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The TUF ASUS X570 Runaround

Updated: Jun 23

Once upon a time, one of my trusty X570 Gigglebyte Elite Plus motherboards started giving me some issues with the power capacitors and so began a long fuckaround epic saga that tested my sanity in ways I would not have imagined were even possible to test one's fragile sanity.

On casing the online market spaces for suitable replacement candidates (after I had given up on the X570 Elite bollocks) I came across offers from MSI and ASUS and went for one of the mid $200's MSI X570 offerings first.

This was a $249 ticket to total insanity care of Amazing Fuckaround (Amazon) and associated fair trade violating criminals who circulate second hand computer parts under the pretense that they are new.

That Epic turned out to be an even bigger fuckaround than the one faulty Gigglebyte board was as I kept getting boards from Amazon (Amazing fuckaround middleman) that were a) not new and b) were in fact fairly well pre-fucked.

I sent the first ASUS X570 Gaming Plus WiFi board back PDQ as it failed almost immediately.

The second, though also previously opened, seemed to work despite also very blatantly obviously not being new either.

Per my records though, at 14 days that one also went tits up with a USB over current issue and I sent it straight back and got a third one from someone else on Amazon.

I was kind of wary about this particular ASUS TUF motherboard but kept it with Windows 11 and had no issues with it until I upgraded memory and SSD units some 11 months later.

It had also by now been shod with an ASUS made TPM module that I bought separately.

Jamming Corsair RGB Pro 64GB RAM in it was an interesting affair and it just did not like Patriot Viper RAM at all.

I eventually went and bought some Crucial RAM for it after speaking to some Taiwanese design folks at MSI and ASUS about the subject of desktop RAM at depth.

In the defense of Corsair RAM, I had no issues with the LPX Vengeance 3200 C16 DIMMS that I had in my most of my rigs.

Along the way with this journey into AMD based desktop systems, I had deduced that with all desktop RAM, that two sticks of anything is the best performance arrangement you can get from memory on any X370/470/570/670 or the B series boards (450/550/650) et al.

This applies to any Intel CPU as well by the way.

This is due to the channels of RAM available for desktop processors to deal with.

This 2 stick arrangement applies to DDR4 & DDR5 RAM on any motherboard bar any Ryzen Threadripper board shod with ECC Server RAM by the way.

I have 2 of those which I recently converted to Debian Linux.

In any event, I had to switch out my memory to accommodate my ambitions with Nutanix CE 2.0 single node clusti which I swiftly discovered needed 128GB minimum for any serious shenanigans with Prism Central.

A second single node clusti can get by with the 64GB RAM as long as there is only one Prism Central between the two single node clusti.

It was while fucking around with the RAM situation that I discovered this ASUS TUF Gaming Plus X570 WiFi motherboard is in fact quite the quintessential dog-shit experience of a motherboard.

This board has given me the royal fuck around for the last year, while my Gigglebyte stuff has been mostly solid as a rock and has just worked, ad fidelis.

Sure, one of them fucked out, but the alternative X570 fare has been proven to be er...rather....a lot worse!!

In my desperation for stability I also decided that the MSI B550 Gaming Plus was a B series adventure I needed to have and much to my amazement, the darn thing has just worked, sans drama, from the moment I bought it on Saturday May 25th at 11:02 AM to it's installation and switch on at 13:48:12 the very same day.

I even upgraded the BIOS on Monday morning 5/27/24 at 6:02 AM after a long soak in and it was a dream you only read about in fictional novellas.

So as far as anything ASUS motherboard goes, I ain't ever going there with that crap ever again.

I would rather dabble with Musteq was that bad...

I have actually helped 13 of my chums with ASUS X570 Godlike and various X670-E motherboards over the last year, as well as tested a whole pile of them for our VLOG and I am rather less than impressed with their problem development when you start swapping RAM DIMMs between them all and the amount of USB over voltage issues that ASUS motherboards all seem prone to suddenly develop sooner rather than later.

I was about to replace all the Gigglebyte Elite Boards with these ASUS TUF Gaming Plus WiFi X570 motherboards as well....(shudders in horror at the nightmare notion)..

Pretty glad I avoided that dire Faux Pas....

Right now I am luxuriating in the sublime experience of a working rig with this MSI B550 Gaming Plus motherboard that just works, right out the box with my Ryzen 9 5900X and 64GB RAM.......

I had read it would not work with my Ryzen 9 chip but it worked straight away.

Quite a shock to my system after a year of ASUS TUF Fuckarounds to just fit a motherboard, hook it up, press start and after a very long first boot, just having it work A+++OK!!

Given the total disaster that buying motherboards from Amazon has turned out to be over the last 18 months for some 223 odd motherboards, I have decided I will not be buying CPU, Motherboards, RAM or SSD from Amazon ever again.

Best Buy or a walk in to Central Computers or Micro Center if I am doing a project in So Cal has been working well for me over the last 7 months so there is no reason to abandon that practice.

Sadly I have learnt (the hard way) that buying this fucked computer gear from Amazon is not my idea of mental well being anymore.

I already play a game that gives me all the sado masochistic action I could ever dream of and that game is called Golf.

That sorta action is not for DIY computer builders well being....

I guess that's what they call TUF love....

Lesson learnt about fidelissimus..........

Actually, if I contrast the shit I have reaped from the X570 stuff I and my many pals have had compared to the B550/650 and Ryzen 5000 and 7000 threadripper action, it is clear the X570/670 is a big fat waste of time.

Most of my pals who are serious gamers are running B650 motherboards by the way.

Serious lesson for me in that fact...


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