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Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

I once took Darwin and his Origin of species as a de-facto fact of life that could never be contradicted or questioned in any way.

This is because I then held the belief that the tomes and oracles of wisdom in academia on the various subjects at hand I was broadly into were an undisputed fact of life that were well researched and beyond any possible dispute or further open argument on the various matters being questioned by inquisitive minds.

I had just assumed these were suitably sorted in the proper manner by serious people of science and dogma alike.

Like many others who “learned about” Darwin while at school, I internalized his ascent-of-man narrative without much demur, through what in retrospect seems like little more than a passive process of osmosis.

By the second half of the twentieth century, Darwinism had become accepted as part and parcel of the mental furniture and indeed the fashionable thinking of the day, such that it would have seemed politically incorrect (and worse, un-hip) to challenge the truth-status of the fable called "The Origin of Species".

This complaisant (and complacent) stance was rather violently shaken when more recently I encountered some less easily disregarded opposition emerging from some of Darwin’s latter-day peers in the ranks of scientific academe.

Collectively, these publications made me alive to the possibility that the grand story of evolution by natural selection was little more than a creation myth to satisfy the modern age and I found it impossible to ignore the dispute as being a “merely academic” issue.

If there is one subject which has had huge, often convulsive implications for the generality of humankind, it is Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Any dispute concerning Darwin must necessarily have far-reaching implications beyond the guild of the biological sciences.

It is not given to many to be able to muster the kind of equanimity shown by Charles James Fox Bunbury (brother-in-law to nineteenth-century geologist Sir Charles Lyell), who opined that, mortifying as the notion of human descent from jellyfish might be, “it will not make much difference practically” or to equal Dr. Johnson’s priceless reaction to the notion held by an eccentric nobleman (Lord Monboddo) that man could be descended from apes, “Conjecture as to things useful, is good, but conjecture as to what would be useless to know, such as whether men went on all fours, is very idle.”

Thus it turns out that any chance of serious academics doing their job would be a fine thing indeed!

This led me to contemplate a bigger question once I had established all the "givens" were in no such state of "settled" at all....


WHAT IF ALL THE crises, alienation, and losses of faith we associate with the aftermath of the publication of The Origin of Species had been triggered by an utterly false prospectus?

What if the latent but ever-present hostilities between science and religion of the last 2000 odd years had been conjured up by a dodgy dossier of new world order dramas manipulating things in a deliberate and purposeful manner?

It was quite shocking for me to learn that the many things we were told to swallow and accept sans questioning as "facts of life" by academia were in fact by and large all complete bollocks.

Near every single one of them.

As I got into the "basics" of each subject it became very clear there was in fact no such thing as anything properly investigated and settled by science or Church alike at all.

Dogma was in a no better state than academia either, but they at least had something called "faith" which it turns out supposedly serious academics like White (Of Lucy fame) were also guilty of possessing on the scientific side of the equation when pressed for absent proofs of logic on their side of the prevailing arguments.

Both Academia and Dogma had in fact tainted true factual study of the facts as influenced by the prevalent bias of the ages said work was done in, depending on which held sway of intellectual compliance of whatever age you are framing said conclusions made by either doctrine of the moment holding sway of the sentiment of the minds of the masses or by those in power with an agenda to dictate said "facts" (sic).

My only problem with this shit is the logical thinking allegedly done by both parties was tainted by their own biased and warped agendas and not much actual logical thinking actually took place as a result of it all.

This led me to question "everything" considered as beyond question by both Dogma and Academia alike.

Turns out they both got near everything completely wrong as a result of the war they waged on each other just so each could be seen as "right" about this or that.

Sadly, the process and the time each wasted on said endeavor was pointless and rendered near 99.99% of any work done by each party as totally effective attempts to enhance futility itself in the process.

Considering the time and effort these folks made with said attempts to enhance such posited futility, it is a thing of wonder that so much time, effort and energy was knowingly made by both sides to perpetuate such total bullshit theories each held in total contradiction of the other opposing parties views.

They should instead have worked together to discern the facts at hand from the fallacies they both promoted sans reason other than the damage to the ego of self by each party to such thoroughly futile efforts.

One cannot say the one side was better or worse than the other as they were both guilty of crimes of ego and both sacrificed fact whilst on this spectacular journey to absolutely nowhere in particular.

So, despite technology advances mankind has seemingly made, the actual advances if the mindsets were right from all parties would actually accelerate us billions of years in a very short space of time because we would be actually observing, discussing and colluding in the proper manner in an objective non biased and collaborative way.

The fact is that science and religion are in fact actually one and the same thing but both have tainted facts with the ego of being right at the cost of the other's opposing views.

There is no situation where "science or dogma" was right or wrong about anything.

They both got some fragments of a primordial truth grenade but neither has the picture of what it looked like before it blew up and both are guilty of acts of superstition, aka "faith".

They are two contrarians arguing over the exact same fragments of facts and things, seen with different eyes coming to vastly different conclusion.

The problem here is that for millennia they have actually been killing and murdering each other over it all - for nought to boot.

Once you mull this over and process it somewhat, you are left with a deep feeling of helplessness and anger over such stupidity that has cost us all time we do not in fact have to sacrifice to said gods of utter futility over said matters.

It took me a long time to understand the teachings of Meditation I had been studying since I was around 12 years old.

In said teachings the goal of a true meditative state is an empty mind that does not try influence desire one way or another.

I always thought contemplating the puzzle in an unbiased and factual observing manner was the goal here but this was an illusion.

Instead, a state of unbiased impartiality to everything where you do not care about left or right or one way or the other is the actual goal of meditation.

Just "be" with an empty mind.

This is not as easy to attain as it sounds because we all seek one or other outcome based on our desires and agendas as influenced by the parties we hang and vibrate with.

Nobody is unbiased or impartial until they truly seek and attain an empty mind meditative state and banish other influences to thoughts to consider post meditation.

I have had my allegiances to this or that in my time only to find my questioning of the "beliefs" and the host of "de facto" held views and the challenge to such thinking alienated me from their frequency of vibration when I demanded the various oracles justify said trains of thought with logic and reason.

This alienation from the various flavors of the moment does not bother me anymore as I realized many moons ago that I alone am master of my own ship and ultimately my own journey that I strongly suspect actually transcends each lifetime lived.

Of course I cannot claim that I myself am unbiased to this or that view, but I am at least now open to looking at it all and flushing that which gets proven as dubious or sans basis and reformatting the thinking somewhat on the many matters at hand.

I have no closed book on anything either other than the fact that we are as a species collectively ignorant as fuck and our superstitions and so called allegiance to science or dogma is all a serious and impressively massive joke.

Academe and Dogma between them is totally to blame for this situation.

Both have been responsible for ensuring the youth actually think and both have failed us spectacularly.

In fact the crap both teach have set us back to the imagined superstitious primordial cave man level near to square zero.

This state of ignorance is so bad I am seriously contemplating if Amoebas are in fact more advanced than mankind!

I have had to undo most of my education and programming as a result of the gifts of academia and dogma and this in fact takes swathes of time to effect.

The process to opening the mind to examine things impartially as I can muster has been quite liberating though and Edward De Bono approaches to this have been most useful to solve the puzzles I am faced with.

Now I have come to realize that I have not the time left in this life to process and discover that which I need to for further desired Quantum progress, but am yet still determined to make gains no matter how meager the advance actually is.

There is no doubt I will leave this life with more knowledge than that accumulated in the last, but the time remaining to go further in this one is not what one would term as "ideal" in any way.

It is all my own fault for taking so long to get to where I now am and in truth had I not had a massive aircraft accident in 2002 that saw me damaged and the slate wiped clean from a knowledge point of view I would probably never have even attained the point I have now actually reached in any event.

It feels like I have advanced a few grains of sand in an endless cosmic beach that is the known Universe.

However, I am also sure you do not need to touch and turn over every grain of sand in the Universe to understand it all in any event.

Not only that but the fact that countless parallel realities exist make that quest another major effort to enhance futility itself.

It strikes me that the flower of life is just a repetitive pattern that goes up and down a sort of musical scale at different tones and frequencies across the range of everything that is.

The Blueprint for it all is the same though, just at different frequencies and tones along the scale.

The fact that there is this blueprint that had to have come from somewhere leads me to conclude that there is no right or wrong position between academia and dogma but instead underlines the fact that both are equally stupid in grasping the fact it is one and the same thing.

It is just our journey to understanding this has all of these traps we have laid for ourselves to ensure that neither reaches it mined along the highway to this journey we must all travel.

So if you know the highway is mined, surely it is logical to leave the path and find another that bears no landmines?

We have mined our own road we now walk down in total ignorance of the very mines we ourselves have laid for us to blow ourselves up with.

How deeply ironic is that?

Once you start dealing with raw factual data sans distortion, the quicker the data can be examined by all parties for various minds of a different feather to mull over after processing at length.

Spirited discussion should ensue to chew on it for the benefit and gain of all.

Instead we fragment and fracture along lines of belief making a simple task quite impossible when we start murdering each other over said held beliefs in Science or Dogma.

This has led me to conclude that as a species we are pretty sick due to this unfortunate trait in our very flawed character.

Of course there lies reason behind why every situation is the way it is and we are collectively ignorant of these factors.

Our DNA once stored all of the progress made by all humans in their lifetimes and we could all access this data in each life and build on it and grow anew in each life, adding our individual contributions to our collective progress as we journeyed through each life.

Something changed the way this works and we now have to relearn everything from square one in each life we live which actually wastes a lot of time and energy just getting to where you were in the last incarnation.

This is a serious drag to our collective progress.

I was watching TV the other day, flipping through the three thousand channels of crap to choose from when I stumbled across a Gem about Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

It's title and theme was Joy but it soon became apparent to me as the viewer that Arch was looking into the face and Jaws of death with much fear.

This program was made in 2021 when Arch knew his battle with prostate cancer was lost and you could see him contemplating the afterlife and what is next.

The Dalai Lama too is drawing near to the end of his current life and the contrast between how these two great men were dealing with death was something that struck me as an interesting contrast.

The two joked about heaven and Reincarnation and I could see Arch had some no small amount of fear about it in his eyes and I could see that the Dalai Lama could also see it and was trying to quell the panic within Desmond.

I believe the two exchanged views off camera that helped Arch resign himself to the fact that it was just a part of a process and that he would inevitably be back.

The Dalai Lama on the other hand has made the decision this will be his last incarnation but his interaction with Old Arch has made him ponder this decision for whatever reason.

Buddhists like these monks are trained to restore the links and memory of past lives through rigorous training and a process thousands of years in the making.

This was our natural state some five thousand years ago and for some reason it was deliberately broken and scrambled by the Annunaki, but some learned how to restore this situation and band aid it.

The interaction between Arch and the Dalai Lama was a strong reminder for me of the inner calm and peace contrast between the two men at death's door in the winter of their lives.

Mankind still has a mission of a mountain to conquer for us to progress to the next level of spiritual evolution.

We must figure out how to repair our memory which was deliberately broken so that we may all advance together in unison and access our past collective memory.

There are actually quite a few people who have learnt the different ways to do this that seems to some to be a part of the many dark arts.

It is not. They just do not understand it. To them it is magic and black magic at that.

My path to understanding this came from something called Remote viewing and study of the Bhagavad Gita and many ancient Sanskrit documents over 5000 years old mixed in with modern day Buddhism and where the Buddhist thinking originally came from.

Sadly, forced narratives and Marxist madness has descended upon us like a plague to further take advantage of the supreme state of the general ignorance mankind now finds itself in at the present time.

So much for the thought we are an advanced species when we go out of our way to make a Petri Dish filled with amoebas look like the vastly superior species!

From where I am looking at it there is no contest and the Amoebas win that argument hands down.........

Sad really...

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