Windows 10 20H2 for Workstations and has instantly transformed into a real useful and stable machine.

I could spend 300 hours diving into all the whys but seriously, I have enough time challenges with my Nutanix job and my various hobbies that I was just not going there.

I feel like inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther at this point of the game here...

I kept uncovering "oh yeah, but..." stories with the darn thing. It just never ends.

Screw that for a game of dead ferrets.

If I buy something that is supposed to run on Windows I want it to run like a Swiss clock.

Bad SSD because Microsoft and Liteon were having a spat about driver ownership, Huawei issues with Microsoft over illegal Windows OS Licenses et al, jeesh, guys I don't care.

Customer here wants to work with computing tool. Not interested in a myriad of supplier problems, only wants to experience pros so I can get my job done so I can make some money.

What a concept?!

This is not Microsoft, Huawei or Liteon's finest hour, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, forsaking the fingerprint scanner to get a reliable computer for the price of a typed password ? Jeez, that I can live with !!

Actually the Libre Office on this Mint Linux thing is pretty darn sweet as well (so far).

The only fixable snag with Ubuntu was the external monitor thing was pretty weird. Any app or browser dragged to this HP LA2205 screen looked deficient. Visually that is.

Amazingly it dealt with the 3000x2000 touchscreen real well.

I could not use the 3K x 2K screen in Windows 10, now with Deepin Linux it was pretty awesome.

Update on this issue: This new Windows HE 20H2 variant has had some work put into the Graphics situation. The text is larger and this 3K screen is now usable. I quite like it!!

As you heard earlier in this blog I was back on Mint Linux and learnt how to fix the external monitor scaling issues pretty quick.

Now the nice thing with this Mint Linux Mate build is I do not have to load the Synology app to see the directories I need as it walks the network like Windows explorer does and it also recognized all my printers and set them up automatically.

By the way those less than optimal Liteon SSD's work very well on these computing devices with most Linux distros.

If you have one and buying a new SSD is not an option Mint Mate 20.1 or Deepin Linux is for you unless Microsoft have fixed this Liteon spat they were having.

That I do not have an answer for yet.

Just know that Liteon being well, Liteon that it will not have a long or happy life.

I always rip these Liteon SSD out of any device I buy regardless of the OS it is running.

I also always strip down any Huawei laptop and reassemble it using arctic thermal paste. The real good stuff.

Well worth the investment after looking at hundreds of Huawei laptops inferior manufacturing issues.

While in Prague I also learnt that some Czech kings rode their horses real funny.....

Actually Huawei should think of a line of products where the user assembles the components themselves because their quality of doing this only has one word apt for the result and that word is "sucks".

It's ironic that two years after I half bought the frelling thing I start to get my investment back out of the damn thangs.

Of course I had to replace all the SSD, re paste it with the right quality thermal paste, do all sorts of QA and replacement of small components and I spent 330 hours diving into its many maladies which resulted in me ditching Windows 10 in favor of Deepin Linux then Mint Linux Mate 20.1 and full circle back to a new Windows 10 HE 20H2 October ed that actually works!

What a journey!

Its one major pro point btw is it actually does look very avant-garde.

Until you press the key on the keyboard with the camera icon drawn on it that is.

This one was designed for people who want exact nose booger location data while they type ( I am being deadly serious here).

Must be a feature to appeal to ear nose and throat specialists or maybe the Japanese markets where the below devices are popular??

All very bizarre, but me, I just don't gettit..why put a camera under a keyboard key with that viewing angle?

Ten Hail Hydras on that feature!!

If you buy one the easiest path is loading this new Windows 10 Home Edition October 20H2 release on a USB key and installing from scratch.

This is a clean install that wipes the hard drive.

Do not even bother with the upgrade gymnastics as you will be wasting time you will never get back.

Copy your files to Dropbox or whatever you use for mass storage like Windows Onedrive etc before you blitz the partitions with the Windows 10 Install wizard.

Then let it do the Windows update post install, the GeForce nVidia driver will also detect it needs an upgrade in one of your many reboots while you do this - let it do that when it does pops up.

Then go to the Huawei support site and type in your serial no which should take you to the site with the new drivers.

PC Manager does NOT upgrade this for you to the latest and is essentially a useless piece of software other than for identifying if the Intel Chipset driver is updated.

First download all of the drivers (click more to get the lot of them).

Then Download PC Manager (the new 041 variant) and then install the drivers for the fingerprint sensor to work.

You have to extract these and run them after extraction by the way.

First thing to do before you start that update sequence is update the BIOS to version 1.33.

Then Download these drivers from Huawei’s website and install them in this order:

  1. Chipset > “MateBook_X_Pro_Chipset” if this does not install get it from Intel. This needs a reboot after install.

  2. Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_SerialIO”

  3. Others > “MateBook_X_Pro_ME”

  4. Security > “MateBook_X_Pro_SGX”

  5. Fingerprint > “MateBook_X_Pro_Fingerprint”

These are all the February 2021 file updates btw.

Run PC Manager to check all drivers are 100% - you may have to do this several times.

If it keeps failing go back to the Intel site for the auto driver detect thang to get the three drivers it wants to install.

This will also require one reboot by the way.

Once done go to security settings and select the fingerprint scanner login, if it says it still cannot find the driver you need to reinstall the Intel Chipset driver followed by the fingerprint driver again.

Once it can see it, it lets you register the fingers you want to process you hit the jackpot!!

Your BIOS may also have the FPS disabled, so F2 is the key on reboot to bring that sucker up.

F12 you need for booting from USB but this may also be blocked in the BIOS and require turning on.

Do not entertain upgrading from this Windows HE 20H2 October version is my advice.

Things seem to go to pot when that happens.

I actually quite like this Windows 10 HE 20H2 October edition quite a lot. It works extraordinarily well on this machine actually.

The Redmond Hydra folks let the side down on the ship release of this variant of Windows 10 HE that plagued this device with this upgrade blocking and other weird shenanigans they had deliberately inflicted on it.

I can report complete success with this latest Windows 10 HE 20H2 October variant that does not have the upgrade blocking antics and other unacceptable behaviors the 2018 Mach-W29 edition was plagued with.

What I spent on it via Samsung $$D , Time trouble$hooting and such was not trivial either by the way.

On that note these Samsung 970 NVMe M2 SSD are going very cheap as the PCIe 4.0 stuff becomes mainstream, get yourself a 1 or 2 TB SSD if you can afford it.

I had thought this would definitely be the first and the very last device I ever buy from Huawei 🎭 👀

Well.....ahem, never say never right!?

Actually this new Windows version has transformed the device totally, it's even a pleasant experience now!!

It only has five faults. All fixable.

  1. If it has a Liteon SSD - Junk it unless you switch to Deepin Linux

  2. The PSU is junk, send it to the Garbage can and get a Hyppr 100W replacement from Amazon for $44.95 and it also has a $20 Amazon gift card!!

  3. The mini USB-C hub it comes with is a joke, also walk this to the trash can and get a Plugable or the UGREEN 9-in-1 with 1GB ethernet.

  4. Do the new Windows install thang with the October 20H2 edition on stable power only!!

  5. Do the BIOS and driver update chicken dance as specified

For my next time suck project, those new AMD based Huawei laptops actually look very slick indeed!

I wonder if they'll consider sending me the basic bits and I'll assemble it myself? 💬

🚜 🚒 🔨 ⁉😁

Now it's just a time will tell thang.

At least it does not feel like a Carrot Taco anymore!!!

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