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The Mother Fucker Gene Games

Updated: 2 days ago

I started playing chess at 3 years old and was a child chess playing prodigy of sorts that lasted until I was about 12 years old.

At that time my father moved my brother and I with his new wife from South Africa to Liverpool in England and I turned my mind to a raft of sports and general athletics in place of chess mainly because I had no real challengers player wise to rival my ability at that time.

I got back into chess literally by accident after I flew my Polish PW-5 glider into a tree in Lake County in 2002 which left me with horrendous injury gifts I had to recover from after induced coma games by my Santa Rosa Hospital surgeons to reduce brain swelling and prevent organ shutdown et al.

While being assessed by the Neuro-morons at John Muir hospital in Walnut Creek that my wife had me moved to when the driving to Santa Rosa from Danville got too tiresome, they gave me some silly Americana based cognitive test that made no sense whatsoever to my brain and they declared me a literal moron due to my injuries as I did so poorly in said test.

My wife who was also educated in the UK, took the same test and did even worse than I did, which set off a war between us and the Neuro-morons at John Muir hospital as to it's suitability or relevance for someone who did not grow up in the USA.

This test just highlighted recall of Americana trivia and general knowledge taught in high school or middle school in the USA.

This is the kind of general info you can only pickup while living in the USA and attending school in the USA.

They did not want to hear it so I immediately challenged the chief Neurologist to a game of Chess and beat her in 8 or 9 moves straight to prove my point as to her short sighted prognosis, using an irrelevant test regime, and she never ever lived down the loss of that game either, to boot.

I went around all the hospital buildings in my wheel chair telling doctors, nurses and patients alike that the head of Neuro had been beaten in a chess game by a patient she declared a total moron due to his injuries - in 8 or 9 moves flat!

I left them with "What kind of a Moron does that make her exactly?" ringing in their ears as I rolled to the next recipient of my pointed and barbed message.

This was hard work for me by the way as the guys that had arrived to heli-med me from the glider crash site to Santa Rosa Hospital after my accident got a bit carried away with the tracheotomy they performed that had damaged my vocal cords pretty severely.

It took me two years to learn to speak properly again due to this change of how I talk as the airflow across the vocal cords was and still is a problem for me to deal with.

I sometimes still talk with no sound coming out due to airflow absences across the old vocal cords.

I had to learn to pump air across them from the stomach which can be a bit of a drag when I get excitable and animated.

The Indian neuro-technician type lady who hailed from somewhere in Calcutta in India, who gave me said stupid questionable Americana based cognitive test, claimed she could not hear what I was saying but she did not like my running commentary about what sort of a stupid question it was that she/they were asking me that came with each one she asked that she did miraculously somehow manage to hear my scathing critique of.

My blunt anglo-saxon running commentary often disarms most people who confront it and she took it personally, which was actually doubly stupefying.

I asked her later if she herself had been the author of such insanity and when she responded to the negative was further perplexed when I asked her what my issue with it was to her as surely she had eyes and a brain herself, which I assumed was in good working order and she should be able to see it was plenty asinine?

This obviously meant work for her to come up with something better if she dared to raise it and she had chosen the cowards way out and elected to go with the flow.

This was a damn shame.

I called my antics highlighting such crass bureaucratic stupidity the art of calling a spade a fucking shovel and you do apparently have to call a spade a fucking shovel before people wake up and start thinking about shit these days.

I did get a lot of joy out of that Neuro-Moron discrediting endeavor game I was playing with said Neuro-Moron in response to such nutty absurdity, it must be said!

The John Muir hospital admin folk eventually tried to pin me to my floor in the wing I was housed in using a suicide patient as the excuse for limiting my movements and access to the 5th floor garden area or ground floor coffee shop area.

This may have worked if the TV they had there was not the standard local Bay area TV channels of total shit on the TV to choose from.

Even corn flakes would not watch that crap!

Out of curiosity I went in person to said suicide specimen's ward, which was on the same floor as mine, where I observed a patient with over 100 broken bones who would have never been able to fart or sneeze he was so broken, let alone clamber over the railing to do a better job of the suicide he had already badly botched.

It was visually apparent it would take him a very long time to ever even be able to sit up in bed, never mind make his way to the garden area for some more results oriented Hari-Kari efforts.

He had initially attempted to leave this mortal coil by selfishly hurling himself off of a pedestrian bridge that crossed Highway 680 and had hit the truck he had aimed for, only at windscreen level which had catapulted him into the hedges at the side of the freeway embankment somehow, in a very broken but sadly still not deceased state.

This selfish and inconsiderate antic could have killed the driver of the truck he hit.

After talking to his critical care nurses and ascertaining said bungled-suicide-idiot subject would never walk again, as his spine was toast, I then went to all the trauma doctors to inquire as to how said bed bound broken bone, permanently crippled suicide patient could possibly even turn over, never mind find his way to any railing for a better suicide attempt and was met by an even bigger wall of bureaucratic stupidity than what even I could possibly imagine could ever be possible.

However, said display of bureaucratic stupidity was actually outdone in later years by the Covid plandemic debacle, which was an even greater level of stupidity than locking down an entire hospital for a crippled for life patient in a bed with 73 lbs of fiberglass bone casts and weights with pulleys restricting his only possible movement to blinking with his sole surviving eyelid.

I had already been gifted a dose of the stupendous levels of bureaucratic dumbassness to come to further prepare me for the Covid insanity the same hospital drowned itself in 18 years later via this sort of total insanity on display in 2003.

I just ignored their Gestapo dictates and proceeded to be ceaseless in my attempts to get into the elevator with the help of several nurses and Doctors pushing me into the elevator and making it look like they were taking me somewhere - they too were of the opinion said scheme was Gestapo like draconian and were making a silent but visible statement to my benefit.

This antic was a jolly jape that entertained me well for endless hours at a time.

It was interesting to see how many nurses and doctors had the same conclusion of thought on the tyranny the average hospital partakes in within their walls that lay claim to top honors on the all time stupidity wall of shame.

You should have seen the shameful way they treated the elderly patients, boy that was a sharp shock to my system that shit was!

The hospital administrator on hearing the disruption I was causing to their standard daily dumbassness antics, issued orders for me to be sent home citing standard procedures and the excuse that my insurance company would not cover my ongoing treatment, sans consulting with them to verify this would in fact be the case.

On being told I had to vacate my ward by close of business that day (it was lunch-time), I immediately called my wife who actually worked for said insurance company and she appeared with the CEO and Chairman of Blue Shield of California in tow to personally inquire as to said hospital's dire state of stupendously vindictive insanity.

As you can imagine, said contrite and now hyper-agitated hospital administrator arrived at my bedside post-haste to beg forgiveness and apologize, begging me to cease and desist making them look stupid as they had no idea I was so connected.

I had actually informed said Neoro-Moron that I would bring down hell on their dumbass if they did not get real, but she just guffawed at me with some prejudiced derision in response.

I informed the freshly panicked administrator that they did not need my help with their crass stupidity as it seemed they had all the stupid squares pretty much covered but that the good news was that I was on a mission of logic and sanity to cure them of said stupid maladies they appeared to be stricken with.

I informed him that as I was in a charitable mood, that I was going to be doing this life saving to them service pro-bono and wouldn't hear of any payment for said common sense interjections they were in dire need of.

He himself swiftly concluded I was nowhere near as stupid as they had at first assumed I was, based on said defeated on the chessboard in 8 moves Neuro-Moron's incorrect prognosis input they had blindly swallowed sans verification.

I laid out the optics for him in a neat summary and his eyes flew wide with stunned shock on cognition that he was in fact not playing chess with Cro-Magnon man here.

I heard him giving said Neuro-Moron a lambasting in the stairwell a short while later which I must admit, put my own anglo-saxon skills and talents to shame.

I could not stop smiling for a whole week tho...

We were now in a state of war however and played all sorts of asinine games against each other I will write a book about some day to validate to both them and myself that I was a tad more advanced than what your your average dead ferret was post fatal roadkill trauma event.

They did eventually admit that they had made a huge mistake, which was well satisfying, I must admit!

After another 5 weeks of highlighting their unbelievable levels of crass stupidity, they were pretty pleased to see the back of me when my surgeon pronounced humpty dumpty was back together again and I had quite the entourage waving me bon-voyage when I left on both sides of the lines I had drawn between them all.

I was pleasantly surprised by the nurses who were on my side and who wished me well with the few good Doctors they did have.

Dr Chris Coufal was pretty awesome with his orthopedics magik, it must be said.

I felt sorry for them all having to put up with asinine hospital bureaucracy and crass stupidity that literally kills people on a daily basis in them shit show hospital villages.

Even in my banged up state, my chess ELO was around 2250 but it was very hard work to get the old synapses firing again after this accident that had literally wiped my memory and thinking ability clean.

Even more bizarrely, I had to do my neuro recovery lark solo with ZERO help from the medical establishment as they would not budge from their "he's a moron, and nothing can be done" diagnosis and actually God forbid, do their job that Blue Shield of California actually paid them $5.437 million for, to help fix my sorry state ass.

She who must be obeyed did get frustrated with some of my answers to her neuro protocol questions but she had not seen what I saw when growing up.

My sense of humor was also in full flow and it is rather dry.

For example when I was growing up, the supermarket across the road from our Sunnyside, Pretoria apartment had 3 show cars, one looked like a lemon, one like an orange and another like an eggplant or aubergine as I called em.

The lemon was based on a 1967 Fiat 500, the Orange was based on a slightly bigger 1971 Fiat 750 and the Eggplant/aubergene one was based on a 1957 Auto Union DKW painted in matching aubergine colors.

They set these vehicles up in the produce section mainly for kids to get distracted with while the mothers did some rapid shopping.

This cars as fruit and veg sight stuck in my head even to this day so when asking me to name car brands, I named them all and then added Lemon car, Orange car and Aubergine car to the list.

I kept doing this as it made absolute logical sense to me.

It did take me some 5 months to realize that "she who must be obeyed" had never seen said Barclay Square Supermarket show vehicles as I was 8 years old at the time and this had been in South Africa where she had never lived or even been to.

I had to walk through why she did not know what I had in my head as our ability to share consciousness is limited to Australian aborigine folk at this point in time.

She who must be obeyed had a grand old time telling the John Muir Doctors in charge of my treatment whut morons they all were and basically directed my medical care herself, playing Nurse-Practioner quarter back and telling said neuro-twats they wuz morons every time any of them dared challenge her.

She who must be obeyed was a scathing project manager and program Director who took no shit or prisoners from nobody and she had been known to make grown men cry from time to time.

It was she who must be obeyed who arrived with all sorts of tools to do what the neuro-morons should have been doing every day when she came to visit me.

These nurses also had no idea how to dress and clean my heel injury my left foot had or my ilizarov fixator pins and I refused to let them near it or to wash and care for me in any event.

I was quite surprised by the huge difference in standards of nursing between critical care nurses and the regular ward nurses who roam the average hospital in the USA.

Quite a few of the ward nurses were young, inexperienced and were not really up to the job of nursing or the stuff they had to do which was basically the same as care for a new born baby.

The only difference being the volume of bodily waste they had to deal with in many forms and the size of the adult patients they were dealing with.

As such my personal preference was to wait for "she who must be obeyed" to do these tasks on a daily basis and I also declined to eat what said hospital jokingly referred to as "food" which came from their kitchens.

She who must be obeyed brought me food from home each day, which spurred a visit from the head chef, whom I immediately offered cooking lessons to, citing my ample spare time he should definitely be taking advantage of based on the poor fare they had presented me and all the patients with to date.

I insisted good nutrition was essential to repair any broken body found in hospitals at a higher rate than most other commercial business operations and that I would not be using any of their well tasteless and totally murdered slop, thank you very much.

I also gave him a graph with the goodness ratio of the swill they were serving compared to your average German or Swiss cardboard - all neatly broken out to illustrate the futility of their deficient fare with regards to the goal of supplying the average body the required nutrients and amino acids the average broken body required to actually repair itself.

I even gave lectures on iodized salt, Celtic salt and the need for the minerals in said salt to aid and abet the healing process.

This was my first exposure to Doctors being totally clueless about nutrition as said chef claimed that the John Muir Doctors had come up with the diet plans thinking I would be impressed by this fact and when I found out which Doctors were responsible I went to inquire as to their nutritional prowess.

Big shocker they were all less than clueless with useful nutrition knowledge right?!

I started lecturing them all about it and then one wise ass asked me what my credentials were which was what I had been waiting for.

After reeling off the names of people I had helped with nutrition, who had won Mr Universe, Olympic gold medals, World Motocross championships and various body building titles as well as those who achieved super-star success in various sports, I suddenly had me a large audience taking notes and suddenly paying close attention.

Sadly, the hospital kitchen staff were not among these open minded folks willing to actually learn anything.

She who must be obeyed also changed my bed sheets after another willing nurse showed her how to do it, so they were basically on extended vacation with regards to my care and treatment.

They gave her everything she needed after realizing I was a very different kind of obstinate that they had never ever encountered before and I suspect they feared the ire of the Blueshield of California CEO and the consequent wrath of the hospital administrator on their sorry asses should any crass levels of vindictive care failings arise once more.

I would not even let the ward nurses bathe me, as they were pretty godawful with their antics in that regard leaving me no longer puzzling the source of killer germs in hospitals such as John Muir and their generally zero level hygiene habits.

More of that in said book I will compile at some point...

So anyways, I initially used chess to force my brain paths to function by my sheer bulldog level tenacity but then when I surpassed that first milestone goal, I wanted to train the brain to exercise all the time no matter what and found chess was still the best tool available for the job.

Over the ensuing 2 years, post achieving the initial get the brain working milestone point, I concluded that my diet was in fact the reason why my cerebral cortex was not running at optimal levels and began dabbling with my diet that eventually enabled my brain to break into the Grand Master Chess rankings on in the late 2017 time frame.

I even tracked down said Neuro-Moron (she had parted company with John Muir soon after I left) and rubbed it in even more when I did get to GM level too, as you can well imagine!

Sadly, I was to discover she was in fact quite a fragile old soul with limited IQ (her max lifetime chess ELO was 1960) and I realized I had been wasting my time with assumptions she had been smart at some point but she was not, nor ever had been.

It was quite an eye opener I further shored up on, post talking to several Kaiser Permanente Doctors who were in my estimation all at the medical technician level and not the Medical Doctor level I was naively expecting them to be at.

I only had a lifetime of South African Medical Doctors to compare them to and the South African ones were in the premier league of medical care compared to their American colleagues, who all seemed to be a band of Medical Technicians, at best.

Most of the Nurse Practitioners at John Muir were pretty darn awesome and made most of the doctors look stupid on a daily basis.

The Santa Rosa Critical care nurses are the best of the best IMHO and I am sure the John Muir ones are in the same boat but I never had the same experiences with them that I had at Santa Rosa hospital.

However, both the Santa Rosa and John Muir Hospital administrators were on the same level of diabolical bureaucratic out of control asshole.

As to my personal chess playing quest, it was a very long 14 years of protracted frustration trying to punch through to the GM level between 2003-2017 with my perpetual brain fog getting in the way of my progress ambitions that I could not fathom.

I had noticed when studying for the many hundreds of computer engineer certification courses that I did post accident, that I had to change the way I learnt stuff.

It was now hard work.

Before my accident I only had to read stuff once to understand and recall it, post accident the words meant nothing until I got in front of an actual system the training was about and used it to see for myself if the texts and training were true or not.

Believe it or not this has actually helped me understand it all better and see and argue as to what it could or could not do.

I challenged all sorts of manufacturers to show me how what they were claiming could be done was done and this earned me some serious recognition with folks in the IT business in Silicon valley.

Some also feared me as 15% of the time it could not be done and another 47% of the time there were caveats and dependencies which added up to it could not in fact be done.

I had me a grand ol time separating the wheat from the chafe with this endeavor as well.

I noticed quite a few interesting things about nutrition and the human body while I played around with various foods and supplements to counter this maddening to me issue that was blocking my greater ambitions on the chess board.

Although my brain finally got to be working real swell from the 2017 era onward, my gut was another thing entirely to get to the bottom of (puns intended).

My sweet tooth is largely to blame for this dire state of affairs however, as I have concluded that sugars are your enemy by and large for a vast number of very complex biology and chemistry realities in terms of how each individual metabolism does its thang in your body.

The thing with the sweet tooth associated cravings is that cane sugar is way healthier than the myriad of so called "non fat" sweeteners in use in alleged zero calorie foods and beverages touted universally for weight loss use but cane sugar is still not your health buddy.

If you have a choice though, natural cane sugar is always far better than what any artificial sweeteners are.

In fact ALL artificial sweeteners are serious poisons to the average homo-sapien on planet Earth and I would ban the lot of them if I had my way.

I have in fact concluded that sweet tooth cravings are likely due to electrolyte deficiencies and imbalances in the body as I often have to get a bottle of pedialyte to sort out my gut on the odd occasion it tips wildly out of balance, which is around 3 times a year depending on how much golf ball smacking I do down at the range and how hot it is when smacking the old featherie.

Cane sugar is way more healthier than what these artificial sweeteners are though but you have to have strict discipline using stuff made with cane sugars as overdosing with cane sugar has a strong negative downer effect on your body.

Drink a large bumper can of red bull to see the effect on you 6 hours later if you do not believe me.

I have conclusively proven to myself that said myriad of artificial sweeteners are far more dangerous than plain old cane sugars and are also nasty triggers for many cancers in many people to boot.

I had noticed while immersed in this dietary dabbling of mine that Methylfolated B complex + products impacted mood as well as gut health in a positive manner but I did not really come to any conclusive aha moment revelations on the subject other than it made my dark moods go away pretty emphatically and is why I carried on using methylfolated B12.

The gut benefits from Methylfolated B12 did not last long and some of these various B12 products actually sent it south again after my body got used to them.

However, 7 years ago I started recording bowel movements and my diet to try track and correlate some things as to finding a way to optimum gut health while retaining the awesome brain function while I was at it.

This was because eating different things on different days caused different symptoms that were most confusing to analyze indeed.

One day eating white bread did nothing, three days later it was dire cramping and diarrhea again.

This shit made no sense which is why it has taken me so long to get to the bottom of it all (puns intended).

I was never able to keep the train on the track with the gut due to the inconclusive results from eating different things and cycled through great bowel situations to very bad ones based on my intake of sweet stuff like cookies and scones but I do try to use gluten free stuff as much as possible these days.

The real culprit for me though was white breads, both sliced and baked loaf types which I have a real hankering and craving for if I smell them while they bake.

I have found a great many of these breads are not gluten free at all and I have also discovered that the sorts of breads used by places selling hamburger buns is actually the worst culprit of all for my well picky gut.

With these various breads such as French Bread or San Francisco Sour Dough loafs, it is mere minutes to incredibly sharp gut pains after I start nibbling the sweet smelling bastards.

This gut pain when it happens, it must be said, is fairly debilitating to deal with.

It is only now with 7 years of data that I recorded meticulously that I can make some better calls on what is going on with my body and it's general nutritional needs.

I finally kind of stumbled onto the fact my gut issues are due to what biologists call the MotherFucker (MTHFR) gene mutation or deficiency problem in the late December of 2023.

This MTHFR gene mutation issue affects between 44 to 60% of people in the US general population and is actually a pretty huge motherfucking problem!

There are around 40 mutations in the MTHFR gene identified in people with homocystinuria, which is a disorder in which the body is unable to process homocystiene and methionine properly.

This motherfucker gene provides the body with instructions for making an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.

This enzyme plays a critical role in processing amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins in the body.

This reductase is important for a chemical reaction involving the vitamin folate known as B9.

Specifically, this enzyme converts a form of folate called 5-10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to a different form of folate called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate which is the primary hydrofolate found in the blood and is necessary for the multi-step process that converts the amino acid homocysteine into another amino acid called methionine.

The body uses methionine to make proteins and other vital compounds your body needs.

One of the symptoms of MTHFR deficiency is that after eating things like peas your body will not process said peas - peas go in gob and peas come out ass as black shitball peas, but the body has not broken them down at all.

On Jan 2, 2024, I started a new protocol but had to reset with fresh aminos and vitamin supplements. On Jan 11th we did the great pea test and my body has actually processed said peas!

So the good news is that this is actually real easy and inexpensive to fix and has been confirmed as real!

So you will also need to change your eating habits as a life long habit to cure said Motherfucker gene mutation deficiency problems and start thinking of and considering food as actual medicine, as in ALL food that goes into your gob.

I have killed all white bread, white flour and GMO based products as much as I can and am using the Gluten free GMO free stuff now to great success, so it can be done!

This motherfucker issue is in fact caused by the US food growing and processing industry spraying folic acid on just about all produce used to make various breads and cereals plus all the Bio Engineering and so called fortified crap they sell us to consume.

Anybody who challenges these facts is simply uneducated and there are plenty who do challenge it.

Remember what goes into your gob comes out your ass with all the consequences of what you eat in terms of what it does to your body and how your body reacts to what you feed it with.

We are not all the same however, and skin, tissue and muscle types found in humans along with blood type makes a huge impact to your health that forms a complex solution based on what nature gave you to live and deal with.

Folic acid, by the way is your overall no 1 enemy, in fact a far bigger enemy than what sugar and gluten is and is the main reason I suspect, why 44-60% of us have MTHFR deficiency issues in the first fucking place.

If you know what a woman is, when she gets pregnant, her body is in need of folic acid. This is the only time a human female requires folic acid in her diet.

For the rest of us, this bizarre practice is poisoning our bodies by producing food we cannot get nutrients from.

Do not confuse folic acid with folates though, your body needs folates, just not folic acid.

Lots of uneducated morons will argue folic acid is folate, but it ain't!

This is like arguing you can pour gasoline into a diesel engine because both gasoline and diesel come from the same oil barrel full of hydrocarbons.

Try it and see how quick you wreck the diesel engine.

Many doctors are morons when it comes to biology and chemistry by the way and they say folic acid is the same as folates, further underlining their ignorance of bio-chemistry somewhat.

In the US, all wheat, barley, rice and corn (plus almost everything that is GMO bio-enhanced) is sprayed with folic acid which in turn triggers huge problems in said 44-60% of people consuming said folic acid drenched food products.

Many people, myself included, incorrectly concluded that we were having food allergy problems of some kind due to this bullshit practice from the people growing our food.

I already discovered the violent stomach cramps dictated I consume gluten free stuff to alleviate said gut and ass issues but as articulated, I did not know exactly why this was so.

I want to share that I lived a good span of time in South Africa and the U.K and I never had these sorts of issues while living in either of these places compared to what I encountered here in the USA circa 1995.

This is because bio-hacking outside of the US by Montsanto was not then as big of a problem as it is here in the USA.

My reaction to US fructose corn syrup based processed foods was also violent and I quickly cut sugary stuff and milk out of my diet as much as I could when I moved here permanently in 1998.

No more sugar in coffee or tea and only a dash of natural local honey when I did get into various teas has been my mantra since 1998.

I also stopped drinking all US based sodas as the fructose corn syrup in that shit literally turns me into a walking shit bomb.

I concluded pdq that fructose corn syrup is likely the sole culprit for bad shit like obesity from ingredients found in the sodas made in the USA, but this diagnosis was over-simplistic on my part, I only had part of the problem diagnosed.

It was a big part of the problem for sure, but it was not the only problem I was facing with my diet and the domino effect consequences thereof.

Fructose corn syrup is of course the ultimate food evil and should be banned outright, along with all the artificial sweeteners in use by food manufacturers in the USA at the moment and also definitely the folic acid they spray on all this bio-engineered GMO crap they grow in the USA these days.

One of the issues with MTHFR gene deficiency problems is you need to get your doctor to have you tested for this to get a positive ID of this issue completely verified.

You can get an independent test for $599 from or several other specialist nutrition sites on the interwebs thang but that is a lot of cash that your health insurance should really be paying for.

In fact, it boggles my mind that they do not make this mandatory as it is my humble opinion that the raft of ADHD, attention deficit disorders, crohns disease and the vast number of irritable bowel problems et al and a myriad of diabetic problems and the consequences they bring with the associated costs to the medical insurance business would save them trillions of dollars by attacking just this sole issue properly.

Before I even stumbled onto theultimatehuman web site and associated podcasts, I had already verified for myself what causes and effects various foods and vitamins had on me and how to avoid them as well as the success of finding what optimal brain fuel for my brain was.

I also discovered that grass fed meat had a huge impact on my body and I did way better when eating meat that was grass fed when living.

This is all part of the chain of domino effect consequences care of Monsanto and co who are now owned by Bayer corp.

I have consulted with many biologists and chemists who all tell me those making the online claim that GMO tweaking is harmful to humans is a "Myth" is a very perplexing thing to tarry over like a bulldog for them, as they state they have ample proof that Monsanto is indeed the root of most health evils homo sapiens are suffering from in the USA via their franken food GMO fortified with folic acid crap.

I have proven it to myself with blood tests and strict Organic produce use in various tests I have subjected myself to and the conclusions are incontrovertible.

All GMO franken foods are big, bad fucking news for most of us humans.

Piecing it all together though, needed some help from other folks and I have been fortunate to have had many people helping me in my journey and quest so solve these issues for myself and others in the same boat along the way.

I also found that hydration is also a key factor in optimal health and another thing I was shy of doing right due to the purity of water issues I found outside of South Africa and Australia circa 1989.

The first thing I did when I arrived in California was test Contra Costa water supplies and the results were deeply shocking.

In fact, I am still stunned how bad water quality in the USA is and have also identified that the fluorides they put into water in the USA and Europe also has very bad health domino effects for homo sapiens at large.

I am now plugged into various environmental agencies that do this water testing at their cost and get the testing data for free in exchange for information technology advice they may need as well as a host of water purification systems and processes I have been involved in globally since 1988 with advice on how to deploy them properly.

This data usually gets released years down the line into the public domain but I like to get the latest data from a myriad of sources.

One of the things I found real shocking about this journey into health and nutrition is how little medical doctors actually know about the subjects of nutrition and hydration per se.

Med students are in fact not trained on nutrition at all in the USA or Canada or even most of the western world, beyond real primitive basics.

This is an astounding omission as true health sans medicine is only achievable by paying the utmost attention to what you fuel your body with.

I myself had a lot of medical training from the University of Pretoria and the University of Cape Town as I myself was going to be an MD until I found blood in plastic tubes made me swoon a tad.

I had actually read and studied almost all of the medical training manuals from the age of 10 as that was what I wanted to do with my life until the blood thang closed that path for me.

My nickname at boarding school was "Prof" as I was always amazing my fellow boarders with all sorts of medical trivia I found buried in said medical school training manuals.

I then switched to telecommunications and digital electronics and did chemistry and biology from an electronic engineering perspective and applied some of the concepts there to my benefit at work and in my sporting life.

I also sold many companies developing drugs or seeking faster gene sequencing advances for human consumption high speed computer systems to make them more money and also picked up quite a bit from the efforts of my work enabling their work with my tools and their requirements et al in the field of blood testing and flu vaccines.

Many of these research scientists shared life hacks and knowledge they had with me that I put to good use to see if it worked for me.

I collaborated with a lot of Roche and Glaxo-Smithcline scientists while in Africa and then Novartis, Genentech and others here in the USA.

I myself also worked for Chiron Corp in Emeryville before Novartis bought them for their Flu vaccines business back in 2006.

I still marvel how little western medicine actually teaches med students and what it does not know about general nutrition though.

This is it seems, a huge global problem.

I was also a professional rugby player and helped several body builders with their own nutrition (Lourenco Brasil, who got to win Mr Universe back when).

So I also knew a lot about muscle growth and the best body food to best achieve the desired results for these guys needs.

Almost all of these body builders though were on one form of steroid or other so it was hard to ascertain exactly which amino acids they were taking which were contributing to what the steroids were doing and visa versa.

I did however conclude a lot of things from the nutrition side for myself as I myself never took any of these steroids.

I deliberately acted as the placebo but noted some strange anomalies en route that only I seemed to suffer from.

I did try these diets these folks were on though and knew what worked for me personally due to said dabbles.

Food for a gym rat in a gym for 6 hours a day is an expensive endeavor however and it was only because of the company that I was keeping that I was able to get the goodies the body builders were using in terms of excess and their over-supply they could never consume before it went bad or the shelf life expired.

My rugby club in Pretoria provided me with the meat proteins I required gratis and very little else.

At the peak of my rugby playing days I was 116 Kilos of muscled madness and when I got into flying gliders I trimmed myself down to 93Kg.

I sort of evened out at 235 lbs and swing around that weight these days trimming down to 225 and going up to 240 from time to time.

When I trained with Lourenco Brasil I got my weight up to 278 pounds of pure muscle sans steroids, just to prove that I could do it if I wanted but I did not ever go with anabolic steroids and I am pretty glad I was not tempted now that I know about the MTHFR issues I have always had.

I used to play a lot of golf but inflammation challenges in my left lower leg has impacted that noble ambition somewhat but I do go to the golf range to smack 110 golf balls three times a week in good weather conditions.

I am of the belief that the right diet can cure me of all of these various maladies I suffer from personally and am determined to solve that puzzle with the gut health issues I have had magnified since arrival in the USA in 1995 which I am certain is all due to folic acid being sprayed willy-nilly on US produce.

I even ran into crazed web sites claiming more folic acid should be sprayed on everything and marveled at their pig stupid dumbassness on that particular subject in general.

This is the problem with the internet, you can always find divided opinion on any issue for and against literally anything.

Fact checking Monsanto GMO tells you it is what they call a "Myth".

This is the same thing as finding the truth about a political or narrative situation they quickly call a "conspiracy theory" when it is counter to what "they" want you to believe.

We now all know 97.8% of all "conspiracy theories" are in fact completely true and the same is to be said for bio-enhanced and GMO enhanced bio-hacking efforts.

Monsanto GMO consequences are absolutely not a myth and anybody claiming it is are part of the crookery shenanigans that is going on in the food industry.

Furthermore, you will also find that approximately 97.8% of everything on the internet these days is complete and utter horse shit, and I may be being too kind here in my estimation.

My pals over at Google reckon it is about 99.7% and they should know, they farm near 100% of it by suppressing the good shit and ensuring that only the lies and drivel that match the dumb dim dem Marxist drivvel narrative gets to your eyeballs.

This is why Luxxle and DuckDuckGo and others are gaining favor with people as Googling shit these days just brings you bucket loads of total bullshit.

Of course, Microsoft's Bing is a Bill Gates mind fuckery effort that yields the most stupid false narrative bollocks imaginable, so I never bother with that crap due to the left wing filter Microsoft applies to everything these dayze, a la Google.

It's a choice of stupid or the stupidest to be honest with you.

Arguing if Google bullshit or Microsoft Bing bullshit is the better bullshit detracts from the fact that it is still a choice between the two main bullshit flavors on offer for you to swill and drown in.

Microsoft, Meta, TickTok and Google between them have done a pretty thorough job of fucking up the entire internet actually.

I look at the internet much the same way these days as I used to look at the volumes of yellow pages Pacific Bell used to deliver to my apartment in Walnut Creek every 3 years or so.

Useful information was in there if you knew what and how to look for it but that was it in general.

No search engine is going to make it easy for you to find the truth unless you have the html address of where the information you seek is at.

This is just a sad fact of how politics and these big tech companies have conspired together to fuck you over in general.

The revelation the information in the media and on the internet was useless was mostly due to Elon Musk exposing this situation and how they were using Twitter and Meta platforms et al to achieve their nefarious political agendas.

It was said that the yellow pages only really had two useful applications, one as paper for a good joint and the other as emergency ass wipe in case you ran out of the real stuff.

They are in fact not much good for either use in actual fact but I did find a great use for Yellow Pages paper in the end.

I used it to light the charcoal for my Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe BBQ devices.

For this purpose it is excellent indeed!

I got so good at that I could in fact light my weber cyclone stack full of charcoal with a single page torn out of said yellow pages.

Two pages was usually better than one page though especially if there was no appreciable breeze blowing to fan the cyclone thingy along.

In terms of what the Internet itself is useful for, general mind fuckery and selling of bullshit to the public at large appears to be the defacto and sole use for the internet these days.

For sales or Political bullshit agendas and especially for ripping people off by stealing identities and credit card information it seems perfect and the internet search engines have been modified to feed you the bullshit they want you to swallow wholesale or just sell you tat.

Effectively, the internet these days is as useful to you and I as tits on a bull in terms of how we used it in past days when it was actually useful until politics and crime fucked it up real good that is.

The shit you have to get through to filter out the crap means the old way in a library is probably the most effective and efficient way to get information these days.

It is funny how we have come full circle on that shit these days.

The pandemic we all suffered through was a prime example of how they used social media and the internet to totally mind-fuck the general population with the aim of reducing the population and of controlling the population through selling absolute bollocks to the general population at large.

The pandemic event has opened my eyes in a big way as to what is going on and what we eat and who grows it is all a part of the general scheme in effect aimed at harming humans in general.

However, that is another subject entirely and if you seek entertainment and thoughts on that vein try where Marvin the Paranoid Android has some interesting blogs on the various matters at play at the current time.

So in any event, while listening to a Dan Bongino podcast over the Christmas of 23, I played the short 16 minute life hack podcast he had compiled with a guy by the name of Gary Brecka.

This podcast was to give me the glue I needed to stick all the fragments of conclusions together I had garnered over my life with regards to brain and gut health goals and agendas.

I solved the optimal brain health quest with a gal I used to work with I shall call Jona X a few years ago while trying to find the optimal coffee blend that would not send my ass into conniptions as I had concluded that coffee bean acidity was also a big problem for me personally.

Jona X taught me that butters and natural fats were the key to better health but it was only a part of the overall solution key for me at any rate.

Eliminating the bad fats were a key part of achieving the ultimate Chess brain status goals.

Gary Brecka will, I am sure solve the remaining pieces for me and it should all fall neatly into place from this point onward.

Next up is to get this MTHFR thing tested via a simple testing of homocysteine levels in the blood and not the $599 MTHFR test some places are hoiking on the interwebs.

The full MTHFR test is seldom required so I advise asking your doctor to test the homocysteine levels in the blood as a first step as this is cheap and is covered by your health insurance.

If said test shows your homocysteine levels as being high then chances are you have said MTHFR issues.

I will keep you updated as to my findings here so stay tuned motherfukkahs!

In the meantime, only eat grass fed meat, no farm based fish products (only line caught), stay away from all GMO products and processed foods, use Hydrogen water all the time and stay away from sugary and white anything stuff like breads, flour, pasta and such!

Also throw all your white rice away and replace it all with brown non GMO rice.

Start to use the ultimatehuman podcasts for an experiment to see what b complex folates you can start with to get the train moving on the right track while you wait for the blood test results....

It can certainly do no harm, even for those resistant to MTHFR gene issues.

Since penning this blog I have had a horde of emails with interesting data on this MTHFR issue.

It is starting to look like the sea of ubiquitous stupidity we have all been drowning in may be down to lack of nutrients in the diet of the insane at large.

The data is suggesting as much as 87% of people are effected by MTHFR in one form or another which means only a scant 13% of people are unaffected.

This issue can be cured by ingestion of methofolated B+ complex with 2 pills a day. One in the AM and one in the PM.

I am on day 13 and am feeling pretty fantastic using new and fresh vitamins and fish oils!

I am eating pretty carefully though but I have not felt this good since my peak rugby playing days which wuz 1987-1990....

Back then, for breakfast I had 6 eggs (raw blended with Worcester Sauce) 200g of Kudu liver cooked with organic onions and truffles and 400g of fresh papaya and 200g Skyr yogurt made in Denmark for dessert.

I then had an amino supplement from Muscletech or some similar cutting edge lab in the form of a 250ml drink and went to work out for one hour 20 minutes on just legs.

I then drank an electrolyte purified beverage and went off to work.

At lunch time I had a 300g Kudu flank steak or lamb steak done medium rare with 2 avocados with another muscle labs protein shake which was made with fresh strawberries and body tech electrolytes and worked through to five PM.

At 5:15 I worked out at the Gym on legs for 1 hour and then had chicken breasts for dinner with sweet potato and assorted salads and then went to the sauna for 45 minutes.

After that I had a 5 minute ice bath and did a cardio regime for 45 minutes with skipping ropes and swimming laps followed by three liters of pure water based electrolytes and then went to bed and repeated the same thing the next day.

I also started the day with a 5 min ice bath by the way.

Rugby Practice was three times a week from 5:30 to 7:15 followed by fatty lamb ribs and chicken drums on a charcoal braai with the protein shake and electrolytes before sleep time.

I was not allowed any bread, ice cream or cheese on this diet in the rugby season either and drank only green tea with zero coffee or any sodas of any kind.

I drank 12 liters of flat water a day when I played Rugby and this was cold and gold filtered fare. The water filter was made of pure gold mesh and did something exotic to the hydrogen in the water, but I do not remember what exactly.

I was supposed to eat pasta but they canned that after it turned me into a shit bomb until they later discovered I could safely eat brown lasagna pasta made with minced lamb in small quantities.

Saturday was Game day and Sunday was one 2 hour upper and lower body workout with lights out by 9 PM after 3 liters of electrolytes were drained in the post game recovery regime.

Beer and alcohol was also banned but I was not much of a drinker back then but would have a Windhoek export with the lamb chops or boerewors on occasion as the hops worked well for me but not if I had more than 300ml.

I had to watch the amount of boerewors I consumed with how much Windhoek export as this sausage is very fatty.

If I balanced it right the brain and body were in wonderful synchronicity and if I got it wrong my stomach ruined everything.

My coach eventually assigned me a boerewors minder to watch me at BBQ's as I was a picker with bits here and there as I drifted between people I circulated with instead of one set amount all at once and nothing else afterwards.

Windhoek lager was then made with some fabulous Namibian water and other ingredients that are not GMO tainted by the way.

For snacks I ate a lot of nuts and fresh fruit and some dark Swiss chocolate with some South African dried fruit assortments on occasion.

This diet seems to have been a whole lot more healthier than my US diet which cannot tolerate any GMO based ingredients at all.

The body builders I kept company with at the gym also shied away from bread and I did as well for the most part as it seemed to make me overly tired for reasons I was unable to fathom.

So I had some blips when I took some of my Omega 3-6-9 Nordic fish oils that prompted me to go back into why my stomach got upset again.

There were two common denominators the finger was pointing to 1. My Ginkyo Sake or 2. My haloed Nordic Omega gels whut cost me a small fortune.

Cross examining the data to all the incidents over the last 37 months pointed the finger at the darn gels so I went to go look at the details on the container.

Yeah.....They expired in June 2019. In my head I bought them "recently". I think the damage to my Hebrew DNA in shelling out for them over-rode my pragmatism.

They were $1.02 apiece and I bought a good few in that batch.

I sent them to the lab to confirm and they came back with did you take these?

After I explained and they stopped laughing I went through all my stuff and dispatched almost $7000 worth of stuff to the garbage pile.

I am a terrible hoarder which can be seen by the old computer stuff running in my Rio Vista Hangar!

I just recovered two VAX machines which are running all our live weather station instrumentation packs in the Utah hangar and played with them a bit last night in a fit of nostalgia.

Computers can still work long past EOL, but apparently vitamins, fish oils and supplements have a shelf life!

Who knew??

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