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Beard's Bitchin Bistro

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Slices of Japanese Primo Wagyu steak in 5 ounce increments for $120 a pop seems a bit rich for most folks just looking at the numbers.

However, should you have been fortunate enough to have tasted some of this heavenly moo, it has a different value entirely assuming you iz not a vegetarian that iz!

This stuff is not the domestic Wagyu moo that most folks in the US get to quaff at ridiculous prices, this shit is the real bona fide Hokkaido Wagyu moo deal!

In my estimation this stuff is on a par with Korean Hanwoo Prime cuts of beef from the specially bred Hanwoo premium moo they specialize in, down Hoengseong way in Korea.

Hanwoo is probably more delishus and cheaper than Hokkaido Wagyu but they will not allow Hanwoo moo to be imported into the USA at this time.

The Hokkaido Moo in strictly controlled quantities is but it sure will bring a tear to your eye when you pay for it..

For those that want more Moo for your Buck they also breed these same Wagyu cows in Mexico and offer the 2.5 lbs Tommahawk steaks for $120 each from said Mexican Wagyu moo.

I recently grilled one for myself and had to share it with my two Golden Retrievers as it was a lot of beef!

Boy, was that a great steak!

I cooked both on my Kettle Joe with the wide basket using a KJ Classic Joe 3 deflector plate for a cool zone.

I heated up the Kettle to 430 degrees Fahrenheit with mesquite charcoals and whacked the Mexican Wagyu Tommahawk moo on the grill doing flips every 3 minutes before retiring it to the cool zone for two 4 minute flips on each side.

I took it off at 128 degrees F internal temp and quaffed the bastard immediately!

Boy was it good!

The most interesting thing I have noticed by the way, when I eat quality lamb and beef with healthy amounts of fat on and in the meat, is how much better my brain works on the fatty stuff.

I have been tracking my Chess playing performance on grass-fed lamb and said delishus grass-fed moo and the correlation to my chess ranking and my diet is incontrovertible.

I got to a 2664 ELO recently following a strict pure coffee and fatty primo meat diet with suitable veggies.

Who knew that beef and lamb fat with red veggies was so critical to brain function?!

Boy that move was clear after that steak!


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