There's a slow ass Starlink Blinking in the Sky....

Updated: Jul 1

I had an interesting meeting with some Space-X folks the other day at one of my AI user group shindigs which was an outside barbecue event for the invited elites to geek out at and cover all manner of subject as long as it ranged anywhere from robotics to AI (it was a gathering of the space geek clan after all).

The subject of Satellite tech which I had mistook for the sudden invasion of Aliens the other morning whilst sipping a cappuccino that my wonderful Breville coffee machine had brewed up for me came up as a topic of initial humor - Sion style of course!

I was in fact wide awake by the time I spied the impressive satellite light show traversing NNW to SSE as dawn broke in a darkish morning sky the other day whilst tempting the sole surviving synapse to spring to life with hot liquid caffeine as bait.

It suddenly flips the switch does a hot cappuccino brewed in a Breville Espresso machine.

Said awake state had me fire up my Android Satellite tracking app and true as bob, it told me that was in fact the new Starlinks blinking in the sky.

I was fairly disappointed actually as I am rather looking forward to an event like an alien invasion to spice things up a bit on old terra post Covid era shenanigans and all.

Space-X has since informed me that the coverage of my area specifically is about to be launched and I signed up for it already as a consequence of the info I gleaned from said rocket geeks at said meat burning event.

Said geeks drink stuff like lemonade or fancy hot tea by the way so they are great at events like this if you have intentions of hoarding any hooch and such libations all night long sans running out of the stuff.

My grip of subjects like quantum math and the like does get impressive after about three Russian Vodka samplings......

After said geek Squad fled I jumped on the interwebs thang and had a looksee to verify and confirm said geekspeak and I paid a $99 deposit faster than Flash Gordon finding troubles with Ming the Merciless once verified.

The hardware will be $499 with $50 shipping and a monthly charge of $99 for the service.

There will eventually be 12,000 of these Starlink satellite gizmos flying around low earth orbit and they will allegedly be 47% faster than current day fiber-optic based internet services.

This is a wild claim. My beta service will allegedly only deliver 150 Mbps both ways when it comes. The hardware cannot actually deliver more so its for country folk with nothing at present.

Rural and remote internet services only.

When you see these Starlink satellite thingamajigs they traipse across the sky the way you might imagine an alien invasion from another world would look.

I counted 60 in the particular megaconstellation that drifted due SSE of my location the other morning as I observed the dawn sky eastern vista from my back yard.

I even played the War of the Worlds theme track from my S21 while watching it for dramatic effect and I even briefly contemplated running down the street naked shouting "the aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!!" while frothing cappuccino from my mouth for added dramatic effect......

I swiftly nixed that idea as the confusion and ridicule it would have brought would not work to my advantage much from a cultured perception POV and immediately summonsed my other half with the goal of persuading her to do the deed on my behalf.

She was impressed with said suggested alien invasion but politely declined my kind suppositions...Jeesh, you just cannot find the right partners these dayz!!

This Starlink action means Elon is going to take a big bite out of the $1 Trillion dollar internet connectivity market to add to his already tremendously huge wealth pile.

The rings that will be around the South Pole will at least make communications in the Frozen Tundra superb in Antarctica!! It is pretty shitty at the moment, it must be said.

Each Starlink gizmo weighs around 500 Lbs and they orbit at an altitude of some 340 miles by the way.

This means they will get dragged into low earth orbit and get burned up in a few years but they can be replaced real quick and easy.

They will launch them in megaconstellations of 60 at a time. The recent Capella launch had 52 onboard but they have since been able to deploy 60 at a time.

Not sure what 12,000 Starlink satellites blinking in the sky will do for my star watching ambitions but Internet service 47% faster than current fiber Optic cables was initially quite the temptation.

It was sadly all hype. 50-150 Mbps stuff only....

I just hauled out my HP42CV calculator with my old satcom satellite tool module and it tells me they will in fact need 500 of these 60 satellite clusters.

This will be some 30,000 of the literally blinking thangs.

Er..... rocket launch windows just got complicated as heck!!

They are talking about DarkSat stuff to block them out of night time constellation viewing.

It must be said that the Aliens will have a distinct advantage when they do eventually invade the Earth as there will be so many Starlinks in the sky that we will not be able to tell the difference initially!!

Not sure I want to give up my star viewing for a mere 150 Mbps internet service...........

I need to phone home and rustle up some LGMs for a spot of Earth invasion fun and games what ho?!

Taipei Invasion art