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From time to time certain realms (politics and other touchy subjects) that I do not particularly care for come along and do their best to disrupt life, the universe and everything I believe in.

For the average Joe or Jenny, silly political stuff comes up every 4 years or so and is a lightly tolerated inconvenience in our daily lives when it does raise its ugly head.

Now I can philosophize with the best of them and when I was in college got into plenty of hot water debating the heck out of various positions six ways to Sunday and toastmasters provided me with much entertainment arguing any position as we were tasked with doing this with a view to developing our oratory skills.

I was once a meek mouse of a presenter and it did not come naturally to me at all but when I realized I could stir reactions from the way this was done it became quite interesting.

Arguing all sides is actually a very handy tool for insight purposes.

It puts you in the shoes of others from your minds eye, and should be a mandatory skill taught in schools IMHO.

I don't think many of us are actually that passionate about this or that politically unless it impacts us via taxes or a poorly thought out new law that's just plain dumb and we proceed to make it a public spectacle to remedy said bureaucracy shortfall and highlight it's grandeur on the scale of stupid, given the opportunity.

This every four year political circus we all go through dives a bit overboard when it impacts our daily routine and intrudes into our TV schedules and we all get little choice in watching the myriad of political messages they push down our throats come election time.

For me it is what I call the time of the great switch off because I find it all a stream of nasty dirty political smear game propaganda from both sides that I just don't care for or want to hear.

The closer we get to the election day, the heavier the petty political point scoring becomes and for me at least its just way over the top and super gratingly overbearing and even worse, highly mega tedious.

I even find it insulting to watch this Cro-Magnon caveman drivel.

We put up with it because it's a necessary evil every few years before we all forget about it again and go about the normal course of our day to day business for the next four years.

The politicians do their thing and we do ours right?

This was usually how it was at any rate.

In 2016 this usual routine all changed.

Since trump won in 2016 there has been no respite from this total insanity and we have all been rudely subjected to this ceaseless bickering for four full years now.

I have pretty much had enough of this constant irrelevant garbage in my face every single day, thank you very much!!

There is no news anymore.

I guess I stopped watching the propaganda streams around the time Bush Junior was President as the media sentiment of the day strove to have us believe a guy who was competent to fly Fighter Jets for Uncle Sam was now suddenly a total moron, in their worthless opinion at any rate.

I even voted for Obama in the hope he would change it all.

Sadly he did not.

It's either left wing or right wing propaganda and I seriously don't believe any of it anyway.

Its all sensationalist propaganda that is cooked, stewed and steam pressured to get your goat up, soap opera style.

Why did I tune out? Because it is total garbage sans a shred of credibility. All of it.

I have better things to do with my time than listen to political pulp fiction fantasy and dirty smear campaigns if the truth be told.

I have no time or energy to fact check the avalanche of lies and spins on the truth they all present and edit.

As a result of all of these shenanigans, the total insanity of politics in the USA has now sadly been whipped up to the Banana Republic level and the ensuing madness of all the players and participants partaking in these asylum level antics are forcing many an immigrant to draw parallels to places from whence they fled and seriously contemplate pulling the plug on what is swiftly transforming into the "All American Nightmare" and returning to their former homelands, problems and all.

It's that bad.

I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV the other night drawing parallels to Kristallnacht on November 9th & 10th of 1938 and instantly realized that we are presently involved in a very eerily scary and similar situation to the total madness of that particular dark era of our recent history.

Now when an Austrian ex Governor of California who was a former body builder and 7 times Mr Olympia starts drawing these parallels, you have to take in the gravitas of these words that he uttered pretty darn seriously!

The rhetoric post election sentiment of all Americans coming together sprouted forth by Joe Biden, instantly becoming a lie in the face of these never ending mega petty squabbles is not helping the situation a whole bunch either!!

It also underlines the problem we are facing.

These politicians say something like that but then do exactly the opposite!!

This one was almost immediately!?

Why say something you have no intention of brokering or honoring?

So we are in deep trouble and nobody seems willing to go back to the political center where sanity actually prevails.

I do not believe any of these players has any inkling of an idea of what dangerous political nitroglycerine they are playing with here either actually.

Its a 50/50 split or a 49/51 split.

This means that half the country believe one thing and the other half believes another.

This forces you into compromise territory.

You have no choice.

This is a stark reality and immutable fact.

When you venture into territory to "force" the other half into your beliefs you have lost the plot and your grip on sanity.

I have seen people with 40 to 50 years of friendships fracture and split over this political divide and become mortal enemies overnight.

This is ridiculous and says a lot about the character of people these days in my reckoning.

I have friends from all the points of the spectrum and our friendship from my point of view is not up for sacrifice on the altar of petty politics or much of the mainstream influences unless it breaks the law.

They are my friends because hey, I like them.

I do not run around assessing their views of religion, politics, skin tone or sporting teams they support as a filter to who can qualify to be my friends or not.

Hell, I want as a diverse and rich experience across the board as I can possibly soak up in the time I have to breathe air while in this world.

Why would I flock and gather with birds of a feather that vibrate at the same frequency I do? I know about them, I do not know about all of the others yet.

I must be wired different or be defective but I rejoice in my uniqueness!!

I am what I am.

Meanwhile, the political divide is digging deep trenches and pouring even more fuel onto the fire on each side.

Just what we all needed on top of our Covid-19 challenges right??

Where is the soothing calm from political leadership to this never ending madness to placate the masses?

We need someone to urgently pour oil on troubled water, not set it on fire.

It's either left wing or right wing polarized madness right now as we watch total lunatics like Pelosi and Trump with their warping of the reality field antics.

It's seriously akin to watching a pair of 2 year olds in a kindergarten going for it hell for leather over a box of candy one of them accused the other of whacking.

Meanwhile, the very few troublemakers who whipped up this organized and instigated frenzy are sitting on the top of the hill that overlooks this madness while they eat the candy they whacked, laughing amongst themselves at the collective gullibility of the masses who are destroying everything on their behalf without them having to lift a single finger themselves.

They are settling in to the center seats, grabbing buckets of popcorn and some sodas to watch the total chaos & anarchy show they have neatly engineered.

"Absolutely ridiculous" is my take home after watching this spectacle from both vantage points.

And it really is.

I gotta tell you that I do not much care for either left wing or right wing madness a whole bunch as I gaze at this nut job fest in total horror as the echoes of Africa strike my senses right in the center of my gut, loudly ringing the bells of remembrance living inside my head.

Radical polarization such as this stuff we are witnessing here right now leads to civil wars and I have seen my fair share of those in my life to know exactly what they look like and how they all end up.

There has never been a civil war that ended well. Not ever.

In fact the one thing that will guarantee a bad time for everyone is a civil war.

Everyone loses in that scenario.

The one situation I fled was mitigated to some extent by Nelson Mandela and he stood as the sole barrier to mass genocide as witnessed in places like The Congo, Rwanda and Zimbabwe et al.

That was not a 50/50 situation either.

Mandela bought many of us time to flee the scene and we did. Molto Pronto.

The man was a saint and my all time no 1 hero.

If I had spent 27 years in jail for blowing up a power pylon I am not so sure I would be sans bitterness about it either.

Those that stayed there since he passed on have been steadily murdered with the media over there an active participant in the warping of the facts these past 25 years.

It was not the first place in Africa from whence folks like myself fled either.

There are folks in the USA now who came down the African continent country by country and fled South in hops as the various nations achieved independence and the new regimes in each killed all they could who they saw as perpetrators of their injustices and maladies.

Their problems did not go away once the opposition was murdered however and every single country where this exact same charade played out ended up in a vastly worse state than before the colonial impacts of life warped their grasp of reality.

Once the smoke had cleared we saw that which they had left themselves with which was smoldering ruins and many graves rolled up in an even deeper poverty and an even more dire economic situation with overdoses of paranoia and mistrust amongst the general population thrown in to pepper it all up even more.

Madiba had the advantage of only having to cast his eyes North to see how the rest of Africa went to examine their mistakes and actually learn something from them.

It did not take him long to conclude this path need not be walked again as nobody wanted that outcome.

Here in the USA I see the grip of reality has slipped from the grasp of these deluded parties on the left who seem convinced a one party state and a new form of communism is the way forward and they seem to think forcing everyone into this doctrine is the way to go.

The lunatic response from the right to the mere scent of this ideal is not unexpected and is also very predictable.

It is all very sad.

The left must be illiterate by definition in pursuing such pipe dreams as nowhere in the history of mankind has this marxist communist ideal been a success.

Were they literate and in possession of any level of IQ they would learn from the past mistakes of these many who tried and failed to play this game in our recent past.

In most of these cases I cited, despicable people like Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao had to murder over 100 million people and subject them to abject poverty and starvation in the name of a falsely declared nirvana which could never be achieved or sustained in anything other than a drug fueled fantasy of bullets, mass graves and mass delusion to go with it.

Is this really the blood soaked path they want to walk I ask myself and when I hear the delusion "It will never happen with us, we know what we are doing".

For confirmation of their bold claims I look at the smoldering and still burning remains of Portland and Minneapolis and it is immediately clear to me where this road is actually taking us.

Seattle, Baltimore and New York summer antics shore up this view somewhat in case I needed further convincing on the matter.

This evidence also makes it crystal clear that they in fact have absolutely no idea what they are doing at all and where it will take us is in fact to total ruin. That is guaranteed.

It is absolutely ten million percent certain, in fact.

There are no "ifs" or "ands" or "woulda" and "shoulda" or "coulda" on this score.

We have enough human history circa 3500 BC to the present day era to know the outcome of that for a fact.

There is no "maybe" here at all.

Plus there is the small matter of the 80 million plus Americans they would have to purge to get there to bake into the equation.

I hear Rhetoric from these lunatics that 80 million Americans should be incarcerated and "re-educated" in camps.

This statement coming from a member of Congress no less!

Do they listen to the shit they spout and spend cycles on the consequences is what I want to know on hearing this stated verbally in public?

What it looks like to me from where I am looking at it (if both sides don't get a fast grip on reality) is called mutually assured destruction. IPSO FACTO.

The success of which, if we continue falling into this polarized field of degenerate thinking and insanity is completely assured.

In Africa, in these situations we used to quip "both sides need to catch a fast wakeup call".

There is no Ghandi or Mandela walking around at the moment to end such madness either.

Trust me when I tell you this path we are on has no victors, only destruction and much sadness.

Been there, done that. Have the many T-Shirts......

Do some research and consider the outcomes is my only suggestion.

Even better go to Singapore and learn how a smorgasbord of people from everywhere with all beliefs across the board actually works pretty well.

You do not need many working brain cells to see the certain outcomes that are headed our way here, should this insanity train go runaway.

Have these Covid bats made them all rabid I wonder to myself in all seriousness?

They sure seem to be acting that way!

What is even more amazing is the fact I am even actually asking these tricky questions at all.

My Grandpa once told me that when you see two sides acting the way I see them acting on TV every day it is in fact completely impossible to determine which side is the bigger bunch of fools.

A wise man indeed was old gramps!!

He hit the bullseye dead center on that one!

Jeez. Got Africa anyone??

All this gubbins is making Antartica look attractive and most appealing.......

Go Figure.

Is there anybody who can fix this out there? Right now, life's just grate..........

Listen, just stop messing with the Matrix or I might have to make that call to Mr Anderson! And FYI I prefer my soap operas on TV, not my actual reality.

Who wants to cuddle a penguin then?

Ref John 11:35, IT Tech-Talk Blog focusing on AMD and Nutanix with Cloudy things

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